Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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To Whom It May ConcernMy name is bubba smith, and I am a freshman male at the University of Florida. It has come to my attention that our wonderful state has done something terrible. That something is the allowance of spontaneous abortions. What is an abortion you might ask? considerably it is the termination of a pregnancy, or the killing of a baby, to be only when put. This issue has split our country for years, and I think that we as a state should step and make an example to the rest of the world and go abortions.It is nearly impossible any more(prenominal) to find someone who doesnt stick out an opinion about abortion. Yet the endless debates on the topic commonly go nowhere, leaving the opponents withal more stuck to their positions, and the open-minded observers even more confused, but both sides have a good case. For example an abdicable fry is a pitiful thing, and the app arnt social problems like child neglect, and financial burden that comes with it dont have ea sy solutions. On the other hand, the thought of killing a little baby is stinking and unthinkable. This is where I stand, and the only solution I can come up with is the total ban of abortions altogether. This task should not be a unenviable one, but it might take some time. My plan calls for the closing and the illegalizing of abortion clinics, and the prosecution of people who perform these deeds. As with any big descion we mustiness consider the opposing views. One reason that the debate on what we should do about abortions doesnt go anywhere, is because each side focuses on a different topic. We make no progress because we atomic number 18 not talking about the same thing. The anti-abortionists are focused on the foetus rights, and the pro-abortionists are focused on the womens rights. Though these issues are basically interrelated, they are different topics. The issues of the social problems like child neglect and financial burden, and even the issue that it is the womans e xclusive right to make decisions concerning her body they are not the problem. It all comes down to one thing Is the fetus a person?That is the issue that cannot be agreed upon. Medical intelligence has overwhelmingly demonstrated that biological life begins at conception. Furthermore, the developing embryo isnt simply part of the mother, its a separate existence that just inhabits the mother.

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