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Smart Cities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Smart Cities - Essay ExampleThe clean city idea is, thus, borne out of this. The sharp city, present and future, promises economic growth, as well as, competitiveness presented in highly educated talent, seamless electronic connections and high-tech industries. Other terms used for the same include cyber Ville, electronic communities, and intelligent cities among others (EmbeddedComputingDesign).Singh identified eight macro-economic aspects which define a extraneous city namely smart energy, smart building, smart governance, mobility, smart infrastructure, smart technology, healthcare and a smart citizen (Singh). Close to this is another definition of a city as world smart when investments in social and human capital and transport and ICT (modern) communication infrastructure catalyze reliable economic development, high quality of life, alongside a wise management of natural resources with participatory satisfy and engagement (Deakin 65-83). The universality in definitions is achieved in the convention of micro and macroeconomic factors.The shift in icon to smart cities stems from socio-economic factors such as, economic restructuring, climate change, pressures on the public finances, ageing populations, as well as, entertainment, and online retail. Thus, creating and sustaining conditions satisfactory for learning and innovation is an important prerequisite in the existence of smart cities. In the same vein, for European countries to achieve Europes 2020 goals of climate change, innovation, employment, employment, energy, and poverty reduction, progress in the smart city would be welcome (Singh).To any interested party, certain questions stand out. For example, how much urban investment will be responsible to achieve in the future? What are the factors to consider? What are their sustainability or future plans? How smart is smart for the

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History of Mathematics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

History of Mathematics - Essay ExampleWith time there was the outgrowth of numerical ideas that are in use today. The Greeks, the Chinese and Western people contributed smashingly to the development of mathematical ideas that are in use today. Ideas such as connections, argumentation, number sense and computation, algebra, probability were all great ideas that are employ today. These developments are as important as even the ten numerals that are utilize termed as the counting numbers, or the idea of considering zero an actual number. However, these concepts that were considered difficult in the previous years are not simple and this has been due to the fact that in recent days the way in which mathematics is taught makes the concepts easier2.These concepts and ideas were discovered through using the knowledge of the previous mathematicians that were often inherited from the earlier mathematicians who lived ahead them. In addition, the concepts were discovered through the use of the mathematical and numerical systems, and through the activities that their culture encouraged them to energize involved in. While the present day students learn mathematics through books and teachers, theirs was the tedious way often trial and error played a part.The base ten systems in use today that had clothe values was the representation of the numerals that ranged from 0 to 9 that in most cases were used in combination to bear witness real numbers. The early cultures that saw the rise of these mathematical ideas never used this system while in other countries there were different ways of writing the numbers. Some cultures allowed the use of tallying system when counting the numbers. The tallying include writing four vertical digits that were crossed by a diagonal line to show a group of five scores3.Other cultures had their own systems. For example the Roman numbers used today were used by the Romans. They used consecutive numbers that implied

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Violent Crime Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Violent Crime - subsidization ExampleResearch from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) reveals that there have been more than 19 million cherry umbrages in the last two decades. These crimes constitute of forcible rape, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, robbery, or assault. For an exclusive to engage a hot crime, he or she may be forced by helping or has a record of criminal activities. Factors that may affect an individuals action to believe a godforsaken crime is dependent on cultural aspects i.e. religion and colonial heritage, age, gender, peers, and the poverty rate. frenzy and crime threaten fond foundation and are becoming chief obstacles to development. A critical analytic thinking of this takings reveals that the dependent variable is the crime rate, and the explanatory variables include economic and social characteristics. Although violent crime has been discussed with a keen focus on the offender, the victim must also be regarded. From various re searchers, victims of violent crimes are left with emotional as well as physical scars, which lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, social withdrawal, relationship strains, and in severe cases death (Ruback & Thompson, 2001). Lack of a conclusive data of victims is a major(ip) challenge in the analysis of violent crime. This is because of most victims faced by the vile act of violent crime face shame and discrimination. For instance, rape victims will opt not to report a violent act committed on their bodies due to shame and fear of discrimination (Kullgren & Nordstrom, 2003).Methods used to research this topic include data from primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include anonymous questionnaires filled in by the victims of violent crimes. Secondary sources include data from police stations and hospitals, as well as books and journals.

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Socrates and plato Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Socrates and plato - seek ExampleFrom this upshot, he followed common sense on the issues in order to rid his findings of any run from preconceived ideas (Sanctasapientia). Plato, with Socrates as his teacher in philosophy, applied familiarity learnt from Socrates to come up with his own theories. This is done skills learnt from him, such as Socratic thinking that lacked prior conceptions, which are likely to influence findings. Socrates applies dialectic teasing to real life issues, which Plato later uses to his own advantage and creation of knowledge.The above is as seen in the case of the definition of philosophy as love of wisdom, as put by Socrates. On the other(a) hand, Plato, following example of his teacher, defines philosophy by adding more terms and a broader scope based on the dynamism of knowledge and wisdom. This was done by adding a touch of metaphysics and epistemology to make it appear that no knowledge can be fully known, but can only be experienced in pop ou t (Plato and Socrates). Therefore, the relationship between Socrates and Plato is quite strong based on the formers influence on the latter. This is concerning the overt, direct repair on their teachings in philosophy and ways of creating

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Visual Communication in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Visual Communication in moving in - Essay Exampleed institutions like prisons, which serve a broader purpose in the society and thusly aught to be guided by humane and ethical considerations, rather then being subjected to strictly monetary targets and objectives. The very fact that the secret corporations work for purely profit motives renders them incapable of being allowed to pull out the prisons or any other institution that is basically expected to adhere to welf are objectives and rehabilitation goals, tear down at the cost of incurring some losses. A realistic comprehension of this complex idea keep be facilitated by the usage of various feeleres to visual communication like charts and graphs, maps and cartoons and illustrations.It is imperative to understand that in that respect exist primarily two ethical approaches pertaining to the institution of prisons. There is one school of judgement that holds that the prisons should take for a deterrent effect on the crimin als and antisocial elements and hence the prisons should be stringent in their approach towards prisoners, so far as the availability of basic facilities is concerned. There is one another school of thought that is more contemporary and humane in its approach and holds that the prisons are the places that give the criminals a chance to apply their debt to the society. Such thinkers believe that prisoners should not only be provided with the basic amenities and health facilities in the prisons, tho must also be extended the opportunity for rehabilitation and assimilation into the public mainstream in the have of vocational courses and counseling facilities. This approach is not only human, but is also in line with the certain shift in the public values throughout the world. Now, if the private corporations are allowed to run the prisons, they will sure as shooting desist from extending such facilities to the prisoners as this will not only increase the overall cost of course th e prisons, but will diminish the net profit.The main reason for the enhanced interest of the state and the federal official governments in the privatization of the prisons is an overcrowding of the government run prisons. This raises the curiosity of any vigilant citizen as to why the private corporations are interested in running the prisons The answer is simple. In the last two decades, running the prisons in the US has become a big industry that has a massive scope for growth and there is no dearth of corporations that are interested in extracting their share of booty in this lucrative business. Infact the gross revenues of the private prison industry exceeded well over $1 billion in the year the year 1997.

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Effects of Malnourishment on Children when they Age Term Paper

set up of Malnourishment on Children when they Age - Term Paper ExampleIt is not starvation or meagerness as such. It has got wider meaning than just poverty or starvation. In some occasions, malnutrition also means exorbitance of afore said vitamins and minerals adversely affecting the good health of a person. However, it is the problem of under nutrition that about nations are concerned with. It is the pip-squeakren who mostly fall victims to under nutrition. These children may get food to satisfy their hunger but not inevitably the nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the proper development. It is estimated that more than fifty percent of the child deaths in the developing countries are due to malnutrition. Those who survive end up with life time problems. Similarly, it is impose on _or_ oppress to assume that an overweight child is healthy. The fatty foods and chocolate bars one consumes will surely lick him into troubles such as fatness and cholesterol. Children being the future human resource reservoirs of a nation, any administration neglecting attention to this, are compromising its own human resource needs of future. For the proper development and carrying out of the human body vitamins and minerals are a must. They are unavoidable in the case of children as the impulsion of growth is augmented at this age. The insufficiency of minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, zinc and vitamins ease up their way outs always on a growing child. As Scrimshaw (n.d.) points out, calcium is one of the major minerals lacked by children of under developed countries in their diet. It has a good involvement in the healthy development of bones and teeth of young people. The harshness of the bones is due to the presence of adapted calcium elements in the body. Due to the deficiency of calcium a lot of problems may occur to children. The most important among the bone disease crusaded by calcium deficiency is Osteoporosis that caus es fractures in weak bones and makes bones easier to break. When children grow up, they deficiency they had in the childhood will have its effects and their bones will likely to be broken at the slightest collision or clash. At the growing age, children are expected to be exuberant and rushing everywhere causing little footing to their own bodies. However, children who suffer from Osteoporosis are not likely to be active and vibrant like shape children and are about to badly harm them if they try to behave like normal children. Another effect of malnourishment on children is their paled color. This paled color of the skin is caused by anaemia. Iron deficiency is a major cause of this illness. It is the presence of iron that ensures equal twist of red blood cells in the human body (Iron-Deficiency Anaemia). The anemia infected children will be fatigue and usually inactive. There may not be sufficient blood circulation in their body to make them energetic. It may also pave way to poisoning and infections and losing immunity power of body or may even cause behavioral problems among children. Children who did not get adequate magnesium content diet may fall victims to problems like tingling, numbing and hallucination. Being frozen and featherbed in day dreaming causing behavioral problems such as being introvert and sensitive. The symptoms of the deficiency of this mineral are fatigue, drowsiness and weakness. Absence of minerals like potassium elements in blood leads to a number of common diseases such as hypertension, osteoporosis and kidney stone. It is potassium that works to regulate blood pressure and muscle contraction. increase blood pressure is a sign of lack of potassium in blood.

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Primary Research on an Advertisement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

primary Research on an Advertisement - Essay ExampleNot only was the advert hilarious and it also generated positive applause from the millions of football fans, especially in Africa. Clearly, the creators of this advertisement were innovative enough to have a go at it that football can be used to create attractive appeals to consumers through relating it with refreshing moments. While millions of viewing audience were united by football, the Coca-Cola fraternity identified this as a perfect opportunity to establish gigantic lasting appeals of its Coke product to the football fans. This paper seeks to analyze the antithetical ways in which Coca-Cola Company presented its intended appeals on football viewers, specifically the youth age group (between 18 and 30 years.)The advertisement is divided into five-screen sections of different settings the old timer, the worrier, the show off, the admirers, and the die-hards. The advertisement begins with screens of football fans in dif ferent locations who are reflexion football duetes. Some of the viewers are refreshing their throats with a Coke soda in the different locations. The next screen focuses on an old man who cannot sit down due to the excitement arousal caused by drinking Coke. Although he has poor vision to follow up the football match, he is penetrating enough to notice and celebrate a goal. The advertisement then shifts to a football fan who has actively chewed his football gloves due to the anxiety caused by watching a game filled with suspense. A woman appears, and hands him two bottles of Coke, which seem to offer him a sense of relaxation. Another screenshot appears where a girl seems to be celebrating that her team won, only to be informed by a man drinking Coke that the match is at half time.The next screen focuses on three chefs in the kitchen who are keenly concentrating on a football match while drinking coke. They seem to have forgotten about their occupational responsibilities food s eems to be burning in the background and

Strategic Action Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Strategic Action Plan - Essay ExampleThe status of the site is approximately one mile from a residential area and a surface local anesthetic water withdrawal point. Farmers get irrigation water downstream from the site. Even though the drums are not marked, in that location is a strong belief that wastes from the industrial activities conducted 60 years ago include chemicals like chromium waste, PCBs, Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and Acryl amide.The first step connotes the process of identifying the natural properties of the chemicals present in the waste site, which may shake up negative health impacts when exposed to human beings and other living things (Lu, & Kacew, 2002). Water and kingdom analysis go forth be conducted to get hold the natural properties of the four chemicals present in the site and their adverse effects following(a) their impression. The water will be drawn from the stream near the damp site while soil will be collected from the surrounding farms.This ste p involves assessment of the significant aspects on quantitative and soft reaction to the chemicals present in the waste site. The major aspects considered in the hazard characterization process entail action mechanism, difference in reaction by the species, level and route of exposure (Lu, & Kacew, 2002). This procedure evaluates the numerical link amid exposure to the chemicals and effects. The process entails assessment of the dose at which an injurious effect s from the toxicants takes place. impression assessment considers the magnitude, frequency and duration of exposure to the chemicals for the entire populace, individuals or specific subgroups. In this step, a muckle of the population leaving near the waste site will be conducted. Data collected via semi-structured questionnaires to ascertain evidence of illnesses, infertility, fetal birth abnormalities and death linked to the chemicals will help in ascertaining the risk of exposure (Acton, 2012). Determination of exposur e will be conducted via computer models which, include questionnaires

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Grievance Process Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Grievance Process - Assignment ExampleThe research objective correlates with the desire and shoot for of management to develop productive and satisfactory procedures for improving service quality. The goal arranging of an organisation is base on the aspirations that drive the current practices, and the complex hierarchy of interconnected goals is defined by the desires and aims supported by other aims (Eden and Ackerman 1998).The aim of this research is to critically evaluate the grievance and disciplinary assist to ensure that it is a viable and strategical management resource for understanding employee, management and organisation relationships (Davenport 1995). The outline of objectives is based on the following literature review article. The literature review was used to first develop a framework for invariable theories in strategic management. Therefore, the objectives are approached from a human interaction standpoint and not a political, well-grounded or implied quanti tative position.The rational planning school defines the objective in advance by determine the current strategic position, and then using a prescriptive approach that exemplifies the strategic analysis, development and capital punishment (Lynch 2000). This is a strong foundation of the research proposal as the perspective approach is a domineering method that follows in sequence (Lynch 2000). This is used as a cyclic approach to a serial publication of rationales instead of being sequential, and is most often seen in organisations where environment and strategy are constantly analysed (Lynch 2000). To hazard information regarding accounting management practices, qualitative data will be collected. This allows for an evaluation of the results to be do on the empirical views and new information to be gathered in a timely and dirt cheap manner where other methods are based on information that is already in existence. Examining the components of the grievance process will collect q ualitative data. Collection of information will be from theoretical management review and the relationship to Mersey Care NHS Trust grievance and disciplinary procedure. Outline of Key ConcernsIn the socially move health care industry, strategic management must look beyond functionality and towards a support system for innovation, developing core competencies and knowledge based communication. Breaking from the traditional mindset to incorporate a strategic plan that is focused on encouraging an employees knowledge-based value often includes training, reward systems, and encouragement (Harrison and Enz p45 2005). The grievance insurance policy must deal with the process of the grievance and response as well as the people

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Starting a Computer Retail Business Overview Assignment

Starting a Computer Retail Business Overview - assigning ExampleThe corporate structure that the company selected is corporation.The company selected the corporate business structure because the firm plans to point retail establishments across the United States. The corporate business structure can be used to turn on capital faster. The nodes the firm plans to target are computer enthusiasts of all ages. The firm will be competing against turgid and small computer vendors. To achieve the companys goals the company plans on becoming a publicly traded corporation listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The firm plans on using a customer intimacy model to increase the customer retention of the firm. Customer retention is important because based on Paretos 80/20 rule 80% of a firms sales comes from 20% of its customers (Reh, 2012). The firm will also maintain good working relationships with other stakeholder groups such as employees, lenders, and suppliers. The capacious term plan of the company is to become one of the industry leaders in the computer

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Catholiicism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Catholiicism - Assignment ExampleThis prompted many natives in dedicating themselves to serving church rather that working. This is due to the accordingly priests intensive evangelization for many of them were energetic and enthusiastic, which triggered vigor not only among the entire clergy but also among Catholics. Hence, this guide to significant changes that conveyed difference from the 20Th era up to date assuming ethnicity and pluralism.Ethnicity encompasses an internal state of regardless of legion(predicate) State churches comprising a single American Catholic. This is because of numerous immigrants who relocated to America all(prenominal) establish on own ethnic group differed significantly with the other including their own credence regarding Catholics. Hence, giving develop to conflicts on whose way of worship was acceptable way of being Catholic (Albanese 71). The force was so firm that they even fought to maintain their identity similar to Irish in 19Th era.Plurali sm refers to peripheral state of whiz church being among numerous denominations. Although Catholic comprises the minority, it poses a threat to Protestants due to demonstrations and nativist (Albanese 76). This was evident in 1834 whereby due Nativism incidence churches incurred great loses due to destruction through torching. This is because both Protestants and Catholics intended were at loggerheads whereby each intending to lead in America in terms of masses. Consequently, this prompted a catholic archbishop conceive the idea of sexual climax up with Catholic System schools.Centrally to the initial state of evangelization by Catholics together with many bonnie nuns, the onset of 20Th era was quite different. This is because of reduction of nuns as many people preferred significant gain that came with white-collar jobs hence, they saw vows regarding chastity and poverty being too demeaning. This is evident to date whereby numerous Catholics only attend church during Holy days like Good Friday, which is an

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Managing for the future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing for the future - Essay ExampleThis position can be analyzed by looking at the magazines who printed its advant senesce. FT Global 500 by Financial Times, The Worlds 2000 Biggest Public Companies by Forbes magazine and by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (Developing Telecoms mainland China active Sponsors Directory, 2012). According to its official website, throttle China Mobile express(2012), it has more than 34 subsidiaries like China Mobile Communication Company Limited (CMC) , ZONG, China Mobile Group Guangdong Company Limited (Guangdong Mobile), Jiangsu Mobile and Hong Kong Mobile etc. The maturate of directors of China Mobile Ltd consists of Executive Directors and unaffiliated Non-Executive Directors. The executive directors are seven in number whereas the Independent Non-Executive Directors are three in number (China Mobile Limited - About China Mobile dining table of Directors, 2012). 1.1 Milestones from 2006-2012 2006 marks some of the most important changes which came in the confederacy. China Mobile Limited was formerly named as China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited. The change in the go withs name came in the socio-economic class 2006. This course also marks the privatization of China Resources Peoples Telephone Company Ltd. The privatization benefitted the company allot and gave a boost to its annual attains. In 2006, News Corp. and STAR Group Ltd. formed wireless media tactical association with China Mobile Ltd (China Mobile Limited - About China Mobile Milestones, 2012). According to the companys official website the year 2009 marks a partake in subscription agreement with the company Far EasTone. This increased the annual company profit (China Mobile Limited - About China Mobile Milestones, 2012). Guangdong Mobile and SPD bank signed a share subscription agreement in the year 2010. This agreement increased the interest of both the subsidiaries of the company. It further strengthened the companys e-commerce and mobile finance businesses (China Mobile Limited - About China Mobile Milestones, 2012). 2012 marks a lot of success news for the company. The company got a lot of awards for its performance and expansion. Grand Award Winners -- Investor dealing and three iNova Awards 2012 serve as the most honorable achievements of the company. Moreover, the company is nominated for the Top favorite China Corporate Brand voted by China Consumer and it was included in the Financial Times magazine again. It is the company which keeps it head high by coming up for the Millward Brown and Financial Times BRANDZ Top 100 disceptation for the seventh year uninterruptedly (China Mobile Limited - Media Centre News Highlights, 2012). 1.2 What about the future? From the year 2006-2012, the company has been the most successful company in the wireless mobile services business. It has seen many success stories and good times. It is important for the company to maintain its reputation and image for the future as well . Be it orchard apple tree Inc. or Samsung, all the companies have been at the top because they keep on inventing new things for the future. They try to figure for the future and implement the strategies accordingly. China Mobile Limited has a lot of competition in the age of wireless technology. To remain the best it has to innovate and plan for its future. A companys success lies in the people who work for it. The companys biggest assets are people (Zolezzi, 2004. pp.41). 1.3 Management, merchandising and Understanding the Key Stakeholders Marketing is a tool to sell the product or service. It

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Assignment 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Assignment 6 - Essay ExampleIt is mostly associated with research and development moulds whereby, there are very many an(prenominal) uncertainties and unknowns. This includes system development and analysis. CPM, however, is mostly utilise in tasks and projects that are repetitive in nature. Such tasks are normally known to provoke defined starts and complete dates. CPM is mostly applied in developing projects such as building construction and packet development.The critical path is the shortest path identified in the critical path method, and that shows the minimum possible sequence of a project. In the given assignment, there are three possible paths ABCCDG, ADG and ADG. The shortest path will be ADG while the critical time taken to complete the assignment will be 3days. This is the advantage of CPM since it enables the optimization of time. Here, slack foot also be calculated hence, preparation for any eventualities.The relationship between lectures and teachers can be pu t in form of ERDs. These entities (Teacher and students) can be interdependent or dependent in nature. There are three types of relationships between entities (Diagram 1). On Diagram 2 shows a typical exercising of the one to one entities. Diagram 3 however gives a perfect scenario of a many to many ERD.The learning the analysis tools and components has proven to be a very important and helpful process. This is because all this instruction will come in handy during the practical execution of the theoretical learning that I have been doing in the course work.System analysis deals with projects. Projects are normally broken down into simpler manageable chunks that pee-pee up the complete project. These chunks are given estimated timelines and periods under which they can be completed. Learning about the project management tools and analysis tools and components will ensure professional application in projects to achieve the maximum results. some project

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Silvio Napoli Case Summary Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Silvio Napoli Summary - Case Study ExampleBeing a general manger, he should consider the difference between being disciplined and over burdening and suffocating to the other team members and employees (Sullivan, 2013). Napoli needed to face Flexibility according to the culture and needs of the country in which he was trying to set up business.Schindler made the right choice in sending Napoli to India, as they wanted someone young and modern in approach to be there as compared to a veteran, as they wanted him to take overvaliant decisions. As Napoli himself recalls that it was an ideal opportunity, but not an ideal situation given to him to adapt and make a bright career for himself Mr. Napoli, if you fall on your face here you are finished But if you succeed, you entrust have a very nice career (Flagan, Yoshino & Bartlett, 2006).Napoli was young and energetic and knew the project from scratch. He had been conducting seek into the Indian market and was also important in terms of social capital as he understood the market and prospects better, for he had travelled to India three times for the project (Flagan, Yoshino & Bartlett, 2006).Napoli even demonstrated rigidity in the business plan when he did not leave room for any customization allowance lead-in to the major problem faced in terms of Indian market where there was constant request for customization (Flagan, Yoshino & Bartlett, 2006). He should have been flexible and insightful to change (Sullivan, 2013) and should have tried to find out wherefore methamphetamine wall elevators were being ordered?Napoli demonstrated good managerial skills when he hired a local management team who were fully aware of the local business cultures and market at the similar time displaying that he had no faith in the choices they made (Sullivan, 2013) and got angry when they accepted an order for glass wall elevator. He should

Analyze Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Analyze - stress ExampleThis is because in spite of creating employment and creation of an alternative source of energy, it results to increased levels of environmental pollution.The hold focuses on given the basis of the rules that concur been laid down by EPA to regulate the negative impacts of fracking. some(prenominal) of the most interesting statistics from the article include the throttle valve production industry which emits 40 percent of the methane the rules speculate will reduce the emission of harmful by nearly 95 percent (Weinhold, 2012). Furthermore, natural gas mining is done in 33 states and this number will increase (Weinhold, 2012). The most common sources that have been used in the article are reports by EPA, EIA (Energy Information Association) and GAO (Government of America).The article highlights the negative impacts of fracking. Environmental security department Agency that is abbreviated as EPA stated that they were concerned about the high levels of pol lution resulting from unsupervised fracking locations. As a result, EPA came up with rules and regulations to monitor these sites (Weinhold, 2012). The article highlights that pollutant emitted during this process can result to health complications such as cancer and heart diseases. This issue interests me since I am a devoted environmental conservationist and I am concerned about the conservation of the

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Food And Wine Tourism in Newzealnd Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

nutriment And vino Tourism in refreshedzealnd - Essay ExampleSo, in show to enlighten the importance of Special Interest Tourism, this paper talks about Food and fuddle touristry in unused Zealand. Special pursuit tourism It is the type of tourism that involves tourists pass choice that is totally inspired and influenced by their specific motivation and desire. There are different forms of picky interest tourism, like education, beauty, sports, nutrition, cultural and entertainment (Cook 2007, pp.63). Different countries have different surplusties, for example Dubai is famous for its shopping, and New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey are famous for their food. Read defined specific interest tourism as The turn for people who are going somewhere because they have a particular interest that can be pursued in a particular region or at a particular destination. It is the hub about which the total trigger experience is planned and developed. (Ritchie, Carr, & Cooper 2003, pp . 28) Food and Wine tourism The special interest tourism that has been selected for this paper is Food and Wine tourism in New Zealand. The food and wine do not mean mere eating and drinking, but are related to the respective commonwealths culture and heritage. ... es of specialist food production regions are the primary motivating factors for travel.(Buhalis & Costa, 2006) Food is directly related to a countrys heritage, culture, and traditions. Food is considered to be a major helping of tourism, whatsoever is the type of tourism food always acts as a tourist attraction. So, intentionally or unintentionally, the tourists are always seeking excellent quality food and wine when they are on their holidays. Wine tourism Today, wine is making quite a large business for the last few years. Wine production has been increased at a massive level in different countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Europe, and this has resulted in development of the tourism industry in the resp ective countries. Moreover, wine tourism is a subcategory of food tourism, which implies visit for specific high-quality vine to vineries, vineyards and restaurants to a country. The wine tourism also includes visit to the wine festivals in a particular country. (Buhalis & Costa, 2006) Food and wine tourism does not mean a trip to a restaurant rather it is the desire to taste and experience a particular type of food or a special traditional cuisine can act as a motivator to travel across the home country (Thach, 2007). Food and wine tourism characteristics and typologies Food and wine tourism is expand due to a number of reasons around the world. The most important and predominant reason of promoting the food and wine tourism is to improve economic growth. Moreover, food and wine tourism has gained attention due to increased interest in the other countrys societal values, environmental interest, and their culture. Today, many people and countries are present interest in dining and cooking, subsequently which has resulted in an

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Global Warming Essay Example for Free

Global Warming EssayOne of the biggest problems facing the world today is world(a) heating system. Many scientists believe that our production of carbon dioxide and other glasshouse gases is having a heating effect on the atmosphere, and this could be very dangerous for human life. This essay will examine the problem of ball-shaped warming and suggest some ways of solving the problem. Many problems could result from spheric warming. One of the biggest problems is rising ocean level. This could result in the flooding of low lying coastal areas and cities, such as Egypt, the Netherlands, and Bangladesh. Some countries great power even disappear completely Another problem caused by global warming is changes in wear patterns. Many areas of the world are experiencing increased hurricanes, floods, and other unusual weather.A third problem associated with global warming is the effect on animals. Fish populations could be affected, while some insects which spread disease mogul be come more common. There are several things we can do to solve the problem of global warming. One solution is to stop producing C02. We can do this by switching from oil, coal and gas to renewable energy. Another solution is to plant more trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which is not a greenhouse gas. A third solution is to use less energy and to recycle more products. Generating electricity is one(a) of the main sources of carbon dioxide. If we use less electricity, we will produce less C02. In conclusion, if we make dwarfish changes now in the way we live, we can avoid huge changes in the future. Scientists, governments and individuals must work in concert to overcome this threat.

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A History of the Arab Peoples Albert Hourani Essay Example for Free

A History of the Arab Peoples Albert Hourani EssayAlbert Houranis track record A History of the Arab people highlights the Arab bill in general since the early beginning of Islam and take down before that-, till the red-brick ages in the nineteenth century. The book is capital for westerners interested in the Arabs and for Arabs, who argon not familiar with their storey. The book is a trustworthy add to any interested reader. Back farming information Lebanese-American historian Albert Tourane represent this book as an addition to his previous works discussing Arabs history and Arabian affairs such as, Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age, 1789-1939,which was first published in 1962. It would be a mistake to deal with this book as a pure history book. Its not depending only on dates and chronological extent of the Arabic people and civilization and this is a good point to build our review on it. Summary Houranis book begins with the story of Ibn-Khaldon, the great Arab socia list. The side by side(p) chapter negotiation about the appearance of Islam and Muhammad and then his successors and the formation of the Islamic empire 3 . Next, the book talks about the Islamic society and its Koranic accounts 4 with the great revolution in translating science and classic philosophy with the appearance of Sufism 5 .Islamic expansion and the description of minorities want Jews and Christians 6 followed. Life in countryside 7 and cities 8 and the rulers of the societies 9 were mentioned in later pages. way of Islam 1o and The culture of the Ulema 11 argon two chapters talking about the faith in Islam with sense of community and low determination. The book as well shows how culture was well represented 12 and how the following Ottoman empire 13 sustained the Arab world, with a brief description of Ottoman societies 14 .Chapter fifteen starts talking about the eighteenth century 15 and the European powers in the Arabic areas 16 like French intervention in Algeria. Opening of Suez furnish and Zionism arose with Jews settled in Palestine 16 and how the culture of Imperialism 17 started to have a loud vowelize in the area. Word War One 18 and its influence discussed in Chapter nineteen 19 with the modern life in Arabic societies 20 . Book show how the emergence of Israel started and the independent movements were held from French British and The tragedy of the triple attack on Egypt on 195621.Chapter twenty two 22 show a rapid change in Arabic societies and the Arabic culture extended 23 with the climax of Arabism started from mid-fifties 23 . Final chapters of the book discussed the difference between Arabs, the sudden death of Nasser and the 1973 war between Egypt and Israel 24. final chapter states some major problems in the area, including Kurds struggle for independence, Sudan problem and women issues. Number of twenty pages of maps followed, which make a great way to represent the places that was mentioned in the book.Evaluation of th e book This book is well represented with all the deterrent example and maps introduced. The Index is well-written and helpful in finding any information directly. As mentioned before, the book couldnt be categorized as a history book its better described as Social-history book and scratch with the life of Ibn-Khaldun is such evidence. It represents a vast look on the Arabic societies through history, describing the life style, science, variant religion and civilization.Many chapters described the same period of time but dealing with different subjects, like chapters twenty 25 two and twenty three 26 in the (1950s and 1960s). From the other point of view, this book skims some important details such as, the detailed pre-Islamic era, the great empires of Umayyad and Abbasid which was represented with partly amount of pages that doesnt exceed seven pages in some cases. Also the detailed life of Prophet Muhammad, which has a great electric shock on the Arabic societies. Also Crusade rs wars werent well mentioned, although it has a very huge impact on Arabs in its time.Conclusion Dealing with the history of Arabs is such a great effort and a hard game to play. This book tried to do the most of the job with a different way, which is representing history from the social point of view. I would recommend this book if one already has a minimum association and understanding of Arab history . Otherwise I recommend alternatives such as, History of the Arabs from the earliest times to the present, of Philip Hitti. It would be useful for a good specialized historical reading.

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Hitchcock began his career in filming Essay Example for Free

Hitchcock began his career in filming leavenHitchcock began his career in filming in the 1920s. Later on he became a director, this involved ever-changing the script or book into a film. Hitchcock used his own method of preparing the order of shots before filming, as he preconceived each shot in Psycho, ensuring that the tension was built up in a dramatic manner with a purpose, which made him very successful and led to a huge success. Hitchcock show ways to overcome censorship laws against nudity, sex and violence. He shot the film in black and uncontaminating to conceal flesh/blood. Music was created to build up an atmosphere of contempt to kill, also to make the audition feel relaxed to increase the shock of certain events. The shower scene was shot in 76 cuts So that the protagonists arms and other objects would cover up her breasts. Hitchcocks, most impressive technique was to suggest violence instead of showing it, which made it much more dramatic. Hitchcock used techni ques, which later became known as Hitchcockean techniques.He tries to emphasise a characters view by only having one person in a shot or relating the charter to the audience. Placing objects around the room to show characters characteristics and builds up certain ideas. Hitchcock used an ongoing theme of finis through out the film, using stairs to represent life at the bottom and death at the top, which instantly creates tension as soon as a shot with stair is shown. The plot begins with Marion having an procedure with Sam.She is sick of sneaking around with him and is sick of her job. So one day when her boss gives her money to accommodate in the bank, which she keeps for herself and decides to run away to her boyfriend, the audience have related to Marion and because of this do not think that she has through anything wrong. When se is on the road she is followed by a police officer so part-exchanges her car for a new one, the audience starts to think that she will get caught a nd start to hope that she doesnt.She then continues on her journey, only when gets lost in the rain. She arrives at the Bates Motel and decides to stay there the night. She meets the owner, Norman Bates who seems a nice man, although a petty nervous (to scared to say bathroom. ). He offers her tea, but his mother objects so they secretly eat in the back room. The audience have related with Marion and because of this are also unsure this helps to build up the suspense at a key point in the films.Marion then goes to have a shower, but inadvertently is watched through a peephole. She is then killed by a mystery figure, the audience then feel blow out of the water that the main character has died. Norman pictures the body and forgets about it. However Marions sister and Sam want to find out where she has gone so hire a private detective, who leads them to the bates motel. Psycho begins with the normal (a big city. ) and draws easily into the abnormal (Norman and his disturbed mot her. )

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Curleys wife Essay Example for Free

Curleys wife EssayOf Mice and Men was compose in 1937 by John Steinbeck. It was set whilst we was in the great depression. Referring to how during the great depression wo workforce were oppressed and case-hardened less equally to work force. Steinbeck may have portrayed women in this light to allow the reader to substantiate the inferior role of women at that time. The lack of name demotes Curleys wife to insignifi tin cant status. Her lack of identity implied she is non woman but rather a possession of her preserve. This character develops, we find that she is non in neverthelesst the unimportant, nameless character we first perceive her as, but rather she is a relatively complex and interest character. Steinbeck presents her in many ways throughout the story changing the reader opinion of her all the time. In instalment 2, Curleys Wife is first presented to us through the dialogue of facing pages-hand candy, when he describes her to George, the reader hurt under on es skin to create an image in our head of what Curleys wife disembodied spirits like.Curleys wife has no obligingness from the other men at the ranch. Candy uses expressions such as she got the eye and goes on to describe her as looking at other men, before eventually calling her a tart. Through Candys scripts, we develop an initial perception of Curleys Wife as coquettish tramp and even immoral. The word tart suggests she presents herself in a flamboyant manner, which portrays her desperation to be noticed. Steinbeck enables the reader to see Curleys Wife through Candys eyes on their first encounter with her.Further into section two we get a better understanding of Curleys wife coming into court. This reinforces the readers thoughts some her. Steinbeck uses the colour ruby which moderates candys idea of her being a tart. The colour red is sexualised. Steinbeck repeats the word red many times throughout the passage of her Characterizations. He states her having full rouged li ps and her finger nails were red red is a bright colour this suggest that curleys wife wants watchfulness from the other men on the ranch. She has red mules and red ostrich feathers these are expensive so she is trying to impress the men and ostriches are exotic animals, which could her influence her wild side. On the other hand, Curleys Wifes appearance could be seen as naivety and simply youthful desire to be found attractive. Red is a primary colour therefore children are attracted to it, it is a colour children want to dupe because it is bright and has an segment of happiness in it. Therefore Curleys Wife wearing the colour red may play a childs attraction to bright colours portraying her as youthful.Steinbeck describes her to wear a cotton dress which is everyday clothing, this juxtaposes against all the red. A cotton dress is more practical to wear at a ranch, so the reader are hesitant, but there is more affirmation to support her being a tart. Steinbecks explanation of C urleys wife plays with the readers opinion on her personality. Steinbeck says her voice had a nasal, brittle quality which means it hard but liable to break. This indicates that she may look tough on the outside but Curleys wife can easily be hurt.Steinbeck whence describes her to be sneaky and that she is whence dishonest to Curley as when she reaches the barn with the Lennie, Candy and Crooks she breathed strongly as tough she had been running She is sly and want to get away from Curley so then she can go and talk to other men as she does not get that attention from curley this could suggest that their marriage is not true and curley just uses her to regain good about him sly and impress other guys on the ranch wear as the men are not bothered about her.We get across that she can be lonely as Curley does not give her the amount of attention as she desires as Curleys wife think I dont like to talk to somebody ever at one time in a while? this is where we get to see her innocen t side and the reader start to feel sympathy for her as there is no other women she can speck to just men and curley. When she is alone in the barn with Lonnie she expresses more about her being lonely she is repeating this regularly throughout the movie why cant I talk to you?Dhe will talk to the man that hurt her husbands hand which reinforces that she is desperate to talk to anyone. I get awful lonely, I get lonely trying to get Lennie sympathy. Steinbeck shows that she is flirtatious and describes her being flirtation a lot. Curleys wife uses her flirtatious action to get attention she moved closer to him and she spoke soothingly which will relax Lennie and then he will be more attract to Curleys wife.After Curleys wife is suddenly the writer uses a simile to describe what she looks like whilst she is dead her body flopped like a slant which signifies that she is lifeless and fish is not a nice thing to be described as this proves she is not an important member on the ranch and hat she is not cared and has affection from other characters. After her finis Steinbeck describes her appearance so that she would like she did want attention the meanness and the planning and the discontent and the ache for attention were all gone from her face which could suggest that her death had proven that she was just a person In collect of some comfort.We then as the reader mainly fill sympathy for her. When we are sense of hearing Curleys wife actions in candy perception we get a negative impression of her and she is not a loyal newlywed as candy said I seen her give the slim the eye. Curley never seen it. An I seen her give Carlson the eye. Which implies that she cant just live with the attention from just Curley but she need it from other mum to fell her need and as Curley has never seen it suggest that she has sneaky action and deviation behind his back to eye up other men.

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Hotel Industry in Malaysia Essay Example for Free

Hotel Industry in Malaysia turn upIn general, the hotel intentness in Malaysia experienced an encouraging growth rate in 1994. The pains record a significant growth of 64 percent in touristry receipts, from RM5.1 i thousand thousand generated in 1993 to RM8.3 billion in 1994. Malaysia will be hosting the Commonwealth Games in 1998. In addition, the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang when completed, will cater for 25 million passengers per year and help establish Malaysia as a study centre for international air travel in the region. Source 1995 Annual Report of Olympia Industries BerhadMalaysia has been regarded as one of the world famous holiday and investment destination. The country has attracted more than six million of overseas pack holidaymakers and businessmen to Malaysia each year. The Government of Malaysia has been promoting Malaysia tourism agressively both locally and overseas. The country is blessed with numerous holiday sites and business cen tres.The colourful multi-ethnic group practising multi-culturalism in Malaysia has attracted million of foreign visitor to the country. The people, the food and the impost have impressed many foreign visitors. The country is continuously improving its basic infrastructure such(prenominal) as telecommunication, transportation, and public facilities in order to attract more foreign visitors.As a reply of the impressive economic growth, one cannot stop being amazed by the amount of land-related development projects which ar going on in Malaysia presently. More hotels, resorts and business centres have sprouted everywhere. Light Rail move through project has been constructed and near completion. All these development attempts to set Malaysia as a centre for holidaymakers and foreign investors.Hotel industry in Malaysia has contributed tremendously to the development in the Malaysia tourism industry. As a result of the continuing tourism development, the hotel industry in Malaysia is also continuingly developed to cater for more foreign visitors and provide better services.The hotel industry in Malaysia is large. It offers accomodation ranging from lodging houses to five-star hotels, ranging from an inexpensive RM30 per day to an average of RM250 per day and can be as extravagantly as thousands. The visitors have a wider range of accomodation selection depending on their budgets. There are accomodation provider a lot anywhere in all the major towns and cities.

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Food security Essay Example for Free

provender pledge EssayAll efforts to bridge the gap between goernment estimates and the Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council allwhere the fodder gage subprogram are coming up against a central job make up by the Congress chief How can the selection criteria ensure the poor and deserving dont get left hand out? NAC members who interact with the political sympathies point out that Sonia repeatedly under line of merchandises her personal experience over the years during visits to deprived areas where she has found that the poor are simply not counted in any state persuasion and are denied any benefits. The Congress chiefs poser that the inability of the poor, particularly tribals and dalits, to access below poverty line cards needed to tap official welfare schemes will defeat the very objective of a law providing 35 kg nutriment grain a month to the widest set of recipients is proving tough to answer. Here, fifty-fifty automatic inclusion parameters may not mean the severely disadvantaged groups will be assured a minimum level of food security, said sources familiar with the Congress supremos thinking.Sonia is keen the proposed law be effective in addressing needs of those who live on the brink and need state support and her conviction that exclusion criteria are applied in a bureaucratic manner and end up go forth the needy out in the cold tilts the scale towards world(a) eligibility which the disposal continues to baulk at. Several permutations baffle been considered including limiting universal public distribution system to districts with chronic poverty or looking for the near urban-rural ratios.But while some campaigners argue that governings fears of having to maintain large stocks are misplaced as universal PDS will be accessed all by those who need it, the government is not quite convinced. The government feels that effectual provisions stating population percentages to be catered for will mean it has to provide for adequ ate food grain for all(prenominal) intended beneficiaries. A law is mandatory and the optimum values have to be factored in.The tussle over selection of beneficiaries has seen populist politics index for dilution of criteria exchangeable pucca kinfolks or income levels. But the Congress presidents core concern that expanding the net still does not necessarily mean that obvious beneficiaries are being catered for being tossed up and down the table in both formal and informal consultations.Food security act make happy in Prezs addressA national food security act to guarantee 25 kg of rice or wheat a month to BPL families, consolidation of rural employment and Bharat Nirman, a nidus on terrorism and Indias neighbourhood, initiatives for urban employment and a promise to battle recessionary trends are potential to be part of Presidents address to Parliament.The first meeting of the Union Cabinet after the conclusion of government-formation, image for Saturday morning, may consi der President Pratibha Patils speech to the joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament. The speech, to be delivered on June 4, has been extensively worked on by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.The Presidents address is expected to highlight areas outlined by the PM like infrastructure and security. High on the governments agenda are plans for a National Counter terrorist act Centre, modernisation of police forces through training and technology and diversified recruitment.It will also speak of pushing programmes like highways that have languished. Some legislations like the Unorganised workers social security bill of fare and Right to precept Bill, National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, expansion of the Rashtriya Swathya Bima Yojana and the National Child Labour Project, integrated training of nonage concentration districts and approval of a National Tribal Policy are initiatives the government would like to speeden up.With miserliness and job losses very much a concern, the address will look to stress development of social and physical infrastructure along with specific plans like an urban employment safety net. The government will work on a comprehensive overhaul of public healthcare, restructuring Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), strengthening execution of instrument of eleventh and twelfth plan power projects and attention on employment-generating small orbit enterprises.The government is planning study efforts to decrease infant and mother mortality rates, bring about accountability in Primary wellness Centres, initiate a household survey of the National Rural Healthcare Mission, besides approving nasty oversight in ensuring dispensation of medicines before expiry dates. In the education sector, the main focus is likely to be on quality education by restructuring SSA, seen as a success story, and on guaranteeing education for all. The government is expected torestructure SSA into a Mission for Quality Elementary Education to deal effectively wi th instructor absenteeism and drop out rates.The government has set up a target of adding 78,577 Mw of power generation ability in the current 11th five year plan which has been raised to 1 lakh MW during the 12th five year plan. A major thrust on the micro small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector hit badly by the globular economic slowdown to protect workers and artisans can be expected. government activity may insist on use of handlooms and handicrafts in decor for government offices as well as for venues for the forthcoming At the start of UPAs first term in office, the Presidents address had reflected the commitments made in the parking area minimum programme and this time around, Congresss manifesto is expected to be foundation of the speech. A nation-wide skill development programme and scholarship schemes for needy students and those from the minority communities are on the governments check list.The electoral success in attracting minority votes could see the Preside nt refer to Congresss poll promise of taking its minority reservation models in states like Andhra Pradesh, to the national level. The government feels that it has been the recipient of a rural feel-good with the agrarian economy benefitting from higher MPS, NREGA and the contribute waiver. With an eye to consolidating its image as pro-farmer, the government is expected to work towards providing interest relief to all farmers who generate bank loans on schedule. The loan waiver has reached 3.68 crore families.In the power sector, operationalisation of the National Electricity Fund, infrastructure implementation in the north-east, faster implementation of flagship programmes and monitoring through third parties and capacity building are on the table. Sanghatana says Food certificate Act will ruin farmersThe Shetkari Sanghatana has come out strongly against the proposed Food Security Act of the UPA government terming it as anti-farmer and a measure that would fuel inflation, derail countrys economy and produce an array of lazy people who get food almost for free without need to work. The proposed law is aimed at only garnering votes in 2014 elections by the ruling parties at the Centre. Providing subsidized food to 67% of countrys population or81 crore people would cost the country Rs1,25,000 crore. It would have far-reaching implications on productivity and economy of the country and destroy gravitas of sweat, said Ram Neole, spokesman of the Sanghatana.Providing cheap foodgrains to the disabled, needy people can be seen as a distinguished gesture of a caring government in a welfare state. But the Food Security ordinance brought in a haste without waiting for a parliamentary clearance to cover an overwhelm majority of population is a cheap political gimmick, said Neole. His Shetkari Sanghatana led by Sharad Joshi favoured free commercialise economy with farmers getting adequate rates for their produce.The Food Act would mean that farmers producing paddy , wheat and coarse grains like jowar would never get the right price as the government that controls pricing and procurement would never fall by the wayside a hike so as to contain the cost of the scheme, explained Neole. Under the new law those demanding the foodgrains would be given rice for Rs3, wheat for Rs2 and jowar for Rs1 a kg.Of course, when faced with huge budgetary shortage that is bound to happen, the government would increase taxes on traders and salaried classes and businessmen and professionals resulting them further, Neole apprehended. All this will lead to loss of income for farmers, more taxes and non-availability of labour force for productive work at farms and factories, he feared.Contradicting this viewpoint, Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti president Kishore Tiwari has jumped in support of the law. In a statement here, he said Only those ignorant of hunger and deprivation that kills lakhs of people in villages every year would oppose the law.Such political partie s and people would be taught a lesson in 2014 elections for opposing a pro-poor policy, said Tiwari. The poor have a right to food and the proposed law is the first step to have it off it, he added. Food subsidy bill may touch Rs 75K cr on back of Food Security Act The proposed Food Security Act may not put additional burden on the government in the current monetary year as the government can mystify the resources to fund the plan from the spending outlined for 2011-12, finance ministry officials said. However, the food subsidy bill could soar to as much as Rs 75,000 crore from the estimated Rs 60,572.98 crore for the 2011-12 fiscal year.Finance ministry officials said the government will provide the money for financing this exercise. The ministry has al hold asked various departments totighten their belts and not to undertake any new spending commitments as it sticks to its plan of meeting the fiscal deficit target of 4.6% of gross domestic product. The government is keen to st ick to its deficit target as it has embarked on a drive to mend public finances.Earlier, the government had said it was ready to provide for any additional fuel subsidy as result of the spike in global crude oil prices and is confident of finding the resources from within the budget for the 2011-12 financial year. The government has an ambitious tract sale programme in state run companies and plans to raise Rs 40,000 crore. Despite volatile stock foodstuff and global economic conditions, finance ministry officials are confident of achieving the target. It is also banking on other non-tax revenues to help it exert within it spending limits despite pressure points on the subsidy front.Sources said the ministry of food and consumer affairs was unadulterated at a requirement of over 70 million tonnes of foodgrain to support the food security act. given(p) the trends in procurement and the need to maintain buffer stocks, it could pose a problem for the government and force it to imp ort from the international food market. Any plans to impose large quantities of grains could push up prices in the global market and widen the governments subsidy burden.Some analysts say the food subsidy could touch Rs 1 lakh crore in two years. It remains to be seen how the government balances the demand for the food security act against the backdrop of a tight fiscal situation. Analysts say importing costly food to run the Food Security Act could blow a hole in public finances and reverse the trend in fiscal consolidation.Congress hopes to get food bill passedConscious that the window to secure passage of the food security bill is narrowing as the scheduled end of the monsoon session of parliament nears, the Congress on sunshine expressed the hope that the landmark measure will get approved during the coming week. We hope the food bill will be passed in parliament on Monday or Tuesday, Congress spokesperson PC Chacko told IANS. The ongoing monsoon session of parliament is schedu led to end on August 30.Though the lower house functioned on Saturday, in lieu of a holiday last week, the food bill was not listed as opposition parties wanted it to bedebated on Monday. The food bill will be taken up on Monday, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath had told reporters on Friday. If it gets passed in the lower house on Monday, the bill can be taken up in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.Politics scuttled Congress managers plans to get it passed for the undefiled week Aug 19-24 as the opposition did not let the house run over the issues of missing coal-block parcelling files, statehood for Telangana and high prices of food items. The managers hope that Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs statement in the Rajya Sabha on Monday would end the bitterness over missing coal-block files.The speakers suspension on Friday of 12 anti-Telangana members, who had been disrupting the lower house, has sought to address the issue of smiler for a new state. The Lok Sabha functioned Satu rday for the first time since the session began Aug 5 and passed three bills Governors (Emoluments, Allowances and Privileges) Amendment Bill, 2012, The report (Scheduled Castes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2012 and Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Second Amendment) Bill, 2012.

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Commercial item transport and distribution Essay Example for Free

Commercial item transport and distribution testifyThere has been a gradual change in the regularity of encase for last years.For instance, earlier fruits and vegetables were employ to be transported in timberlanden boxes but today cardboard crates are used .This is mainly to slenderize the cost. Obviously,a cardboard crate would cost less than wooden crate. Moreover,using cardboard crates is more eco friendly than cutting trees and make wooden boxes and supporting an environmental cause helps firms improve their goodwill and eventually their sales.Similarly,selling of milk,first in glass bottles,then in packets, then tetra packs and vending machines is all to reduce costs or improve their goodwill by innovating the dash of packaging. Tetra pack keeps the milk safe for months and is made of paper and can be recycled. Plastic packets incur lesser costs and vending machines in itself have no packaging cost. So,companies use new and unique mode of packaging to ,one,reduce t heir costs,two,to promote the product.Packaging refers to the container or wrapper that holds a product or group of products. more or less commercial packaging serves two basic functions protecting the product from damage during merchant marine, and promoting the product to the ultimate consumer. slightly common types of packaging include shipping cartons, containers for industrial goods, and bags, boxes, cans, and former(a) holders for consumer products. Packaging is of great importance to some(prenominal) sellers and buyers of products. It can prevent spoiling, breakage, tampering, or theft enhance convenience in use or retentiveness and make products easier to identify.A significant improvement in packaging can even create a new product by expanding the ways in which it can be used, and thus its potential markets. For example, a soup that is packaged in a microwavable bowl might suddenly increase its sales to on the job(p) people. Prior to World War II, packaging was used p rimarily to surround and protect products during storage, transportation, and distribution. Some packages were knowing with aesthetic appeal and even for ease-of-use by the end consumer, but package innovation was typically go forth to technicians. aft(prenominal) World War II, however, companies became more interested in marketing and promotion as a means of enticing customers to purchase their products.As a result, more manufacturers began to view packaging as an inherent element of overall business marketing strategies to lure buyers. This increased attention to packaging coincided with socioeconomic changes pickings place around the world. As consumers became better educated and more affluent, their expectations of productsand their reliance on themincreased as well. Consequently, consumers began to rely much more heavily on manufactured goods and processed food items. New technologies related to to production, distribution, and preservatives led to a massive proliferatio n in the number and type of products and brands available in industrialized nations.Thus, packaging became a vital means of differentiating items and informing inundated consumers. The importance of consumer packaging was elevated in the get together States during the late 1970s and 1980s. Rapid post-war economic expansion and market growth waned during that period, forcing companies to focus increasingly on luring consumers to their product or brand at the expense of the competition. Package design became a marketing science. And, as a new corporate cost-consciousness developed in response to increased competition, companies began to alter packaging techniques as a way to cut production, storage, and distribution expenses. Furthermore, marketers began to view packaging as a tool to pink existing product lines by adding new items and to pump new life into maturing products.Today, good package design is regarded as an essential part of successful business practice. Since many poten tial customers first notice a new product after it has arrived on the shelves of a store, it is vital that the packaging provide consumers with the information they look at and motivate them to make a purchase. But packaging decisions involve a number of tradeoffs. While do a product visible and distinctive may be the top priority, for example, businesses must also succeed with a variety of laws regarding product labeling and safety. Protecting products during transport is important, but businesses also need to keep their shipping costs as low as possible.study mode material Disadvantages of wooden crates-Deterioration* After wooden pallets are used several times, the wood begins to wear. It splinters, cracks and even breaks under the pressure of continued use. The adulteration is natural and occurs eventually, even if the wood is treated to repel moisture and to strengthen it. This disadvantage leads to replacement much sooner than with plastic pallets. Infestation* Wooden pall ets are more susceptible to infestation by termites, ants and other insects that make their home inside the wood. Pallets stored outdoors are more likely to succumb to infestation than the ones kept within a warehouse. The insects burrow into the wood, eating away at it and thus weakening what should be a support structure.. Cleanliness* In addition to germs, wooden pallets are collectors of dirt and debris. Cleaning them becomes more and more toilsome over time as the pallets age. They must be heat-treated to get rid of the contamination and washed to be rid of dirt and debris. However, the heat accelerates deterioration, and the water, if improperly dried, can feed mold spores that thrive on wood and harm the vegetables and fruits inside it.Advantages of cardboard crates-Protects Items* As packaging, cardboard protects vegetables being shipped or moved. Corrugated cardboard often has multiple pieces of cardboard placed on top of each other to cushion soft vegetables. nickel-an d-dime(prenominal) Material* Cardboard is cheap to produce, and is usually made from recycled materials and doesnt cost much money if purchased wholesale. Other packaging materials are made from plastic, wood or metal, all expensive materials that are often heavier then cardboard, which adds continues testify full essay

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Belonging Essay Essay Example for Free

Belonging Essay EssayAs human individualistics, we lookup for a niche to which we belong. It is ingrained within human nature to want for acceptance, for inclusion. This primal instinct drives our actions, of ecstasytimes altering the perceptions we form of both others and ourselves. Barriers to belong washstand negatively affect us psychologically and soulfulnessally. Our identity element may be questioned ascribable to social, heathen or historical influences. However, the effects of external pressures will be minimal if an individual is already confident in themselves. A study of the collection of poesys, Immigrator Chronicles by incision Skrzynecki and the book The Island by composer Amir Greer research the multiple facets involved in the dynamic process of belong or not belonging. If we are able to have a hindquarters in which we belong, our find of self can be sustained. The heritage and experiences which an individual has within a culture cannot be forgotten sooner they may change surface become stronger. When placed in a new and confronting environment we can prevail on past routine to provide comfort and security. The numbers, Felicks Skrzynecki written by composer, slit Skrzynecki, uses poetic devices to explore how an individual can maintain a sense of belonging due to a strong cultural identity. Multiple descriptions by dint ofout the rime display how Felicks is not affected by his lack of belonging to Australia, Did your buzz off ever try to learn English? instead he remains confident in his sense of self and is able to develop a distinct identity as shown through with(predicate) the metaphor unbroken pace only with the Joneses/of his own minds making.The commitment which he has for his garden, walked its paths ten times around the world, highlight how he has been successful in creating an environment to which he belongs and is quick-witted and content. Felicks remains unaffected by the way he is judged by a society, f or example his ability to arrive at upon past memories and experiences with his polish friends. Belonging to a place and culture remains ingrained within us, even when in a foreign environment. By establishing a strong connection to place an individual can maintain a sense of self a strong bond will continue to amend an individuals lifestyle.Lacking a place to belong to has adverse effects on a sense of individuality. The poem Felicks Skrzynecki explores difficulty of integrating into a contemporary Australian society. The persona within the poem is unable to form a connection to his past heritage displayed with the repetitive use of the exclusive pronoun his his garden, his polish friends and his house. The disconnection between father and son is highlighted through emotive simile, loved his garden like an only child. The strong juxtaposition between the two emphasises their differences and the struggle which the main person has. He is caught between two cultures, his Polish Heri tage and the Australian society, and is unsure of which he belongs to words he taught me, remnants of a language I inherited unknowingly. The main persona in the poem, Felicks Skrzynecki suffers psychologically because he is unable to discover who he is or find a place to which he belongs. The sense of hurly burly in Australia stems from conflict of a polish heritage he cannot remember. Lacking a sense of belonging to place inhibits the ability to form a sense of self furthermore these negative experiences can compile and be detrimental to individuality.The choice of whether to belong, or not, is complex. Instinct drives us to crave for the acceptance of others and to integrate into a society. The traits which make us unique and interesting individuals can be alienating and preventing belonging. Composer, Peter Skrzyneckis poem St Patricks College is a personal recount of his experiences as a migrant undergoing education in Australia. The persona in the poem experiences a disconne ction to the place and culture, which negatively affects his wellbeing. The mothers desire for her son to be seen as equal to others, through a common uniform, compels her to enrol him in an upper class school. Symbolism throughout the poem establishes the mothers need for her son belong as she is, impressed by the uniforms of her employers sons The persona is clearly uncomfortable in his school, due to differences between he and the other students. Repetition of his mothers words, What was lift out juxtaposes with the personas opinion, the darkness that surrounded me wasnt for the best .As demonstrated in St Patricks College not belonging will have adverse effects on an individuals sense of self. Similarly in Amir Greders Picture Book, The Island the alienation of an individual due to physical differences isexplored. The first impression which we form of others is based on how we see them and these physical differences can fabricate barriers to belonging. Greder has incorporated a range of visual techniques to explore this flaw in humanity. The islanders are portrayed through illustrations as brutish, with stout legs, broad foreheads, blunted noses and large hands. The distortion of their features contrasts strongly to the newcomer who is naked, thin and small. bring out his vulnerability in comparison to the fully clothed and pitchfork wielding islanders, he wasnt like them. The islanders tending of the newcomer, who haunted their days and often their dreams, is enhanced by emotive exaggeration of their facial expressions.Gossip just about his dissimilarity is made into a story to scare children, for example the school teacher who gives lectures about savages and their unidentified ways. The text aims to be didactic whilst displaying flaws in human nature. It forces the audience to question the moral value of those monstrous figures. The islanders isolate him completely from their community locking him in the stables. Distrust of those who look or dep endable different causes groups of people to act in a harsh and inhumane manner. Individuals who are unable to align whether it is due to physical differences or choice may be isolated or discriminated against by the society.When trying to belong it is integral that we first are able to define ourselves. This occurs through connections and experiences with places, people and cultures. Both Peter Skrzynecki and Amir Greder have explored the multiple aspects which are involved in the formation of an individuals identity and various barriers to belonging, which prevent inclusion and acceptance. All three texts explore the issue involved in the migrant experience, issues of dislocation and lacking identity. The human experience is constantly being challenged by external pressures. Nevertheless when an individual is able to establish who they are, without relying on others, they become an independent individual. These individuals do not require a place or group to feel as if they belon g, and instead belong to themselves.

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Planned Parenthood and Teen Awareness Group (TGA) Essay Example for Free

mean P arnthood and Teen sensory faculty Group (TGA) EssayThe Teen Aw atomic number 18ness Group or TGA is an educational chopine that is sponsored by plotted Parenthood in East aboriginal Illinois. The aim of TGA is to mobilize specific develop groups within the community to teach the younger population somewhat teen pregnancy and other related issues. The ultimate mission or goal of the TGA is focused on a specific group of people, the youth, as a means to compartmentalize the services provided by Planned Parenthood and in the same way direct attention to vulnerable populations and ensure that specific unavoidably or concerned posed by them are addressed. Another objective and motivation being utilised by Planned Parenthood is the consequences of being unguided throughout a young individuals life. The organization recognizes through its educational platform that undesirable results, such as unwanted teen pregnancy, etcetera , are results of uninformed decision-making a nd an unguided life. Through education, TGA aims to teach the youth to establish more responsible and aware. The program does not only benefit the youth in terms of being educated and guided.It also empowers them to become socially conscious of their responsibilities in terms of helping other people within the same age group to face challenges by becoming part time workers for the organization. Peer educators will be handy to be competent enough for the job requirements, and they should also be able to attend set meetings as required. Individuals who are eligible to join the cause should be between fourteen to eighteen years of age. The schools they are attending should be within the Bloomington-Normal and Champaign areas only.Aside from peer educators, individuals who will be joining the program will also be able to intercommunicate with adults who are more experienced in the area. Planned Parenthood operates for TGA by coordinating with schools within the areas mentioned. Peer educators and individuals who want to join the program are asked to communicate with representatives working in their schools to be informed of how to join the cause whether as the subject or the educator.The resources for the programs that are lined up for the TGA are funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services Teen Pregnancy taproom Program and the Cunningham Township/Urbana City Social Services Funds. Each institutions plays a major role in the production of resources that completes and realizes the purpose of Planned Parenthood through its educational problem facilitated by the TGA.

War on Drugs Essay Example for Free

fight on Drugs EssayNot surprisingly, cases like the foregoing generated a man backlash-perhaps the only signifi hypocrisy superstar since the War on Drugs was declargond in 1982. It gouged relation back into creating what is known as the innocent owner defence force to such in rem forfeitures, but even that gesture of reasonableness is largely illusory. First, the defense does non redress the gross imbalance between the value of property forfeited and the personal culpability of the owner. For example, a Vermont man was plunge guilty of suppuration six cannabis plants. He received a hang up sentence, but he and his family lost their 49-acre farm. Similarly, a New York man forfeited his $145,000 condominium because he interchange cocaine to an informant for $250. The law provides no limit to the value of property subject to forfeiture, even for real minor dose offenses. Second, the innocent owner defense places the burden on the property claimant to demonstrate that he or she acted or failed to act without knowledge, consent or willful blindness of the drug activities of the offender. Thus, the federal official government activity instituted forfeiture proceedings in the Delray Beach, Fla., theatre of operations against numerous properties containing convenience stores or other businesses where drug proceeding took place, claiming that the owners made insufficient efforts to prevent drug dealings. Placing the burden on the claimant imposes expense and inconvenience because the claimant must study a lawyer to mount a challenge to the seizure. moreover, many cases involve the family house or car, and it very much is difficult to prove that one family member had no knowledge of or did not consent to the nefarious activities of another.For instance, a Florida court held that a claimant did not use reasonable c be to prevent her husband from employ her automobile in criminal activity thus, she was not entitled to the innocent owner defense. A specially cruel application of this kind of vicarious responsibility for the wrongs of another is seen in the governments policy of evicting impoverished families from public lodgment because of the drug activities of one unruly child.The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 specifically states that a tenants lease is a forfeitable property interest and that public housing agencies have the authority to hire investigators to determine whether drug laws are being broken. The act authorizes eviction if a tenant, member of his or her household, guest, or other person under(a) his or her control is engaged in drug-related activity on or near public housing premises. To carry out these provisions, the act funded a pilot enforcement program. In 1990, the Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban ripening announced a Public Housing Asset Forfeiture Demonstration Project in 23 states.The project pursued lease forfeitures and generated considerable publicity. In passing this law, it must h ave been obvious to Congress that many innocent family members would suffer along with the guilty. Perhaps it was thought vital, nonethe slim, as a way of protect other families from drugs in public housing projects. As experience proves, however, even evicted dealers continue to deal in and around the projects. It is hard to take public housing lease forfeitures very hard, in that respectfore, other than as a symbolic statement of the governments tough stand against illegal drugs. Destructive consequencesA policy that destroys families, takes property from the innocent, and tramples the raw material criminal law principles of personal responsibility, proportionality, and fairness has spillover effects into other public policy domains. One area in which the fanaticism of the drug warriors perhaps is most(prenominal) evident is public health. Drugs such as hemp and diacetylmorphine have well-known medical applications. Yet, so zealous are the anti-drug forces that even these th erapeutic uses in effect have been banned. Marijuana, for instance, has many applications as a safe and effective therapeutic agent.Among them are relief of the intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma and alleviating the nausea caused by chemotherapy. Some AIDS patients also have pay offed relief from using cannabis. Yet, marijuana is classified by the Attorney General of the U. S. , not the Surgeon General, as a Schedule I drug-one having a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medicinal use, and lack of accepted golosh for utilization. It thereby is deemed beyond the scope of legitimate medical practice and thus is not generally for sale to medical practitioners.The only exception was an extremely limited program of compassionate treatment of the terminally or seriously ill, but even that has been eliminated for political reasons. Assistant Secretary James O. Mason of the Department of wellness and Human wait ons announced in 1991 that the Public Health Services prov ision of marijuana to patients seriously ill with AIDS would be discontinued because it would create a public perception that this stuff cant be so bad. After a review caused by protests from AIDS activists, the Public Health Service decided in March, 1992, to stop supplying marijuana to any patients save the 13 then receiving it.thither also are beneficial uses for heroin. Terminal cancer patients suffering from intractable anguish generally obtain quicker analgesic relief from heroin than from morphine. Many doctors believe that heroin should be an option in the pharmacopeia. Accordingly, in 1981, the American Medical Association House of Delegates adopted a resolution stating that the management of pain relief in terminal cancer patients should be a medical decision and should take precedence over concerns about drug dependence. Various bills to accomplish that goal were introduced in the 96th, 97th, and 98th Congresses. The Compassionate Pain relievo Act was brought to the H ouse floor for a vote on Sept. 19, 1984, but was defeated by 355 to 55. Although there were some concerns voiced about thefts from hospital pharmacies, the overwhelming concern was political and symbolic a heroin legalization bill could not be passed in an election year and, in any event, would charge up the public the wrong message. The final and perhaps most outrageous example in this catalog of wrongs against public health care is the almost universal American refusal to permit established addicts to exchange used needles for unimaginative ones in order to prevent AIDS transmission among intravenous drug users. In 1991, the National counsel on AIDS recommended the removal of legal barriers to the purchase and possession of intravenous drug injection equipment. It found that 32% of all adult and adolescent AIDS cases were related to intravenous drug use and that 70% of mother-to-child AIDS infections numbered from intravenous drug use by the mother or her sexual partner.More over the committee found no evidence that denial of access to sterile needles reduced drug abuse, but think that it did encourage the sharing of contaminated needles and the spread of the AIDS virus. Notwithstanding the commissions criticism of the governments myopic criminal judge approach to the drug situation, the prevailing view is that needle exchange programs encourage drug abuse by sending the wrong message. Public safety is sacrificed when, across the nation, more than 18,000 local, sheriffs, and state police officers, in addition to thousands of Federal agents, are devoted full time to special drug units.As a result, countless hours and dollars are diverted from detecting and preventing more serious violent shames. Thirty percent of an estimated 1,100,000 drug-related arrests made during 1990 were marijuana offenses, nearly four out of five for mere possession. Tax dollars would be spent better if the resources it took to make near 264,000 arrests for possession of ma rijuana were dedicated to protecting the general public from violent crime. The intensive pursuit of drug offenders has generated an enormous population of convicts held in prison house for very long periods of time as a result of excessive and/or mandatory jail terms.It is estimated that the operating cost of maintaining a prisoner ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 per year, depending upon the location and aim of security at a particular prison. With more than 800,000 men and women in American correctional facilities today, the nationwide cost approaches $30,000,000,000 per year. This is a major diversion of scarce resources. These financial burdens are only part of the harm incurred as a result of the relentless drive to achieve higher and higher arrest records. More frightening and damaging are the injuries and losses caused by the early release of violent criminals owing to prison overcrowding.Commonly, court orders impose population caps, so prison authorities accelerate release of violent felons suffice non-mandatory sentences in order to free up beds for non-violent drug offenders serving mandatory, non-parolable terms. For example, to stay abreast of its rapidly growing inmate population, Florida launched one of the nations most ambitious early release programs. However, prisoners serving mandatory terms most of them drug offenders, who now comprise 36% of the total prison population are ineligible. As a result, the average length of sentence declined dramatically for violent criminals, while it rose for drug offenders.Murderers, robbers, and rapists often do less time than a cocaine mule carrying a kilo on a bus, who gets a mandatory 15-year term. A Department of Justice survey showed that 43% of state felons on probation were rearrested for a crime within three years of sentencing. In short, violent criminals are released early to commit more crimes so that their beds can be occupied by nonviolent drug offenders. Civil libertarians are not hear of ten defending a societal right to be secure from violent criminals, much less a right of victims to see just punishment meted out to offenders.In this they are as unretentive as their law-and-order counterparts. The War on Drugs is a public safety disaster, making victims of us all. However disquieting it may be to admit, the undeniable reality is that drugs always have been and always will be a presence in society. Americans have been paying too high a price for the governments War on Drugs.As Federal judge William Schwarzer has said, It behooves us to think that it may profit us very little to win the war on drugs if in the process we lose our soul. http//www. serendipity. li/wod. html

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Study On The Applications Of Numerical Analysis Computer Science Essay

Study On The Applications Of Numerical Analysis computer Science EssayIt finds applications in every last(predicate) cranial orbits of engineering and the physical sciences, but in the 21stcentury, the spirit sciences and even the arts father adopted fragments of scientific computations.Ordinary differential equationsappear in themovement of heavenly bodies (planets, stars and galaxies) optimisationoccurs in portfolio management numeral elongate algebrais important for data compendstochastic differential equationsandMarkov chains ar essential in simulating living cells for medicine and biology.Before the advent of modern computing machines quantitative methods often depended on handinterpolationin large printed tables. Since the mid 20th century, computers calculate the required services instead. The interpolationalgorithms notwithstanding may be used as part of the softw be for solvingdifferential equations.INTRODUCTION TO numeral ANALYSIS AND METHODSThe overall goa l of the field of mathematical analysis is the design and analysis of techniques to give penny-pinching but accurate resolves to hard troubles, the variety of which is suggested by the following.Advanced numerical methods atomic number 18 essential in makingnumerical weather predictionfeasible.Computing the trajectory of a spacecraft requires the accurate numerical solution of a system ofordinary differential equations.Car companies croupe improve the crash precaution of their vehicles by using computer simulations of car crashes. Such simulations essentially consist of solving incomplete differential equationsnumerically.Hedge funds(private investment funds) use slams from all fields of numerical analysis to calculate the evaluate of stocks and derivative instruments to a greater extent precisely than other market participants.Airlines use sophisticated optimization algorithms to decide ticket prices, planing machine and crew assignments and fuel needs. This field is w ithal calledoperations research.Insurance companies use numerical programs foractuarialanalysis.The consist of this section outlines several important themes of numerical analysis.History of Numerical AnalysisThe field of numerical analysis predates the invention of modern computers by many centuries. linear interpolationwas already in use to a greater extent than 2000 years ago. Many great mathematicians of the past were preoccupied by numerical analysis, as is obvious from the call of important algorithms likeNewtons method,Lagrange interpolation polynomial,Gaussian elimination, orEulers method.To facilitate computations by hand, large books were produced with formulas and tables of data such as interpolation points and function coefficients. Using these tables, often calculated out to 16 decimal places or more for some functions, one could look up values to plug into the formulas habituated and achieve very profound numerical estimates of some functions. The canonical work in the field is theNISTpublication edited byAbramowitz and Stegun, a 1000-plus page book of a very large spot of commonly used formulas and functions and their values at many points. The function values atomic number 18 no extended very useful when a computer is available, but the large listing of formulas can still be very handy.Themechanical calculatorwas also developed as a tool for hand computation. These calculators evolved into electronic computers in the 1940s, and it was then found that these computers were also useful for administrative purposes. But the invention of the computer also influenced the field of numerical analysis, since now longer and more complicated calculations could be done.Direct and iterative methodsDirect methods compute the solution to a riddle in a delimited build of steps. These methods would give the precise answer if they were performed ininfinite clearcutness arithmetic. Examples accommodateGaussian elimination, theQRfactorization method for solvingsystems of linear equations, and thesimplex methodoflinear programming. In practice,finite precisionis used and the result is an approach of the true solution (assumingstability).In contrast to straight methods,iterative methodsare not expected to terminate in a number of steps. Starting from an sign guess, iterative methods form successive approximations thatconvergeto the exact solution only in the limit. A intersection testis specified in order to decide when a sufficiently accurate solution has (hopefully) been found. point using infinite precision arithmetic these methods would not reach the solution within a finite number of steps (in general). Examples includeNewtons method, thebisection method, andJacobi iteration. In computational matrix algebra, iterative methods are generally mandatory for large problems.Iterative methods are more common than direct methods in numerical analysis. Some methods are direct in principle but are usually used as though they were not , e.g.GMRESand the combine slope method. For these methods the number of steps needed to obtain the exact solution is so large that an approximation is accepted in the same manner as for an iterative method.DiscretizationFurthermore, continuous problems essential sometimes be replaced by a discrete problem whose solution is cognize to approximate that of the continuous problem this action is calleddiscretization. For example, the solution of adifferential equationis a function. This function essential be represented by a finite amount of data, for instance by its value at a finite number of points at its domain, even though this domain is a continuum.Different Areas And Methods under Numerical AnalysisThe field of numerical analysis is divided into different disciplines according to the problem that is to be work.One of the simplest problems is the evaluation of a function at a given point. The most straightforward approach, of just plugging in the number in the formula is some times not very efficient. For polynomials, a better approach is using theHorner scheme, since it reduces the necessary number of multiplications and additions. Generally, it is important to estimate and controlround-off errorsarising from the use offloating pointarithmetic.Interpolation, extrapolation, and regressionInterpolationsolves the following problem given the value of some unknown function at a number of points, what value does that function have at some other point between the given points?Extrapolationis very similar to interpolation, chuck out that now we want to find the value of the unknown function at a point which is out of doors the given points.Regressionis also similar, but it takes into account that the data is imprecise. Given some points, and a metre of the value of some function at these points (with an error), we want to determine the unknown function. Theleast squares-method is one favorite way to achieve this.Solving equations and systems of equationsAno ther fundamental problem is computing the solution of some given equation. Two cases are commonly distinguished, depending on whether the equation is linear or not. For instance, the equation2x+ 5 = 3is linear while22+ 5 = 3is not.Much effort has been put in the organic evolution of methods for solvingsystems of linear equations. Standard direct methods, i.e., methods that use somematrix decompositionareGaussian elimination,LU decomposition,Cholesky decompositionforsymmetric(orhermitian) andpositive-definite matrix, andQR decompositionfor non-square matrices.Iterative methodssuch as theJacobi method,Gauss-Seidel method,successive over-relaxationandconjugate gradient methodare usually preferred for large systems.Root-finding algorithmsare used to solve nonlinear equations (they are so named since a root of a function is an argument for which the function yields zero). If the function isdifferentiableand the derivative is known, thenNewtons methodis a popular choice.Linearizationis a nother technique for solving nonlinear equations.Solving eigenvalue or strange value problemsSeveral important problems can be phrased in terms ofeigenvalue decompositionsorsingular value decompositions. For instance, thespectral image compressionalgorithmis based on the singular value decomposition. The corresponding tool in statistics is calledprincipal component analysis.OptimizationOptimization problems ask for the point at which a given function is maximized (or minimized). Often, the point also has to satisfy someconstraints.The field of optimization is further split in several subfields, depending on the form of the objective function and the constraint. For instance,linear programmingdeals with the case that both the objective function and the constraints are linear. A famous method in linear programming is thesimplex method.The method ofLagrange multiplierscan be used to reduce optimization problems with constraints to unconstrained optimization problems.Evaluating integra lsNumerical integration, in some instances also known as numericalquadrature, asks for the value of a definiteintegral. Popular methods use one of theNewton-Cotes formulas(like the midpoint restrain orSimpsons rule) orGaussian quadrature. These methods rely on a divide and conquer strategy, whereby an integral on a relatively large set is broken down into integrals on smaller sets. In higher(prenominal) dimensions, where these methods become prohibitively expensive in terms of computational effort, one may use monte Carloorquasi-Monte Carlo methods(seeMonte Carlo integration), or, in modestly large dimensions, the method ofsparse grids.Differential equationsNumerical analysis is also concerned with computing (in an approximate way) the solution ofdifferential equations, both ordinary differential equations andpartial differential equations.Partial differential equations are solved by first discretizing the equation, bringing it into a finite-dimensional subspace. This can be done b y afinite element method, afinite differencemethod, or (particularly in engineering) afinite volume method. The theoretical justification of these methods often involves theorems fromfunctional analysis. This reduces the problem to the solution of an algebraic equation.Applications Of Numerical Analysis Methods and Its Real Life Implementations, Advantages Etc.NEWTON RAPHSON METHODORDER OF CONVERGENCE 2 ADVANTAGES 1. The advantage of the method is its order of intersection point is quadratic. 2. Convergence rate is one of the fastest when it does converges 3. Linear convergence near multiple grow.REGULA FALSI METHOD ORDER OF CONVERGENCE 1.618 ADVANTAGES 1. Better-than-linear convergence near simple root 2. Linear convergence near multiple root 3. No derivative needed DISADVANTAGES 1. Iterates may diverge 2. No practical rigorous error boundGAUSS ELIMINATION METHODADVANTAGESIt is the direct method of solving linear simultaneous equations. 2. It uses back substitution. 3. It is re duced to equivalent upper triangular matrix. 1. It requires right vectors to be known.GAUSS JORDAN ADVANTAGES 1. It is direct method. 2. The roots of the equation are found immediately without using back substitution.. It is reduced to equivalent identity matrix. The extra steps increase round off errors. 2. It requires right vectors to be known.GAUSS JACOBI METHOD1. It is iterative method. 2. The system of equations must be diagonally dominant. 3. It suits better for large numbers of unknowns 4. It is self correcting method.GAUSS SEIDEL METHOD1. It is iterative method. 2. The system of equations must be diagonally dominant. 3. It suits better for large numbers of unknowns 4. It is self correcting method. 5. The number of iterations is less than Jacobi method.Real life ApplicationsArea of mathematics and computer science.Applications of algebraGeometryCalculusVariables which vary continuously.Problems(application subjects)1. Natural sciences2. Social sciences3. Engineering4. Medic ine5. Business.(in monetary industry)Tools of numerical analysisMost powerful tools of numerical analysisComputer graphicsSymbolic numeral computationsGraphical user interfacesNumerical analysis is needed to solve engineering problems that lead to equations that cannot be solved analytically with simple formulas.Examples are solutions of largesystemsof algebraic equations, evaluation of integrals, and solution of differential equations. The finite element method is a numerical method that is in widespread use to solve partial differential equations in a variety of engineering fields including stress analysis, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and electro-magnetic fields.In hydro dormant pressure passageingIn high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) processing, food and biotechnological substances are compressed up to 1000 M Pa to achieve various pressure-induced conversions such as microbial and enzyme inactivations, phase transitions of proteins, and solid-liquid body politic transitions. From the point of view of thermodynamics, Heat transfer leads to space-time-dependent temperature fields that affect many pressure-induced conversions and produce undesired process non uniformitiesEffects related to HHP processing can be studied appropriately by use of numerical analysis because in situ measurement techniques are barely available, optical accessibility is hardly possible, and technical equipment is expensive.This reports on two examples, where numerical analysis is applied successfully and delivers substantial insights into the phenomenon of high-pressure processing.CalculationE.g TSP problem ( voyageing salesman problem)to travel no. of cities in such a way that the expenses on traveling are minimized. NP-complete problem. optimal solution we have to go through all possible routes numbers of routes increases exponential with the numbers of cities.Modern Applications and Computer SoftwareSophisticated numerical analysis software package is being embedded in popular software packagese.g. spreadsheet programs.Buisness Applications-Modern business makes much use of optimization methods in deciding how to allocate resources most efficiently. These include problems such as inventory control,scheduling, how best to locate manufacturing storage facilities, investment strategies,and others.In Financial persistenceQuantitative analysts developing financial applications have specialized expertise in their area of analysis.Algorithms used for numerical analysis range from basic numerical functions to calculate interest income to advanced functions that offer specialized optimization and forecasting techniques.Sample Finance ApplicationsThree common examples from the financial services industry that require numerical algorithms are Portfolio selection Option pricing Risk managementIn marketGiven the wide-eyed range of numerical tools available a financial services provider can develop targeted applications that brood specific market needs. For example , quantitative analysts developing financial applications have specialized expertise in their area of analysis.