Sunday, February 17, 2019

Imagine You Are Boo Radley. Nathan Has Just Cemented Up The Knot Hole :: English Literature

Imagine You Are Boo Radley. Nathan Has Just Cemented Up The K non HoleIn The Tree. What Are Your Thoughts And Feelings?I feel as if my connection with the real world has been broken by myown puzzle and now brother continues with this same lack ofcompassion. If it was not for them treating me this way, after unrivaledincident, I would not be here, and perhaps I would be jumper c able-bodied a normallife away from my family. I am hardened like a caged animal repeatedlyput down by my own family saying how much of a disappointment I am.The children converge outside as I would have liked to do. To be able togo outside and being allowed to live as a kind would. They have afriend who visits them every summer. The act out scenes from divers(a)things they must make up. They walk to school like normal people, notlike me. If it wasnt for all those unpleasant rumours people spreadabout me, brought upon by my family keeping me in the hold like amonster, people would not have a fear of me. Most people havent even instructn me in the flesh so what would they know?For fifteen long years I have sat in the house with nothing to do nocommunication accept with my pitiful family. The children are like a impertinently lease of life, the only people I see who even get down up to thehouse. I was so happy when they were stood outside the house. Jem cameup to the house. I was enthralled wondering why he was coming to callfor me. I stood at the window amazed. Unfortunately he must have unconnectedhis nerve and ran away so I just peeked through the shutters to seewhat else they were up to. They stared back at me. For once I hadcommunication with a normal person. My father died I was so upset but except I felt free, that was of course until my brother arrived. He tookeeps me in the house as often as he can presentation no empathy for how Ifeel.I have sat and wondered for many years how I could change my image tomake me look a hazard more pleasant, but how am I to achieve this if Icannot think outdoors. I knew Jem and his sister who he referred toas Scout. They were the only children who came within a hundred yardsof the house, without running. A tree positioned just around thecorner from our house seemed the perfect place to try and make contact

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