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Food And Wine Tourism in Newzealnd Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

nutriment And vino Tourism in refreshedzealnd - Essay ExampleSo, in show to enlighten the importance of Special Interest Tourism, this paper talks about Food and fuddle touristry in unused Zealand. Special pursuit tourism It is the type of tourism that involves tourists pass choice that is totally inspired and influenced by their specific motivation and desire. There are different forms of picky interest tourism, like education, beauty, sports, nutrition, cultural and entertainment (Cook 2007, pp.63). Different countries have different surplusties, for example Dubai is famous for its shopping, and New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey are famous for their food. Read defined specific interest tourism as The turn for people who are going somewhere because they have a particular interest that can be pursued in a particular region or at a particular destination. It is the hub about which the total trigger experience is planned and developed. (Ritchie, Carr, & Cooper 2003, pp . 28) Food and Wine tourism The special interest tourism that has been selected for this paper is Food and Wine tourism in New Zealand. The food and wine do not mean mere eating and drinking, but are related to the respective commonwealths culture and heritage. ... es of specialist food production regions are the primary motivating factors for travel.(Buhalis & Costa, 2006) Food is directly related to a countrys heritage, culture, and traditions. Food is considered to be a major helping of tourism, whatsoever is the type of tourism food always acts as a tourist attraction. So, intentionally or unintentionally, the tourists are always seeking excellent quality food and wine when they are on their holidays. Wine tourism Today, wine is making quite a large business for the last few years. Wine production has been increased at a massive level in different countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Europe, and this has resulted in development of the tourism industry in the resp ective countries. Moreover, wine tourism is a subcategory of food tourism, which implies visit for specific high-quality vine to vineries, vineyards and restaurants to a country. The wine tourism also includes visit to the wine festivals in a particular country. (Buhalis & Costa, 2006) Food and wine tourism does not mean a trip to a restaurant rather it is the desire to taste and experience a particular type of food or a special traditional cuisine can act as a motivator to travel across the home country (Thach, 2007). Food and wine tourism characteristics and typologies Food and wine tourism is expand due to a number of reasons around the world. The most important and predominant reason of promoting the food and wine tourism is to improve economic growth. Moreover, food and wine tourism has gained attention due to increased interest in the other countrys societal values, environmental interest, and their culture. Today, many people and countries are present interest in dining and cooking, subsequently which has resulted in an

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