Friday, April 26, 2019

Visual Communication in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Visual Communication in moving in - Essay Exampleed institutions like prisons, which serve a broader purpose in the society and thusly aught to be guided by humane and ethical considerations, rather then being subjected to strictly monetary targets and objectives. The very fact that the secret corporations work for purely profit motives renders them incapable of being allowed to pull out the prisons or any other institution that is basically expected to adhere to welf are objectives and rehabilitation goals, tear down at the cost of incurring some losses. A realistic comprehension of this complex idea keep be facilitated by the usage of various feeleres to visual communication like charts and graphs, maps and cartoons and illustrations.It is imperative to understand that in that respect exist primarily two ethical approaches pertaining to the institution of prisons. There is one school of judgement that holds that the prisons should take for a deterrent effect on the crimin als and antisocial elements and hence the prisons should be stringent in their approach towards prisoners, so far as the availability of basic facilities is concerned. There is one another school of thought that is more contemporary and humane in its approach and holds that the prisons are the places that give the criminals a chance to apply their debt to the society. Such thinkers believe that prisoners should not only be provided with the basic amenities and health facilities in the prisons, tho must also be extended the opportunity for rehabilitation and assimilation into the public mainstream in the have of vocational courses and counseling facilities. This approach is not only human, but is also in line with the certain shift in the public values throughout the world. Now, if the private corporations are allowed to run the prisons, they will sure as shooting desist from extending such facilities to the prisoners as this will not only increase the overall cost of course th e prisons, but will diminish the net profit.The main reason for the enhanced interest of the state and the federal official governments in the privatization of the prisons is an overcrowding of the government run prisons. This raises the curiosity of any vigilant citizen as to why the private corporations are interested in running the prisons The answer is simple. In the last two decades, running the prisons in the US has become a big industry that has a massive scope for growth and there is no dearth of corporations that are interested in extracting their share of booty in this lucrative business. Infact the gross revenues of the private prison industry exceeded well over $1 billion in the year the year 1997.

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