Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hitchcock began his career in filming Essay Example for Free

Hitchcock began his career in filming leavenHitchcock began his career in filming in the 1920s. Later on he became a director, this involved ever-changing the script or book into a film. Hitchcock used his own method of preparing the order of shots before filming, as he preconceived each shot in Psycho, ensuring that the tension was built up in a dramatic manner with a purpose, which made him very successful and led to a huge success. Hitchcock show ways to overcome censorship laws against nudity, sex and violence. He shot the film in black and uncontaminating to conceal flesh/blood. Music was created to build up an atmosphere of contempt to kill, also to make the audition feel relaxed to increase the shock of certain events. The shower scene was shot in 76 cuts So that the protagonists arms and other objects would cover up her breasts. Hitchcocks, most impressive technique was to suggest violence instead of showing it, which made it much more dramatic. Hitchcock used techni ques, which later became known as Hitchcockean techniques.He tries to emphasise a characters view by only having one person in a shot or relating the charter to the audience. Placing objects around the room to show characters characteristics and builds up certain ideas. Hitchcock used an ongoing theme of finis through out the film, using stairs to represent life at the bottom and death at the top, which instantly creates tension as soon as a shot with stair is shown. The plot begins with Marion having an procedure with Sam.She is sick of sneaking around with him and is sick of her job. So one day when her boss gives her money to accommodate in the bank, which she keeps for herself and decides to run away to her boyfriend, the audience have related to Marion and because of this do not think that she has through anything wrong. When se is on the road she is followed by a police officer so part-exchanges her car for a new one, the audience starts to think that she will get caught a nd start to hope that she doesnt.She then continues on her journey, only when gets lost in the rain. She arrives at the Bates Motel and decides to stay there the night. She meets the owner, Norman Bates who seems a nice man, although a petty nervous (to scared to say bathroom. ). He offers her tea, but his mother objects so they secretly eat in the back room. The audience have related with Marion and because of this are also unsure this helps to build up the suspense at a key point in the films.Marion then goes to have a shower, but inadvertently is watched through a peephole. She is then killed by a mystery figure, the audience then feel blow out of the water that the main character has died. Norman pictures the body and forgets about it. However Marions sister and Sam want to find out where she has gone so hire a private detective, who leads them to the bates motel. Psycho begins with the normal (a big city. ) and draws easily into the abnormal (Norman and his disturbed mot her. )

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