Monday, February 24, 2020

Lens Discussion Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Lens Discussion - Research Paper Example The origination of the concept of Other was done by German philosophers who made use of the dialect to represent differing view. In particular, this concept was used to represent women who had a completely different way of looking at people and world. The concept of other was used by male dominated culture in order to perceive the values and future of world under the view of women. It is due to this reason that the concept of Other is applied for sex education and research (Peperzak, 1993). However, later on, with the advent of communication tools and imperials ventures, the usage of Other was done in order to discriminate cultures and societies who had an opposing view regarding British reign. It was merely because politics and economics in the past decades were independent. The decision-making and actions of one nation or organization did not really affect others. One state was careful about its own notions and interests by labeling the interest of other nations to be simply Other and not nations (Charlesworth, 2007). However, in most recent times, the usage of Other, notwithstanding philosophical self-consciousness, is done in order to replicate the idea of discrimination and differentiation. Some of the philosophers tend to defend the concept by noting that the usage of the concept is merely due to the need of increased insanity and relativism in rhetoric. Therefore, the usage of the concept of Other in an unethical manner is referred to as discrimination (Peperzak, 1993). The first person who used the concept of Other was Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who was a German philosopher. The context in which the concept of other was first used was self-consciousness. Herein, the aspect of other merely helped in letting a person reached awareness of self by comparing it with those who have a differing view about life and everything in it. Other than Georg, the