Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Primary Research on an Advertisement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

primary Research on an Advertisement - Essay ExampleNot only was the advert hilarious and it also generated positive applause from the millions of football fans, especially in Africa. Clearly, the creators of this advertisement were innovative enough to have a go at it that football can be used to create attractive appeals to consumers through relating it with refreshing moments. While millions of viewing audience were united by football, the Coca-Cola fraternity identified this as a perfect opportunity to establish gigantic lasting appeals of its Coke product to the football fans. This paper seeks to analyze the antithetical ways in which Coca-Cola Company presented its intended appeals on football viewers, specifically the youth age group (between 18 and 30 years.)The advertisement is divided into five-screen sections of different settings the old timer, the worrier, the show off, the admirers, and the die-hards. The advertisement begins with screens of football fans in dif ferent locations who are reflexion football duetes. Some of the viewers are refreshing their throats with a Coke soda in the different locations. The next screen focuses on an old man who cannot sit down due to the excitement arousal caused by drinking Coke. Although he has poor vision to follow up the football match, he is penetrating enough to notice and celebrate a goal. The advertisement then shifts to a football fan who has actively chewed his football gloves due to the anxiety caused by watching a game filled with suspense. A woman appears, and hands him two bottles of Coke, which seem to offer him a sense of relaxation. Another screenshot appears where a girl seems to be celebrating that her team won, only to be informed by a man drinking Coke that the match is at half time.The next screen focuses on three chefs in the kitchen who are keenly concentrating on a football match while drinking coke. They seem to have forgotten about their occupational responsibilities food s eems to be burning in the background and

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