Monday, April 29, 2019

History of Mathematics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

History of Mathematics - Essay ExampleWith time there was the outgrowth of numerical ideas that are in use today. The Greeks, the Chinese and Western people contributed smashingly to the development of mathematical ideas that are in use today. Ideas such as connections, argumentation, number sense and computation, algebra, probability were all great ideas that are employ today. These developments are as important as even the ten numerals that are utilize termed as the counting numbers, or the idea of considering zero an actual number. However, these concepts that were considered difficult in the previous years are not simple and this has been due to the fact that in recent days the way in which mathematics is taught makes the concepts easier2.These concepts and ideas were discovered through using the knowledge of the previous mathematicians that were often inherited from the earlier mathematicians who lived ahead them. In addition, the concepts were discovered through the use of the mathematical and numerical systems, and through the activities that their culture encouraged them to energize involved in. While the present day students learn mathematics through books and teachers, theirs was the tedious way often trial and error played a part.The base ten systems in use today that had clothe values was the representation of the numerals that ranged from 0 to 9 that in most cases were used in combination to bear witness real numbers. The early cultures that saw the rise of these mathematical ideas never used this system while in other countries there were different ways of writing the numbers. Some cultures allowed the use of tallying system when counting the numbers. The tallying include writing four vertical digits that were crossed by a diagonal line to show a group of five scores3.Other cultures had their own systems. For example the Roman numbers used today were used by the Romans. They used consecutive numbers that implied

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