Friday, February 15, 2019

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Transistorized The Transistor became a larger-than-life hit in the 1940s, which was the main comp unrivallednt in the Transistor radio. Everybody wished they owned one, and all the scientists wished they knew how to identify one to use for there own profit. toilette Bardeen, flier Shockley, and Walter Brittian were three main scientists in the creation of the Transistor. throwaway Shockley was innate(p) in California, he was an excellent man for thesiss nonwithstanding could not experience expose how to form or create one on his own. Walter Brittian on the other hand was a great scientist that could make basically anything he set his mind too. In 1907 AT&T was losing money because they had nothing big new and exciting to put out on the market to get more customers. They got an idea for an object that could get in touch people from long distances. The Vacuum Tube was then created for that sole purpose. AT&T knew that the Vacuum Tube wouldnt make them much money because the y could be taken apart and rebuilt by anybody. They then got the idea to distort and invent something else that would be new and exciting to bring in the money. This is when they called upon Bill Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brittian. These three scientists were put to the test to build something innovative. In 1905 Bill Shockley came up with an idea. The scientists worked on this for a while until they figured out that it wouldnt work so they went back to the brainstorming phase. But Bill Shockley would not let it go so he went back through his notes, and build out that they did not have the right materials to make his idea work. terrestrial they worked on his idea and the different materials needed to make it work. In celestial latitude of 1947 the team came very close to perfecting their concept scarce there was a problem with the fluids. Shockley went on a break one day but Walter and John stayed back to work. Walter then discovered what the problem was so he worked o n fixing it. When he finished with his improvements he tested the invention and it worked. Walter Brittian had then created the first transistor ever. They told Shockley about what they did and how it worked now. Bill was mad because he wanted to either be there when it happened or wanted to figure out what the problem was on his own.

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