Saturday, April 27, 2019

Socrates and plato Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Socrates and plato - seek ExampleFrom this upshot, he followed common sense on the issues in order to rid his findings of any run from preconceived ideas (Sanctasapientia). Plato, with Socrates as his teacher in philosophy, applied familiarity learnt from Socrates to come up with his own theories. This is done skills learnt from him, such as Socratic thinking that lacked prior conceptions, which are likely to influence findings. Socrates applies dialectic teasing to real life issues, which Plato later uses to his own advantage and creation of knowledge.The above is as seen in the case of the definition of philosophy as love of wisdom, as put by Socrates. On the other(a) hand, Plato, following example of his teacher, defines philosophy by adding more terms and a broader scope based on the dynamism of knowledge and wisdom. This was done by adding a touch of metaphysics and epistemology to make it appear that no knowledge can be fully known, but can only be experienced in pop ou t (Plato and Socrates). Therefore, the relationship between Socrates and Plato is quite strong based on the formers influence on the latter. This is concerning the overt, direct repair on their teachings in philosophy and ways of creating

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