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Chemistry Laboratory Report Essay

Title Factors affecting reaction enume valuatesProcedure A Effect of ConcentrationAim To investigate how the stringency of a reactant affects the rate of reaction.Hypothesis The more concentrated the reactant, the faster the rate of reaction.Materials 2M hydrochloric acid solution, magnesium wire, distilled water, 4 test-tubes, measuringcylinder.Procedure1)10mL 2M hydrochloric acid solution is poured into a test-tube using a measuring cylinder.2)A 3cm length of magnesium wire is added to the acid, and the stop watch is started simultaneously. The time it takes for the magnesium to disappear into solution is recorded. This time is recorded in the results table.3)The test-tube is rinsed thoroughly and step 2 is repeated using 8mL acid complicated with 2mL water.4)This is repeated for each acid-water mixture, as shown in Table 1.Sources of error in this experimentThe dilution process of the hydrochloric acid is very crude. This means that the reaction rate will be affected, but not by a lot.The sizing of the magnesium wire is not equal. This will also affect the consistence of the results, but again, not by a lot.The recording of the time may not be absolutely accurate.The experiment could be improved by reducing the sources of error i.e. handling the equipment as accurately as possible. finding The higher the concentration of the reactant, the higher the rate of reaction.

Manage Quality Customer Service Essay

INTRODUCTION OF AET-AET transport pty ltd. was founded in 1997 by Fred Bingle of Melbourne, Australia. AETs initiative truck was a 1982 international Acco 1950c table/tray top which supplied coulee agro, a topical anesthetic Fertilizer Company with bulk fertilizers, chemicals and anhydrous ammonia. The newly formed caller quickly achieved its goals through long hours and hard work. The AET transport company expended from lead to eleven trucks in just over a year as their reputation continued to grow. In 2004 a successful land breed allowed the company to establish operations at its current location in Laverton. The AET transport company provides attend tos in cross docking, temperature controlled storage and scattering of chemicals. Their focus on teamwork continues to satisfy new customer with effective give chain management that consistently makes drivers punctual and more productive. AET transport takes arrogance in safety and compliance. Thoroughly trained employees certi fied in the transfer of dangerous good, the handling of hazardous materials and a zero tolerance for drugs and inebriant are just some of the mandatory programs that create a safer piece of work for everyone.DEVELOP MISSION STATEMENT OF AET-Goods go forth be delivered on sentenceAll goods will be delivered on proper condition.Suitable refrigeration will be provided.There will be complete cleanliness in trucks.Good communication with employees.CUSTOMER SATISFACTION STRATEGY-EMPLOYEE REQUIREMENTS/ FACILITIES-Proper cooking will be given to the employees regarding goods handling. Training regarding good communication and carcass language will be given orprovide to the employee. sailing master and Mel way will be given to drivers.There will be inductions for all employees at frequent intervals. Suitable breaks will be given for their mind relaxation.CUSTOMER REQUIRMENTS/FACILITIES-Deliveries will be on time.Deliveries will be on proper conditions.There is a grievance handling b utt against for customers.Extra facilities like refrigeration will be given to customers.Complaints will be handled in immediately.Customers will be charged reasonably.CUSTOMER supporter STANDARDSDelivery within VIC next day.Delivery outside VIC in utmost 2 days.Phone should be answered in 3 rings.All enquiries should be attended immediately.All goods will be delivered in proper conditions. military action will be taken immediately on complaintProcedures for performance of these standards-Reserve at least 8-10 trucks for VIC.Train people to answer phone in 3 rings.Staff given 2 weeks customer service standards.Mystery shopper will be hired.Training regarding communication to employees should be given. 7) save up a process of handling customer complaint and grievances- Customer director grievance handling committee

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“Chemistry” written by Graham Swift Essay

In the opening of the spirit level, Graham speedy uses descritptive writing to accomplish us a striking image of the pond, where he went with his grand capture and mother, The pond in our park was circular, exposed, perhaps fifty yards across. When the breaking wind blew, the little waves travelled across it and slapped the paved edges like a minature sea. This helps the ref gain a much precise image in their detail of the park where the storyteller is, and it also helps make the story more provoke to read. The opening of the story is also par exclusivelyel to the end. The narrator in the story, goes top to the pond at the end of the story, and again gives us good mental imagery description of it, Dead willow leaves floated on it. I found this interesting, because it makes the story cyclical, and may be a re headspringer of the journey of growing up and of the acceptance You must(prenominal) accept it you cant get it rump . It also convinces us to count that the narrat or went back to the park, for wishful opinion hoping that his grand let would return and not wanting to left go of the past.When I first began reading the story, I believed that it was a female narrator. One of the driveings for this is because it said, My gran died suddenly all I know is that I must assume had her looks. However, we atomic number 18 later informed that the narrator is a ten course old male child. We aw ar of this because his mother calls him her little man and she also narrates, Hes only ten, what can he know? . I adventure this extremely interesting in the story, because he appears to be extremely mature, natural and formal. Although he is only ten years old, he uses complex actors line and directences such as fundamentals of chemistry, haunches and reconciled them in correlative grief.However, he is cold blooded as he rarely describes how he is feeling and has never mentioned slightly being upset when his suffer and grandmother died. This is an unusual perspective to use as he is so young, yet faced with traumatizing experiences, but I believe that the author has do this to highlight his innocent and because he will have few prejudices. This mode he will tell the story how it is, without changing it to suit what he believes or his own opinions. An caseful of this, is when his father comes to see him. Although I believe that it is a dream, the narrator is convinced that his father came to see him That night father came to the bedroom. I knew it was him.At the beginning of the story, I find it interesting, that the author describes the gravy boat journey, over the pond towards gramps as trouble free. Then, all of a sudden the boat sinks. I believe that the author designedly makes the boat sink when Ralph is immediately introduced to the story, Then one day it must have been soon after mother met Ralph we watched the boat incur deeper and deeper in the water.This contrasts greatly with the boat journey on the pond b efore the sons mother met Ralph, and poses questions in the endorsers mind that Ralph is going to stop the boys and grandpas trouble free life. I believe that this is interesting because he is indirectly warning the subscribers that Ralph is going to make things worse, which is symbolic of the sinking boat. An typesetters case of Ralph making things worse later in the story, is during meal times. This is because since Ralphs appearance, the narrators mother would cook the things that only Ralph liked and forget to take on meals that grandfather was of. Thus resulting in arguments at meal times, when grandfather was sent out to his shed.Although the story is quite dull and morbid, the author uses humour, when the boy says, I wondered how Grandmother could be at the bottom of the Irish Sea and at the same time what Father was doing there. Again, this highlights his innocence and although it is humerous we are not laughing with him, but at his ignorance.In the story, there are m any another(prenominal) time shifts. Numerous times the narrator goes back in time, to update and tell the reader of a previous event, such as the relationships betwixt his mother and grandfather before Ralph came along, and explaining why his mother and him came to live with his grandfather . This may be significant in the story because he pet things in the past, compared to now.I find the relationship between the narrators mother and grandfather interesting. He refused to leave the house in which my grandmother had lived, and my parents refused to leave theirs, tells us that they are both arrogant and selfish and will not give in to their stubborness for one another. The narrator tells us that his mother is also hypocritical towards her father, no matter how neglectful and even hurtful she might be to Grandfather herself, she wouldnt have forgiven someone elses hurting him. Also, she tries to penalize her father by isolating him from them (as he was runing their meals) by saying do you want to take yours out to your shed?When he dies, her mother shows no remorse and did not cry. The narrator tells us that, it was as though she had this look of relief, as if she had recovered from an illness. The narrator does not say this, but we assume that the illness was her father. The boy believes that his mother is in have sex with Ralph, and would choose him over her father, If Ralph hurts Grandfather it means Im pay he doesnt very care about mother at all but if mother is cruel to Grandfather it means she really loves Ralph. However, he also says She looked trapped and helpless, when Ralph and his mother were cuddling, which puts questions in our mind about their relationship and if she is truly happy.Within the story there are many hidden messages and meanings. There are many questions that remained unanswered too. An example of this is when the boys father came to visit him during the night. He says to him, It was her. She made a hole in the bottom of the bo at, not big enough to notice, so it would sink so you and Grandfather would watch it sink. The boat sank like my airplane . The questions that this poses in my mind are Did the boys mother devour her father? Did she kill the boys Grandfather? Is he looking for someone to pick? Did she by design sink his boat? I think it is ironic that his father visited him, on the night that his Grandfather had died. I believe the author did this purposely to add more mystery and confusion to the story.Another example which raises hints and questions to the reader is the cherry laurel bushes that were growing in their garden. He says, Only the cherry-laurel bushes were part denuded for some reason Grandfather had been picking their leaves. Further on in the story, when the boy goes out to the shed, he begins questioning his Grandfather about the chemicals he had. Laurel water. Prussic acid. He smiled. Not for drinking. The smile may predict to the reader that he is smiling to the boy thro ugh innocence relation him to politely and informaly not to drink it, or he his smiling to himself, asthough he has something planned. Again, this poses more questions in my mind but it contradicts my believing that the boys mother killed the boys Grandfather, and because of this it adds more unanswered questions.Also in the story, I find interesting that the functionary verdict was felo-de-se by swallowing prussic acid, which is an argument for his Grandafther commiting suicide (as he had some prussic acid in his shed), yet the boy is extremely misanthropical and believes his mother murdered her father. But all of the other things that should have been explained or confessed she never did explain, and I wanted to tell them about how suicide can be murder indicate this to us. His mother says to the boy, he wouldnt have lived much longer anyway which may inform the reader that she is trying to justify her actions (murder).Throughout the story is the theme of chemistry and h ow things are changed not made. His Grandfathers job, before retirement, was gold-plating and now, in the shed in the garden, he carries out many experiments, I dont think Grandfather practised chemistry for any particular reason.The chemistry Grandfather experiments with and changes is a metaphor of what is happening in the home, throng change too, dont they? His Grandfather replies with They change. But the elements dont change. This is telling the reader, that although people/elements can change and become something else, underneath it all they are still made of the same as they were before.

Accounting Theory and Practice Essay

promontory 1 interrogatory 1.8What is the difference between make growment a theory by institution and developing a theory by deduction? movement 2 misgiving 1.9Is the workplace of pecuniary write up theory a beetle off of time for report students? let off your answer. dubiety 3 irresolution 1.26Would you avert as insignifi johnt and delectationless a demonstrable theory of report on the basis that in a particular research study the results derived failed to support the hypotheses and the related theory? Explain your answer. inquire 4 read/write head 1.27 (NEW)The International history Standards display board has a number of roles, including formulating be trites and developing a conceptual framework. Is the work they do in developing an accounting measuring stick or the conceptual framework normative or positive in nature? nous 5 disbelief 1.33 (NEW)In this chapter we provided quotes from Gray, Owen and Adams (2010), in which they discuss an app atomic n umber 18nt pushing phenomenon that seems to be occurring in respect of the selection and use of particular theories. They tell, there has been a strange herding tendency, especi completelyy around genuineness theory, as well as stating that they also fuck off a sneaking feeling that institutional theory may be access up fast as the next theory around which to herd.What do they mean by this app arnt practice of herding, and what are twain(prenominal) possible advantages and disadvantages that are related to this practice? suspense 6 header 1.35 (NEW)Do we re tout ensembley need fiscal accounting theory if all we are raiseed in doing is developing accounting standards?tutorial 2 Semester 2 2014Deegan Topics 2 and 3The financial reporting purlieu and standard of financial accountingQUESTION 1 brain 2.3Do you see that the media portray accounting numbers, such as profits, as some bearing of hard and objective performance indicator? wherefore do you rec everywhere th ey king do this, and, if they do, what are some of the implications that might arise as a result of this approach?QUESTION 2 enquiry 2.7Is it attach to look at changes or trends in corporate profits over time without making some(prenominal) adjustments? Explain your answer.QUESTION 3 promontory 2.14If regulators acted in accordance with predictions provided by the private interest theory of regulation, which assumes that all individuals (including politicians and regulators) are motivated by their own economic self-interest, what is the alikelihood of the foot of regulations aimed at reducing the problems associated with climate change in particular if business corporations unconnected such regulations?QUESTION 4 Question 3.7Is regulation more potence to be required in respect of public goods than other goods? Why?QUESTION 5 Question 3.30Accounting headline 3.9 (SEE END OF TUTORIAL 2 QUESTIONS) discusses how European banks were able to lobby the European Union (EU) so as to be regulated by a watered shore version of the accounting standard IAS 39. Explain whether the decision of the EU to pass over a watered down version of the standard is consistent with a public interest theory of regulation perspective, or whether it can be explained by an alternative theoretical perspective (which you should attempt to identify).QUESTION 6 Question 3.35Let us assume that the government has bring about concerned that existing disclosure regulation tends to fixate on the financial performance of organisations but fails to address other aspects of corporate performance, including a mischance to provide breeding about corporate neighborly and environmental impacts as well as about various initiatives and investments an organisation has undertaken to improve its social and environmental performance. As such, the government has decided to introduce legislation that go out require business corporations to provide teaching about the social and environmental impacts of their operations, as well as the social and environmental initiatives undertaken by the corporations.You are required to do the following (a) Explain from a public interest theory perspective the rationale for the government introducing the legislation and how the government pass on ultimately assess whether any proposed legislation should actually be introduced. (b) bid from a capture theory perspective the types of constituents that will benefit in the long run from any social and environmental disclosure legislation. (c) look for from an economic interest group theory perspective whether any potential legislation to be introduced will lead to an increase in the answerability of corporations in relation to their social and environmental performance despite any implications that this increased corporate accountability might pull in for the financial triumph of large but heavily polluting organisations.TUTORIAL 3 Semester 2 2014Deegan Topics 4 and 5International ac counting and The conceptual framework projectQUESTION 1 Question 4.19It is often argued that the accounting standards of the FASB are rule-based, whereas the accounting standards issued by the IASB are principles-based. Rules-based standards by their nature can be quite complex, particularly if they seek to cover as many situations as possible. Do you conjecture it would be easier to circumvent the requirements of rules-based or principles-based accounting standards?QUESTION 2 Question 4.22Does the standardisation of accounting standards on a global basis necessarily equate with a standardisation in accounting practice?QUESTION 3 Question 4.25In considering the relevancy of IFRS to developing countries, Chand and White (2007, p.606) state (see below). Explain the reasons behind Chand and Whites claim. While the forces of globalization and overlap are moving accounting practices towards a unified, or at least, accord regulatory framework for financial reporting, this is unlikel y to best serve the various interests of disparate user groups of financial reports.QUESTION 4 Question 4.27 fruitcake (2006, p. 17) makes the following comment (below). Explain the basis of Balls comments. In sum, even a cursory re catch of the political and economic alteration among, IFRS-adopting nations, and of their past and present financial reporting practices, makes the notion that uniform standards solely will produce uniform financial reporting seem nave.QUESTION 5 Question 4.30 (NEW)In continental European countries, front to the adoption of IFRS, the domestic accounting rules were typically much more line up with local taxation regulation than would be the case in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Why do you depend this could have been the case?QUESTION 6 Topic 5 Question 6.7Conceptual framework projects identify a number of qualitative criteria that financial information should possess if it is to be useful fo r economic decision making. deuce such attributes are neutrality and representational skinnyness? Do you see that financial information can, in reality be neutral and representationally faithful? Explain your answer.QUESTION 7 Topic 5 Question 6.10The deuce main qualitative characteristics that financial information should possess have been identify as relevancy and reliability. Is one more important than the other, or are they equally important? TUTORIAL 4 Semester 2 2014Deegan Topic 6Chapter 10 Reactions of capital market places to financial reportingQUESTION 1 Question 10.4 (NEW)What is an event study and why would an event study be of relevance to an accounting standard-setter?QUESTION 2 Question 10.9 (NEW)If individuals have access to insider information and are able to make large gains on a securities market as a result of using information that is not widely known, then is this an indication that the market is inefficient?QUESTION 3 Question 10.16 (NEW)Evidence shows that consider prices might not fully react to financial accounting information immediately and that abnormal returns might persist for a period of time following the release of information (a case of post-announcement hurl). Does this indicate that securities markets are not efficient and that assumptions about market capacity should be rejected?QUESTION 4 Question 10.17If an organisations operations rely heavily on the specialised expertise of its forethought team, would you expect there to be a higher or a lowercorrespondence between the net assets recognised in the asseveration of financial position (balance sheet), and the total market value of the organisations securities, relative to an organisation that relies more on tangible assets (for example, commonly utilise plant and machinery) to generate its income?QUESTION 5 Question 10.24Refer to Accounting Headline 10.3 (SEE END OF TUTORIAL 4 QUESTIONS) and explain why investors might have reacted to the false rumour. Is the reaction of investors to this false rumour consistent with the visualise that the capital market is efficient or inefficient?QUESTION 6 Question 10.25Review Accounting Headline 10.7 (SEE END OF TUTORIAL 4 QUESTIONS) and explain the reason for the change in the price of Wesfarmers shares. Also, what might have caused the price changes in the shares in the other retail organisations?QUESTION 7 Question 10.28Read Accounting Headline 10.10 (SEE END OF TUTORIAL 4 QUESTIONS) and, relying on some of the capital markets studies considered in this chapter, explain why the share prices of the pharmaceutical companies might have reacted in the way they did.TUTORIAL 5 Semester 2 2014Deegan Topics 8 and 9 Accounting for Corporate Social ResponsibilitiesQUESTION 1 Question 8.1Explain the notion of a social contract, and what relevance the social contract has with respect to the legitimacy of an organisation.QUESTION 2 Question 8.7If an organization was involved in a major accident or in cident, would you expect it to use vehicles such as an annual report or a sustainabilityreport to try to explain the incident? If so, explain how and why it would use reports in this way.QUESTION 3 Question 8.21 (NEW)Chapter 8 divided up Stakeholder scheme into the ethical branch and the music directorial branch. Explain the differences between the ii branches in terms of the alternative perspectives about when information will, or should, be provided by an organisation.QUESTION 4 Question 9.1What has the environment got to do with accounting (NEW)?QUESTION 5 Question 9.9What is an externality, and why do financial accounting practices typically ignoreQUESTION 6 Question 9.20 (NEW)Explain what is meant by the following statementIn the long term, environmental sustainability is necessary for both social and economic sustainability, so attention to minimising impacts in respect of the environment is necessary to ensure a sustainable social and economic future.QUESTION 7 Quest ion 9.35 (NEW)What is a cap-and-trade system and what accounting issues does it create?QUESTION 8What is international integrated reporting and how does it differ from the current financial reporting system we have. TUTORIAL 6 Semester 2 2014Topic 7 Positive accounting theoryQUESTION 1 Question 7.5Explain why a decision made in London by members of the InternationalAccounting Standards Board and incorporated within an accounting standard could influence the business operating strategies employed by a manager in Melbourne, Australia.QUESTION 2 Question 7.10As part of efforts to develop a revised Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting, the IASB is currently canvas alternative approaches for measuring the assets and liabilities of reporting entities. In relation to asset amount it appears that fair value is a favoured option of the IASB. In this regard, would researchers who embrace the view that accounting plays a vital role in reducing the spotting costs of an organisatio n favour the adoption of fair value in all situations? Carefully explain your answer.QUESTION 3 Question 7.12Would managers who have negotiated debt contracts with accounting-based covenants based around rolling generally accepted accounting principles be relatively more likely to lobby an accounting standard-setter about a proposed accounting standard than would a manager from a firm who has negotiated accounting-based debt covenants that use frozen GAAP. Why or why not? Illustrate using AASB2 donation Based Payments and assume that it is the year 2003.QUESTION 4 Question 7.15Do you think the policy decisions made by members of the International Accounting Standards Board would or should give consideration to the insights provided by Positive Accounting Theory? Why?QUESTION 5 Question 7.17If senior managers within a company were rewarded by way of accounting-based bonus plans then would they, or the owners/shareholders (or both), pick out the use of conservative accounting met hods? Explain the reasoning for your answer.QUESTION 6 Question 10.22Accepted assumptions about market efficiency mean that it is the informationcontent of disclosure, and not the form of the disclosure, that is valued by the market. Therefore it should not matter whether information is disclosed within the notes to the financial statements, or in the financial statements themselves. If this is true, then why would managers care if something such as a lease liability is disclosed only in the notes, or include within the liabilities disclosed within the balance sheet?

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Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies Essay

ford Company institution The modern pedigree world has changed and organizations have embraced b are-assed technologies for them to achieve effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness. One of the most central technology for chore prosperity is entropy engine room commonly known as IT. teach is an important and integral part of any organization that determines whether a pissed will make sound decisions or not. ford Company is angiotensin-converting enzyme of the well-known worldwide companies that has embraced learning technology in its employment processes and this has play a majorin earning a competitive edge. crosswalk IT and Business Processes The company runs public toilet stores, supermarkets, cash and carry supplies, hyper-cash store and hypermarkets. crosswalk as well engages in non- intellectual nourishment and food e-commerce websites and it functions as multi-location, multi-channel, and multi-location trader with its initial origin in Europe. Its products range from electronics, leisure, decorative products, clothing items and non- food products(Koller, 2011). Carrefour contacts a large amount of its melody on an online platform using its portals, and This c tout ensembles for a good understanding of Information Technology for the firm to succeed and earn competitive advantage in the industry. Carrefour Company integrates Information Technology in its various line of business processes. Some of the ways are in communication, inventory management, info management, management reading systems, security, business culture, research capacity and customer coitusship management. creation a multi-factor company, Carrefour requires a well-structured communication channel to en competent minutes and business communication to happen smoothly. The company has adapted new information technology by setting up a wide garland of communication platforms to reach the maximum number of customers and p otential customers glob exclusivelyy. Examples of the platforms used accommodate the official companys website, email support systems for both clients and employees, telephony directories and social network accounts. Inventory management at Carrefour has as well as boosted their performance due to advanced information technology. The inventory systems gather all the information of each items stored and keep track of the quality and quantities. This modifys the company to sully on inventory costs such as carrying costs and to a fault minimize wastages especially for the food products with low shelf life. Information technology has also improved data management practices at the company. Employees do not to keep large file of documents, they save everything through data systems. The systems are also able to record information which is important for business decisions and this modify systems also reduce malpractices among the employees. Customers are the most impor tant stakeholders to any business organization and, therefore, the need to importanttain a good relationship with them. Carrefour has achieved this aspect through customer management systems (CRM) which enhances communication with the clients. The company is able to respond immediately to customers concerns and the information is stored for future reference if the same client makes another call. This improves customer experience and increased customer loyalty to Carrefour products.Technologies Used at Carrefour Company Carrefour Company in the first place employs four technologies to manage its information. These systems are Transaction Process Systems (TPS), Management Information Systems (MIS), Enterprise Information Systems, and Decision Support Systems (DSS). Transaction Process Systems monitors and records all the transactions in the organization. The system mainly is responsible for recovery of data during system failures, stabilize the data, and it also integrates and connects other systems. MIS on the hand, does systematic study and analysis of available data to enhance decision-making. Carrefour joint forces with a company called PeopleSoft which is in charge of their global operations by religious offering platforms such as Customer Relations Management(Farrel, 2013). Management Information Systems enable the company to heighten their operations by frequently updating processes, procedures, and stored data. DSS is a unique technology that promotes sound decision-making processes at different levels of the companys hierarchy. Its main advantage is the ability to break down large quite a little of data and evaluate them for decision-making. The system retrieves the ideal information from the stored volumes of data and it groundwork work both as an online or a batch process. EIS is important information tool mainly for the management of Carrefour Company. It makes summaries of the transactions and turns tippy data into informat ion which is applied internally. The management team at Carrefour use EIS to get summarized information from complex graphs and in the process travel rapidly up decision-making process(Koller, 2011).Companys Success with IT adaption 90% of the companys success is attributed to its use and early adoption of Information Technology into its business activities. The technology has improved customer relations, business process, employee relations, and product development. These are the main activities of any organization and therefore making Information Technology a major player to the success Carrefour Company is enjoying today. Information Technology has helped Carrefour to minimize most of the cost associated with conducting business. It has enabled the organization reduce on the space required to store information through the use of computers. It has also enhance inventory management and reduced wastages and carrying costs(Koller, 2011). Due to customer relation systems, t he company is able to make more tailor products and services check to the clients tastes and preferences. This has led more product differentiation.ReferencesFarrel, J. (2013). The Economics of Information Technology An Introduction (Raffaele Mattioli Lectures). Cambridge Cambridge University Press.Koller, T. (2011). Valuation Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies (Carrefour Case). New York John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Source document

Double Standard in Marquez’ Chronicle of a Death Foretold Essay

In Columbian society portrayed in the novel Chronicles of a finale Foretold by Gabriel Marquez, there is a signifi dopet double stock regarding sexual practice roles. They live in a world where wowork force reserve to adhere to innate favorable and cultural expectations. Men are encouraged to be undergo in the bedroom for their wedding nighttime barely if a muliebrity is non a virgin, she is deemed unfit to conjoin. Women can non trip up in the amicable world if they are non married. They are taught to cook and clean and if they deal to move up in class they moldinessiness marry a man of higher social streamers.Women are taught when they are brought up that lovemaking can be learned (page 35) and that they must marry whoever impresses their family while men can choose whoever they want. If Angela does not follow these rules she will be an unwanted from society and will never accommodate the hopes of moving up in class. When she doesnt adhere to the image of a stark(a) women capital of Chile Nasar is killed in the name of her honour. The result of these double standards leads directly to the death of Santiago Nasar in Chronicles of A Death Foretold.The idea that for women, love is something that can be taught and they are brought up to suffer while men can choose whomever they would handle especi each(prenominal)y if they charm their family is a significant unjust double standard that results in the death of Santiago Nasar. Santiago was murdered for supposedly taking Angelas virginity. This was cause for his death because not universe a virgin deemed you unfit to be married and soiled or impure, she was garbage if she wasnt a virgin.When Angelas future husband found out she wasnt a virgin he returned her to her family, honour destroyed. Her ii brothers took action into their bear hands and when Santiago was named as the man who took her virginity he was murdered by the Vicario twins. This is effect of the double standard because Ang ela did not want to marry Bayardo San papistical but he had charmed his elan in by impressing her family. Bayardo San romish hadnt even tried to court her but had bewitched her family with his charm. (Page 34).If women had the king to choose who they wanted to marry, as men do, Angela never would have been pressured into marrying Bayardo. She did not love him. Angela Vicario only hinted at the inconvenience of a lack of love, but her mother demolished it with a single phrase Love can be learned too. (Page 35) If Angela was never going to marry Bayardo he would not have returned her for not being a virgin and she would not have named Santiago as the man who took her virginity and the twins never would have taken the matter into their own hands and committed the murder.If the double standard didnt know in their culture Angela would have had the power to say she did not want to marry Bayardo and Santiago would still be alive. Another male chauvinist double standard that exist s in the community is the idea that the only way women can make a life for themselves is if they get married. It is impossible for them to move up in class unless they marry a man who has a higher social standing than they do, while men only get to be born into positive circumstances. The perfect woman would be peerless who could cook, clean and be a mother.She would have to be pure (stay a virgin till her wedding night) and obey what her husband says. Angela says,The brothers were brought up to be men. The girls were brought up to be married. They knew how to do screen embroidery, sew by machine, digress b one lace, wash and iron, make artificial flowers and fancy candy, and write liaison announcements my mother thought there were no better-reared daughters. Theyre perfect, she was frequently comprehend to say. Any man will be happy with them because theyve been raised to suffer. (Page 34). The perfect man is one who has experience in the bedroom, looks, money and has fulfille d societal expectations. The stress on women to get married in tell apart to pursue in the society is very strong. If women had the same expectations as men being married would not be as much of an obligation. If they had a put on the line to succeed on their own finding a man to marry would not be a priority. This double standard leads to Santiagos death because of the pressure to be the perfect woman in order to get married and advance in life.If there was no such double standard they would have never been married and Santiago would have not been murdered by Angelas brothers. The final double standard in Chronicles of a Death Foretold the lack of experience women are expect to have in the bedroom versus the amount men are anticipate to have. In their society women must be pure and have their virginity until the night of their wedding. No one would have thought, nor did anyone say, that Angela Vicario wasnt a virgin.She hadnt know any previous fiance and shed grown up on wit h her sisters under the rigor of a mother of iron. Even when it was less than two months before she would be married, Pura Vicario wouldnt let her go out wholly with Bayardo San Roman to see the house where they were going to live, but she and the blind get under ones skin accompanied her to watch over her honour. (Page 37). The idea of the importance of virginity is almost being mocked by Marquez, it is so important to protect her virginity that her blind father must accompany her and watch over her is absurd.Women must have chaperones at all time while men are encouraged to be experienced. The primer coat Santiago Nasar is killed was to avenge Angelas honour when she accuses Santiago for taking her virginity afterward she is deemed unfit to marry by her fiance. If this one sided prejudice did not exist and it was not a necessity for Angela to be a virgin (as it is not necessary for the man to be a virgin) Angela would not have been returned and carry her honour to be avenged . The double standard in this novel is distinctly unjust and absurd.Women are pressured into being married to people who they do not love in order to move up in the social classes. Instead of being courted, the man impresses the womans family and the woman is taught they must learn to love and grow up to suffer. The idea of virginity is extremely one sided as women need to be virgins and men need to be experienced. If any of these double standards regarding sexuality did not exist in their culture Santiago Nasar would not have been murdered.

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School Annual Day

This is a request to the entire guest, please get sanction down in few minutes, we ar about to locomote our percentage. We will start our function with national anthem. Kindly stand out at your places. On behalf of **** work family, I welcome you all with great pleasure, for this annual Day Celebration. Its an honour to call our Chief Guest We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones who shake off a brighter day. Im sure, all of you present here, moldiness ask perceive this song performed by michael jackson.Children are the future of all nation across the world. It is nows generation which can go ahead and make the world a better place. Children are our tomorrow our future. Bright faces that you are termination to fool here today, while performing on stage, present their talents and receiving prizes will be the citizens of tomorrow who are going to make a difference in our society. I hope you all are going to appreciate them, as well as to teachers also, who have putted lot of efforts.Thank you thirty Sir, Good afternoon to all of you, as we all know today we are self-collected here to celebrate our one-year Day. Nowadays, only academician excellence is not enough to make any child as outstanding performer. They should be good at extar- curricular activities also. From this prospective our teachers have putted lot of efforts with the slight brainees for all the performances. Wishing them luck we will start..School Annual DayThis is a request to the entire guest, please get settle down in few minutes, we are about to start our function. We will start our function with national anthem. Kindly stand out at your places. On behalf of **** school family, I welcome you all with great pleasure, for this Annual Day Celebration. Its an honour to call our Chief Guest We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones who make a brighter day. Im sure, all of you present here, must have heard this song performed by michael jackson.Child ren are the future of every nation across the world. It is todays generation which can go ahead and make the world a better place. Children are our tomorrow our future. Bright faces that you are going to see here today, while performing on stage, showing their talents and receiving prizes will be the citizens of tomorrow who are going to make a difference in our society. I hope you all are going to appreciate them, as well as to teachers also, who have putted lot of efforts.Thank you XXX Sir, Good afternoon to all of you, as we all know today we are gathered here to celebrate our Annual Day. Nowadays, only academic excellence is not enough to make any child as outstanding performer. They should be good at extar- curricular activities also. From this prospective our teachers have putted lot of efforts with the little brainees for all the performances. Wishing them luck we will start..

Automobile and Toyota Company Essay

BPMM6013 marketplaceing Management 1. Toyota has built a huge manufacturing comp either that can explicate millions of machines each year for a wide-eyed variety of consumers. Why was it equal to(p) to sire so much bigger than any other cable car manufacturer? The Toyota Company grow so much bigger than any other auto manufacture because of the act according to preference of the customer Market fraction. Toyota Company produce large range of subcompacts to luxury and sports vehicles to SUVs, trucks, minivans, and buses. They segment their product according to regard of customer.They create their market segment. They produce Scion car that is target the teenage and it becomes famous among the teenage. 2. Has Toyota done the right thing by manufacturing a car brand for everyone? Why or why not? I think Toyota Company done the right thing by manufacturing a car brand for everyone. They manufacture a really immense range of exciting bare-ass cars which will open peoples eyes and minds. They analyze what a customer requisite and initiate the aforementioned(prenominal)(p) feature cable car in the comparable outlay. They divide their market segment.In the market there are di&erent people with di&erent perception. Toyota prove they produce wide variety of the auto that will use by di&erent types of customer. They try to develop the auto according to the customer perception. They want to satisfy each customer. The price range of the Toyota Company is lies very expensive to inexpensive. Toyota automobile are in the reach of middle class to high class such that the exploiter of the Toyota automobile are very much higher than other automobile order.Toyota understands that each country denes perfection di&erently. AMI JOSELINA ABU BAKAR (814481) 1 BPMM6013 Marketing Management 3. Did Toyota grow too quickly as Toyota suggested? What should the company do over thenext year, 5 years, or 10 years? How can growing companies avoid character reference problem s in the future? Toyota Company grows too quickly as their suggested. Toyota is combine its assembly plants around the world into a single giant network. They do customize on the car according to the involve of the customer.Toyotas need to keep their products selection and quality superior to their competition. Toyota company are become one of the successful manufacturing company due to their concordant quality. They have to maintain their performance quality. Whether they customized the car or develop new sit according to customer need they need to maintain same core quality all around the world. They need to maintain reliableness on automobile. The same superior quality and dependable should be maintaining. The picture of the automobile should be unique and while developing new model image car they need to maintain core material as same. They need to customize regular according to the customer.They need to maintain olympian look for each model. Such that it will look very distinctive than competitor. They need to produce high quality and high specic design automobile. They need to give services after the purchasing the product and more ever they have to delivery every item in the time. They need to create more value of automobile by giving whatever of the discount or either by various services.They need to fork out e-support for their customer and they need to update their information through the media. As we go to sleep people perfection are di&erent according to the geographic area. A gravid product by itself is not enough so the Toyota need to push themselves according to customer perfection at that place. They need to make market strategy di&erently in di&erent country. The Toyota Company is giving Guaranteed Auto Protection to their customer. They need to keep it up. AMI JOSELINA ABU BAKAR (814481) 2.

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My stepmother

I live a perfect family now. Like whole noble-minded grows, I have my m opposite to thank for everything. Unlike entirely proud parents, however, I have my find to thank for showing me the perfect example of how non to be a parent. This female parent that I refer to of course is not my kin mother but rather my stepmother. She was forever the bane in my deportment. She is, however, the campaign why I am a in effect(p) parent and why I have perpetually strived to become a rock-steady parent.Now that I have two children of my let, I realize just how central it is for their upbringing to have a solid family around to support them and parents who throw out instead of discourage. I like to think of my own family as a can do family and not a dont do or else type of family. I show my children the equivalent love and inclination that I received from my draw and my present mother and perhaps, I whitethorn even show my two children more love and affection because I know what it feels like to live in fear and cower in disquietude.As I lay here recovering from my latest battle with my terror of a stepmother, I rec tout ensemble how I sensed it from the mommyent that I met her that we were neer going to get along with each other. firearm I did sense the animosity as our look met each other on that fateful day epoch when I was but a child of half dozen years old, I have never downstairsstood why my stepmother resented me so much. There seemed to be nothing that I could do right. This latest delirious battle that I and my stepmother had but a day ago has leave me so drained. It was not even a big deal. It was only with moot to me destinying to mouth to my father since I had not perceive from him in a fleck and it soon heated up into full winded mud flinging.I was never this brave, for lack of better term, towards my stepmother. I remember a time when I was six years old. This was the same moment that I met her and I saw how she pretended to be very puritanical and broad towards my father and his family, meaning me and my siblings. From her mouth spouted all(a) sorts of sweet nothings and words of flattery and admiration for how fine a parent my father was and how lucky we all were to have a dad like him. I heard from her the angelic words of praise but saw deep in her eyes the petrifying glance of a medusa. I was correct in my trust as soon after my father left to attend to an errand and the devil that was lurking beneath began to emerge.The succubus who had seduced my father had now set her sights upon me, the only other woman in my fathers keep and I was to be her next victim. She pounced upon me swiftly and caught me off guard. I was taken abrupt as she began to terrorize me and likening my appearance to that of various parts of the anatomy that I shall not mention. To top it all off, she even dared call my own birth mother a woman of ill repute to whom I would closely likely turn into. Suffice it to say tha t from that moment on in that location would never be peace when my stepmother and I would meet.That moment in my childhood changed my manner not only because from that point on I had somebody there to terrorize me but also because of the fact that it taught me a worth(predicate) lesson about parenting never leave your children in the hands of a fantastical even if other people trust them. One can never be too cautious these days with all those veiled demons lurking and time lag for you to leave your children al 1 and then they pounce and harm and terrorize your children. While that experience did turn me into a stronger person and a better parent, I firmly believe that my children do not have to undergo the same mental and emotional torture that I encountered in order to look at their lesson.It used to take me awhile to recover from the battles that me and my stepmother used to have. There were quantify when I would be in shock for an entire month and would slip remote se veral days just hiding in my populate and refusing to speak to anyone. This type of experience is something outflank left in stories about monsters or evil stepmothers. This is the reason why I have asked perfection to buzz off me strong for my children and to give me a long life so that I can be there for them always to ensure that nobody depart ever fall in my two children suffer. I also ask that perfection desexualise me a good mother so that I testament always be able to provide for my children to keep them with me and keep them happy.Being God fearing, I felt that I could change the way my stepmother treated me by doing what Jesus told the apostle Peter and turn the other cheek. Though my stepmother was a hypocrite, I tried my best to carry on a working, if not good, family with her. I thought that my efforts had finally paid off when I heard that my stepmother had spoken to my other asking her in a very nice and friendly manner if she would be amenable to letting me stay with her. She give tongue to that she would bring me to the United States and give me a life that was better than the one I currently had. She could declare me as her daughter and then, together with my father, we could all go to the Land of the Free. I will never forget those exact words because those were the ironic words that she chose to use when she was explaining all of this to my birth mother.It did not take a lot of convincing to make my mom amenable to the idea and soon I found myself in my room preparing for that long trip to the Land of the Free. As I packed the weather of my belongings I heard my father single outing my birth mother that everything would be alright and that she had nothing to worry about regarding my safety. I was on my way to a better place and better life. The thought do me smile yet little did I know that I this day would mark the end of one life and the beginning of another one, a life of fear, terror but ultimately happiness.My stepmother never intended for me to have that good life in the Land of the Free. She had ulterior motives at that time and simply wanted to punish my mother by taking me away from her. The reason for her vengeance was because I was born to my birth mother while my father was married to my stepmother. Since my stepmother could not directly go against my birth mother for fear of incurring my fathers wrath, she turned to making me suffer. She was positive(p) that I was to blame for all the trouble and anxiety that she was going by means of and she intended to make me feel what she was feeling and more.Of course at that time, all of these ulterior motives and malicious plans were beyond my comprehension. As a little daughter I always tried my best not to hate or resent her for anything that she did to me. I always tried to do my best to make her feel good and happy with me and to ultimately make her feel proud and happy of me. As I eventually conditioned, however, such a scenario was never mea nt to happen. Instead, with every act of good that I attempted, I was to be chastised and disconcert in front of strangers and treated like I was the lowest life form on this planet.If there is a lesson to be learned from all of this, it is probably that fear is a good teacher. If it were not for the fear that my stepmother instilled in my heart, I would not probably be the good mother that I am now. While it is arguably a terrible feeling that I always need to fear for the safety of my children, I always tell myself that one can never be too cautious.Another lesson that I learned from all of this happened when I was around 18 years of age. Now, my father never had any idea of the abuses that I suffered at the hands of my stepmother. He always assumed that we were happy that way and I kept it that way since I did not want to tell on my stepmother for fear of making my life worse than it already actually was. It was early morning when one of lifes lessons hit me smack on the head. I awoke to the fists of my stepmother on my typesetters case as she berated me for not attending to some of my chores. Apparently I had omit to make sure that the dishes in the kitchen were as clean and shiny as she wanted them to be. My stepmother was determined to make me pay for such an oversight and took nicety in her own hands and began pummeling me with her fists.For the commencement time in my life, I felt an intense hatred towards my stepmother. Nobody has ever laid a hand on me. Not in anger. Not in frustration. My father was never around to console me and help me cope with my situation since he had no idea that such an atrocity was being committed under the roof of his own house. It was that day, however, that I decided that I would no long-run put up with any of this and I decided to leave home. It was the best decision to make at that time and the worst decision to make in hindsight as I left with some guy that I had recently just met.Things soon turned bad as I fell into a string of failed relationships but just as quickly my fortunes began to improve as I met good people during the times that I needed it the most. These recollections pain me because as I traversed this journey called life and served my sentence I met other people people who were good unlike my own stepmother.I ask myself sometimes whether I had done anything to deserve the treatment that was receiving from my stepmother. I asked myself if I indeed was the cause of all her troubles. I realize that I never really asked to be born into this world. All children are suppositional to come into this world as innocents but I entered this world pronounced guilty and destined to serve my sentence from the moment that I took my first breath.My birth mother has no idea what I have been through and I dont intend to tell her about it. I guess that it how things should be. As a mother, I do not want to know that my own children have suffered or been hurt. I guess the passionateness and glow that overcomes a mother as she first hugs her child is the reason for that. I was born and I too have given birth. I was born into this world a slave, a victim of a vindictive demon. I have been emancipated by the birth of my own children and I know that when my time comes I will have enough good memories with my own children to last me till eternity.

Loss Of Innocence Essay (Grade Ten Advanced Placement, Non-Revised Version) Essay

Often, we as humans tend to separate ourselves from stories and myths. If a bill is fictitious, we immediately dismiss any possibility of relating and learning from it. However, some archetypical events and themes observed in literature whitethorn be far more(prenominal) real than we wish to admit. The personnel casualty of innocence is angiotensin-converting enzyme much(prenominal) archetype. patronage having broad definition, the effects of the issue of innocence be narrow. Commonly, an innocent or ignorant individual experiences an event or realization ca use a shift towards experience and knowledge.Archetypes be present in Roman and classic myths, and are still used today, sometimes unknowingly, in stories, songs, and poems. This is likely because it is a reflection of events in our own lives, to a certain extent. The innocence of youth, preponderance of a livelihood-changing event, and experience of adults are all observed in life and literature alike. out front a sh ift towards the knowledge and at a lower placestanding associated with experience, the loss of innocence archetype explains that a person is first unknowing, or ignorant.ingenuousness is often identified through a teaching in, among other things, the dependability of appearances, stability & permanence, and immortality. Many literary figures concerning in the loss of innocence are youthful, although dont unreservedly take for to be so. Pandora, the first cleaning woman in Greek mythology, embodies many a nonher(prenominal) of these traits. In the myth Pandoras Box, she is visualised as being assuming and curious. Given a gift from for each whizz god, Pandora is created with the intent of her opening the vase also gifted to Epimitheus.Her decision to open the vase, as Zeus had anticipated, is reflective of her personality. She is asked not to do so, but goes against her husbands request. Pandora believes that she provide not be harmed opening the vase, life shall continue a s before, and the vase is simply a container, nothing more. Primarily, this is because of her belief in immortality, stability & permanence, and the reliability of appearances. Consequently, both her and Epimitheus are punished and suffer from her decision. Other stories, like go game and Eve, also deal with the idea of a prohibited object or procedureion.Traits observed in these stories are generally associated with children in real life. in the first place young individuals gain experience and maturity, their curiosity, supported by a belief in the reliability of appearances, and inability to identify danger, or belief of immortality and stability, may cause them to endanger themselves such as Pandora did when opening the vase. In youth, this may be attempting to descend stairs or performing a heavy action when told not to. Instances seen among older children may include disobeying parents to go out, or committing a crime because of jocks.Within the loss of innocence arche typal event, a person experiences a life-changing event or realization, often in their belatedly youth, before they can move towards experience or knowledge. As one initially moves from innocence to experience they may feel resentment, insecurity, or sorrow. Before they accept their cutting understandings and responsibilities, they may first see hypocrisy. The fairytale, Hansel and Gretel, is one of many examples illustrating this. Before they are held captive by the witch, Hansel And Gretel are seemingly carefree despite being removed from their home.Their misled views on the gingerbread houses golosh and appearance lead to their imprisonment, and potential death. As the story progresses, Hansel and Gretel devise and act upon a plan to free themselves. The story ends as the children reunite with their sustain by and by overcoming seemingly certain death. However, not all is the same after the childrens return. They have realized the deceptiveness of appearances, the ability o f things and mess to change, and that them themselves could have died.Their experience had caused a shift towards experience and knowledge, allowing them to escape. Other notable stories using a comparable format include How To Kill A scoffer and Lord Of The Flies. Outside literature, there are several reasons why a person might experience the loss of innocence. The death of a parent, friend, or loved one, is a broad example. However, the loss of innocence may be caused by simpler events, such as moving away from a friends neighborhood or losing a childhood keepsake.The loss of ones innocence is not limited to an event some may lose their innocence through philosophizing or reflecting upon their past, accepting new and different ideas about the world. As an individual shifts towards experience or knowledge, their beliefs are also said to change. The reliability of appearances, stability & permanence, and immortality are replaced with beliefs that appearances are deceptive, things a nd people change, and people do not live infinitely. Popular characters in cinema, such as Yoda, in Star Wars, or Gandalf, from Lord Of The Rings, both comprise these traits.An experienced or knowledgeable character, however, does not absolutely have to be old. Athena, a goddess featured in Greek Mythology, also displays many of these characteristics. In the myth Athena And Arachne, Athena is challenged to try her weaving and embroidery skills against those of Arachne under the condition that if she wins, Arachne is to pay with her life. Athena attempts to convince Arachne to bow down from the challenge, however, cannot pass water her see the error in her decision.Arachne stands by her words, assuming she will not be harmed, Athena will be an equal competitor, and that life will continue as before. In this situation, Arachne is portrayed as being innocent, or ignorant. Subsequently, Arachne loses to Athena who decides to spare her life instead turning her in to a spider. Athena re cognizes that she could have let Arachne to die, although, also recognizes that people have the expertness to change and so lets Arachne experience her guilt and shame.Her experience, or knowledge, allows her to make this decision. Teachers, parents, or other people who play a role in mentorship or leadership are commonly said to be experienced or knowledgeable. An experienced person in real life accepts themselves, their understanding of the world, and their responsibilities. As a ordination, we are consistently changing and refining ourselves. If one accompanying has been consistent throughout human history, it has been the capability to influence and create change.Although the loss of innocence may not be a large change, it defines the dissimilitude between youth and adult, a concept that has been prominent in our society since its very creation. Children, the innocent, are educated in schools and raised by parents so they can one day become experienced. Upon a scalelike loo k at the loss of innocence archetype in literature, we may begin to draw parallels from the innocence, life-changing events, and experience of those within stories with our own. Although literature will never fully describe humans, we may look to stories, songs, and movies, to help make reek of our own lives.

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Personal Healthy Living Plan

Personal Healthy Living political program 1. Feb. 19. 2013 nutrition E devourn How much Eaten breakfast milk 1 cup tiffin Salmon Lettace Sandwich 1 Normal sized Sandwich dinner party RiceBeefTomatoesEggs 1 bowl Few slicesAround 1 whole tomato Snacks candy 2 piece Feb. 20. 2013 Food Eaten How much Eaten Breakfast Soy Milk 1 cup Lunch Cup noodle 1 armed service Dinner FruitsCreme SoupSpaghetti 2 Whole Oranges Snacks Chips 70g bag of Chips Feb. 21. 2013 Food Eaten How much Eaten Breakfast Water 1 cup Lunch RiceChickenRadish 1/2 a bowlFew piece 3-4 piece Dinner Chow Mein -Carrots-beef-lettace-mushroomsSteamed FishFruit 1. 5 bowl 1 Orange Snacks Candy 6 piece. Physical Activities Job Around the neighborhood all Mon, Wed, and Fri depends on the weather. 4. Notes of Canadas good guide -Eat at to the lowest degree one dark green and one serving vegetable each(prenominal) twenty-four hours -Choose vegetables and fruit prepared with little or no added fat, lettuce or salt. -Have meat alternatives such as beans, lentils and tofu often give birth at to the lowest degree two servings of fish each week -Use vegetable oil such as canola, olive and soybean Make at least half of your grain products whole grain each day -Have real Fruits and vegetables Compare your eating habits with the recommendations found in Canadas Food guide. Base on what the food guide says, what menu changes, if any, would you make to the meals you ate over the three days you tracked and that you eat in oecumenic? Why? Compared to my eating habits for the past three days, to the eating baits with the recommendations found in Canadas Food guide, it seems like my habit is a little onward from being healthy. I should eat a little more(prenominal) for breakfast, and some judgment of conviction(prenominal) more healthier during lunch.I might try adding oatmeal and toasts to my breakfast meal, and domiciliate more fruits and vegetables for lunch. After these small changes, I think I eat pretty healthy since I usually eat at least 1-2 servings of rice, noodles, vegetables, and meat for dinner. For the past 3 days, I ate multiply of candies. It contains a lot of sugar and if I continue on eating candies every day, it provide affect my health. Regular Exercise Routines 1. Explain what exercise routines youa re currently involved in. Hwo do these connect to the completeion of your daily material natural process (DPA) requirement? 2.What are someof these challenges you personally encounter as you develop or maintain a continual habit of exercise? 3. What benefits does a official exercise provide you personally? 1. For daily physical acitivity requirement, we must schedule and report a minimum of 150 per week fo physical activity. The exercises that I involved in are the same as my DPA requirement. I play badminton with my friends every weekend and I job around the neighbood at least once a week. 2. I had a hard time maintaining a regular habit of exerci sing, due to the weather 3. A regular exercise can remedy my mood and back up my sleeping schedule.It will also benefit my health by exercising regularly. It also attach the opportunity in finding a better job and creating a better future. Emotional Health Management 1. What does it mean to be activated healthy? 2. Visit the Canadian Mental Health website and read intimately stress. Take the stress test and record your scoare. 3. How do you positively perform your emotions when you get uncomfortable with them? Give 2 real life specimen of this and describe any techniques/strategies you used to help you during these times. 1. Emotional health instrument the degree to which you feel secure, stable and relax in everyday life.Living a happy life is what makes us worth living. 2. I got 10 business relationship for the stress test. 3. When I get uncomfortable stress, I talk to my friends and family. In certain degree of stress I do varieties of things, including shopping, gaming and depiction night. Talking out with my friends helps me relief my stress and other activities allows me to keep my point off of being unhappy. Positive Health Choices 1. Ive decided to include more vegetables and fruits in my diet, as I lack greens in my diet. It is crucial so I can have a healthier body. As for exercise, Ive decided to go to the oval more often to utilization out.This will make me more fit and it will also help me improve my lever of proactively as exercise help clear mindsets, improve stress management, and make a person more positive. As for randy health I intend to trust my problems with my current friends and families. 2. Fortunately, I do not consume any illicit drugs or alcohol, and I do not have any plans in the future to do so either. Alcohol will solo do harm to my body. It does not only affect my health, it will also affect my family as well. If I were to be in a relationship or any that involves with my sexual health, I would gladly to say no to them for I am too young.

Tok Bias Essay (Gavin Menzies, Jared Diamond, Etc.)

Theory Of Knowledge To what extent whoremonger discord precaution in our disposition of level? October 2012 International traildays of Curacao Wordcount 2,691 Historical discrepancys To what extent can disagreement aid in our rationality of bill? racket has been present in the gentleman constantly since the first biotic and abiotic particularors roamed the Earth. In order to under(a)stand what the question is asking, we mustiness define its key interchanges. Disagreement is defined as a deviation in opinion and diversity.Even though the condition disagreement has a banish t ace, it does non necessarily have to be bad. Disagreement offers people a antithetical point of view and can help the earthly concerns population improve its reason of each different. This brings me to the next key word in the question understanding. Understanding is described as the comprehension of a certain topic and as having a mental grasp on something. People encounter disagreements during backchats, which makes the conversation richer. I find it is burning(prenominal), for every humanness being, to understand that disagreements be healthy.Without disagreement, at that place entrust be too a good deal familiarity and similarity, and life will be omiting adventure and uncertainties. Disagreement and lack of understanding ar often, if non always, seen in score. Many warf atomic number 18s start be perplex of a disagreement and/or because of the lack of willingness of understanding. narration is defined as the guide of the angiotensin converting enzyme succession(prenominal). Much of the champaign of storey is factual. Facts are statements supposedly rig in stone and reliable. From a young age on, children are taught that facts are non to be altered. As they grow up, they find that this is false history is non entirely set in stone.And that is exactly what this paper will be covering, with the help of Jared infield, Galileo Galilei, Gavin Me nzies, Fritz Fischer, Charles van Doren, and Reuben Abel. Historiography is the writing of history. According to Reuben Abel, different historiographies are influenced by the history of civilization. This history of civilization is depending on climate, soil, and geography. Geography brings up some other historian that helps acquit that disagreement aids in the understanding of history. Jared Diamond did research on why historiography is different in different continents.He produce his findings in a book call(a)ed Guns, Germs, and Steel. Diamond argued that the gaps in technology and power between human societies are not caused mainly by cultural and racial differences. He states that the geography and ecology of European and Asiatic landmasses gave the societies there an advantage over those on other continents. Although Diamonds findings sound realistic, his work was critiqued for factual errors. Diamond, although criticized, is important to abide by in the discussion on ho w disagreement aids in the understanding of history.His findings may not all be correct, but some are. This manifests that there were many different factors playing in the different historiographies in different continents in the world. Reuben Abel goes on by stating that the history of civilization is also dependent of race, hereditary ability, and psychological factors. Additionally, it depends on the motif of power and on the theory that history is the history of class struggle. This is an judgment taking from Marxism, and the first kind of approach to history that it is cyclical.Reuben Abel goes on by stating that historiographies should be appraised and assessed, but that there is no of the essence(p) experiment that can test the validity of a theory of history. Abels claim that History is far from being exclusively scientific or factual it is also a big part creative is one I can agree with. History is not just facts. amidst the factual convictions, there has to be at l east one sentence linking one fact to another(prenominal). The main reason why Reuben Abel is important to mention in this essay about disagreement aiding the understanding of history is that kind-heartedness has not yet discovered every bit of evidence in the world.Abel mentions that the past is inferred from present evidence. What he means with this is that the evidence prime in modern times indicates the past. With this, Abel concludes that present evidence is not complete. Hence, the past remains a mystery. A good example of diachronic misrepresentation is Stalins photograph bear offn with Nikolai Yezhov, which was altered later on to remove Yezhov. Disagreement has been present in history and often a source of major (bloody) diachronic events. A good example of disagreement aiding in the understanding of history is the three different views of any historical event.You have the Jewish-Orthodox view of a historical event, which is the traditional outlook and interpretati on of historical facts. The second view is the revisionist one. These historians take a second look at the evidence of the first view. The third view is the post-revisionist view. Historians look at both(prenominal) the traditional and the revisionist view of the same historical event, and conclude something based on both views. This is important in discussing how disagreement aids in the understanding of history. The three views obviously have a different opinion of what caused a certain historical event.But this disagreement, that is healthy, provides the worlds population with a bring out understanding of history. The disagreement gives the world the option to choose which view they support the most. Gavin Menzies is another great example of one who argues the truth of history. He states that it was not Christopher capital of Ohio who discovered the States in 1492, but the Chinese. He says that the unfermented liberality was stumbled upon by the Chinese in 1421. This is seve n decades prior to Columbus. Menzies is germane(predicate) in the discussion about disagreement aiding in the understanding of history, because he questions and challenges history.He has found and states his evidence, in his book, supporting that China had been actively sailing virtually the world during the 1420s. The reason why he is arguing the truth of the Statess uncovering is because he himself found out that many historical Chinese events happened in 1421. This is the main reason why he trenchant to write a book about the Chinese discovering the States to begin with Columbus. Additionally, Menzies is important to mention in the discussion of how disagreement can aid in the understanding of history because of his thesis.His thesis changed the Western age of discovery and altered the common belief that Europe discovered Asia. Some of his arguments accept finding Asian jade in Aztec tombs, and allegations of Chinese ideograms found on pre-Columbian pottery. another(prenomi nal) argument he uses to defend his statement(s) is the stem of maps that show countries that were not yet discovered by Europe in the fifteenth century. His third supporting argument is that not only many academics in China support him also academics on the West Coast of America believe Zhang He found North America and Australia during his two-year journey over the ocean, which began in 1421.Menzies re-opened the discussion of truth in relation to history in 2008 when he stated that the Chinese sparked the Renaissance. With his book, Menzies real much criticism. Oxford professor Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, for example, counters Menzies evidence of maps by saying What Gavin Menzies doesnt understand is that maps at that time were as much acts of the imagination as cartography. Menzies replies by stating that there are over 6,000 references that support the idea of diffusion theory. This is the idea that there are non-homogeneous alternative theories that discuss Americas discovery .Menzies goes on by stating that it is Virtually impossible to still argue that Columbus discovered America, that Cook found Australia or that Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the world. This is also because evidence was discovered that the Vikings discovered America 500 geezerhood prior to Columbus, and 430 years prior to the Chinese. Menzies also states that in the 1400s, only the Chinese had the capacity and knowledge to explore the world. The article on his website summarizes that Menzies says that the Chinese elapse could have circumnavigated the world four times between 1421 and 1426. The key word to view is could.By using this word, Menzies assumes that the Chinese could circle the world four times, period there is hardly any sign of evidence to support this argument. If Menzies had evidence to support his statement, he would not be using the word could. Another reason why Menzies is significant when looking at disagreement aiding in the understanding of history is because he introduces the idea of diffusion theories to a junior audience. He is able to make people question what they were taught at school and think about their sources. But then this question comes to mind is Menzies intention to prove Chinas role in the discovery of America ethical?This means that many historians that studied the topic of discovery should and will be questioned. Many people will be questioning their beliefs and Spain (as comfortably as various other countries) will be suffering under a bad image. Menzies is making the public question their sanction and textbooks. Another man who made the public question their authority and textbooks was German historian Fritz Fischer. In 1961, he introduced that Germany intended to start a (world) war to gain more economic and political dominance over Europe, Africa, and Asia.Germany had a strong sense of colonialism, and found imperialism very important. Fischer, as a revisionist, concludes that so Germany is responsible for the start of the majuscule War, or the premier War. His colleagues and the (German) public received his contributions with shock as it challenged the traditional view that Germany stumbled into the war, just like the other great European powers did. Younger historians later found truth in some of his evidence and Fischer became Germanys best-known living historian to the world, until he died on December 1st of 1999.The main reason why Fischer is important to mention in a discussion about disagreement aiding in the understanding of history is because his statement opened up the discussion of the world wars. Before, German people were not allowed to speak of the war, as it was still a very sensitive topic. Fischer blew new life into the topic of Germanys intentions. The disagreement among him and his supports and other historians has shown that there is more evidence to what humanity is aware of now. acantha then the causes of the Great War were debatable, yet one was seen as set in stone.Now children are taught that there are various causes of the Great War. This disagreement caused by Fischer has resulted in a go against understanding of the intentions of Germany in the Great War. Another important subject related to disagreement in aiding the understanding of history is truth and reality. Before and somewhat after the Renaissance, religious populations believed that the world was flat, and that one could fall off of it. This was, however, proven wrong by various scientists in BC and in AD. Another example of human caper and ignorance of truth and reality is Charles van Dorens jeopardize show appearance.In January of 1957, he entered a game show and won more than $1 million. It became later known that Van Doren was given the answers to the questions and that he therefore cheated. Van Dorens cheating shows that even something as simple as a game show, can be manipulated. When viewing this problem on a larger scale, one will make the startling discove ry that certain things are happening that run-of-the-mill people are not and will never be aware of. The manipulation also shows and supports the idea that what happens in the present, and what happened in the past, may be believed to be true, until one knows the actual truth.Sometimes people do not want to have a disagreement about history and present knowledge. A good example of this is the Renaissance, specifically Galileo Galilei. Galileo was famous for his scientific findings and believes. In 1632, he published a book in which he stated that the Earth was moving around the sun. By doing so he was proving the common believe of the Earth being central in the universe, wrong. This enkindle the Pope, and Galileo was found suspect of heresy and was forced to say that his findings were wrong. Additionally, he became jailed and persecuted by the church.Galileo is important to mention in the discussion of disagreement aiding in the understanding of history as he demonstrated the adv antages of experimentation and change. He was among those who began the Scientific Revolution in Europe. Disagreement is necessary in discussions and in life. Without it, life would be dull and too familiar. Because of disagreement, many people are given the option to choose who and what they want to believe. This is when historiography comes into place. Historiography is the writing of history. There is soul who writes the history that children are taught of in class.This someone can be a traditional Orthodox historian, a revisionist historian, or a post-revisionist. The lessons for history that we, the ordinary and educated part of humanity, are taught were once determined by one of these categories of historians. Their view is what we value as truth and factual. Galileo, for example, was one among many who turn out the truth of a flat Earth wrong. He discovered, with a squeeze and calculations, that the Earth is round. Although found mad at first, Galileo proved something tha t was found true by many religious people, false. Another example of this would be Gavin Menzies.He argued that it was not Columbus who discovered America, but the Chinese. Although he receives many critics on his book, he has proven that there is new evidence supporting that Columbus was not the first on America. This has made many people question their textbooks and take a second look at many historical facts. Fritz Fischer has through with(p) similar and made Germans and other countries in the world take another look at their textbooks. He did so by stating that Germany is responsible for the First World War, as they promoted imperialism and colonialism. Germany was greedy and therefore to blame for the First World War.Jared Diamond has also made people check their textbooks. He introduced the idea that there are various factors influencing each historical event. Diamond proved that Europe and Asia were able to conquer the New World due to their geography and agriculture. Charle s van Doren did not prove anything wrong either, but proved that humanity may be deceived by their lack of knowledge. By entering a game show and winning through cheating, Van Doren has proven that something as simple as a game show can be manipulated. This raises the question of what else is manipulated that humanity is unaware of?To conclude, disagreement is important when looking at history. History is not set in stone, and can never fully be. Reuben Abel said that the evidence found today, determines the history. This is true as much culture is still lacking from history, and certain events are still lacking cause and reason, which would be determined by the evidence. The disagreement among historians wakes up humanity. It forces us to study certain events better in order to fully understand all of its possible causes. We will be able to understand history better by viewing different possibilities.The people present during the historical events are gone, and only psychical evi dence is left over. From this, historians conclude their professional opinions. Disagreement aids in the understanding of history as it provides humanity with the orifice of variety. Bibliography BBC News. (2002, October 22). Experts hope to emulate Chinese Columbus. Retrieved September 21, 2012, from BBC News http//news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/sci/tech/2349929. stm Clark, J. (2012). Did the Chinese beat Columbus to America? Retrieved October 1, 2012, from How sate Works http//history. howstuffworks. om/european-history/chinese-beat-columbus. htm Dictionary. (2012). Disagreement. Retrieved October 3, 2012, from Dictionary http//dictionary. reference. com/browse/disagreement Dictionary. (2012). Fact. Retrieved October 2, 2012, from Dictionary http//dictionary. reference. com/browse/fact Freudenrich, C. C. (2011). World History. Retrieved October 1, 2012, from Curiosity http//curiosity. discovery. com/question/how-know-vikings-north-america Gavin Menzies. (2011, August 11). Australia as s urveyed by Zheng He fleet voyagers before 1433 -paper delivered in Brisbane, August 2006.Retrieved September 21, 2012, from Gavin Menzies http//www. gavinmenzies. net/ grounds/5-australia-as-surveyed-by-zheng-he-fleet-voyagers-before-1433-paper-delivered-in-brisbane-august-2006/ Hitt, J. (2012, January 5). Goodbye, Columbus Retrieved October 1, 2012, from New York Times http//www. nytimes. com/2003/01/05/magazine/goodbye-columbus. hypertext mark-up language? pagewanted=all&src=pm Lovgren, S. (2005, July 6). Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared Diamond on Geography as Power. Retrieved October 3, 2012, from National geographical http//news. nationalgeographic. com/news/2005/07/0706_050706_diamond. html Menzies, G. 2011, August 18). At the time only the Chinese had the capacity and knowledge to explore and chart the world. Retrieved September 20, 2012, from Gavin Menzies http//www. gavinmenzies. net/ distinguish/1-at-the-time-only-the-chinese-had-the-capacity-and-knowledge-to-explore-and-cha rt-the-world/ Merriam-Webster. (2012). Understanding. Retrieved October 2, 2012, from Merriam-Webster http//www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/understanding Saxon, W. (1999, December 10). Fritz Fischer, 91 German Historian doomed Germany for First War. Retrieved October 3, 2012, from New York Times http//www. nytimes. om/1999/12/10/world/fritz-fischer-91-german-historian-blamed-germany-for-first-war. html Stanfor Solar Center. (2010). Who was Galileo? Retrieved October 3, 2012, from Stanford Solar Center http//solar-center. stanford. edu/galileo/ The idle Dictionary. (2012). History. Retrieved October 2, 2012, from The Free Dictionary by Farlex http//www. thefreedictionary. com/history The Telegraph. (2008, August 1). Gavin Menzies mad as a snake- or blowy? Retrieved September 21, 2012, from The Telegraph http//www. telegraph. co. uk/culture/books/3557568/Gavin-Menzies-mad-as-a-snake-or-a-visionary. tml Wikipedia. (2012, October 3). Jared Diamond. Retrieved October 4, 2012, fro m Wikipedia http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Jared_Diamond 1 . Dictionary, 2012 2 . Merriam-Webster, 2011 3 . Free Dictionary, 2009 4 . Dictionary, 2010 5 . National Geography, 2005 6 . Wikipedia, 2012 7 . The Study of History What is the Past, 1976 8 . The Study of History What is the Past, 1976 9 . The Study of History What is the Past, 1976 10 . New York Times, 2003 11 . New York Times, 2003

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The importance of music

symphony first formed in ancient time and continued to civilise simultaneously with civilization. It is said that without music, our origination would be germ boring. Why music is so Important? Why few(prenominal) people draw a banding of time on perceiveing to music? In fact, music affects us more than we know. medication plays Important roles in our career It connects people, entertains us and has separate uses In particular times. First, music connects people. Different ages, divers(prenominal) classes of people come closer getting know each other through music.Specifically, umpteen inter democracyal encores was held worldwide in a Joint effort to convince culture and struck up or develop friendship. The countries, as a result, fundament lead to a multilateral development agreements. Moreover, the people in those countries can be pleased thanks to the influence of music idols. In addition, music can heal the breach between people. It reduces seriousness among those who are in debates. Familiar melodies carry back their memories, throw them back to their felicitous time In the past and it reconnects them In spiritual level. Besides, music encourages humanist actions.People often hold charity concerts and music makes them easy to emphasize with unfortunate lives. In other words, music brings us together. Second, music entertains us In many ways. After vast hours working hard, listening to our favorite turn can serve up us relax or even puzzle our brain in establish to keep on working efficiency. Furthermore, after(prenominal) a stressful day, music is one of the outflank ways to entertain. It can be exciting, gentle or soft, depending on the listeners sense. An amazing way to do it music is to fancy concerts, theaters or just turn on TV and sites to our favorite songs.Moreover, if you can play musical instruments, it will be the best way to enjoy music. Playing music by ourselves, we understand all told the song and get closer to the singer. Music is an important part of our life. sport Is the amour cannot be denied when we talk about music. Finally, music also has many good uses to people. Apparently, with music, we can express ourselves, our feeling, our thought and our emotion. For example, when we are melancholy, we prefer to listen to sad song like unchain melody In order to carry our sadness. Moreover, music can create particular atmosphere for different situation.For instance, people prefer to open solemn music in some formal occasions. One more use of music is that it builds up nation esteem. Specifically, when listening to nation anthem,we are proud of our country more than ever. In short, music has many incredible uses that strongly affect our thoughts, our emotion and our work. In summary, music plays important roles in our life. Not only are the offspring people influenced by music but also the old cant help enjoying the rhythm. Music relaxes us, assists us with many good things but its up permost resultant role Is to bring us together.It is hard for us to Imagine a world without music, that would be boring and full of sadness. The importance of music By painlessly 2 is so important? Why many people spend a lot of time on listening to music? In fact, music affects us more than we know. Music plays important roles in our life it connects people, entertains us and has other uses in particular times. Their memories, throw them back to their intellectual time in the past and it reconnects them in spiritual level. Besides, music encourages humanitarian actions. People often Second, music entertains us in many ways.After long hours working hard, listening to amazing way to enjoy music is to attend concerts, theaters or Just turn on TV and Entertainment is the thing cannot be denied when we talk about music. Finally, music we prefer to listen to sad song like Unchain melody in order to show our sadness. Influenced by music but also the old cant help enjoying the rhythm. Music relaxes us, assists us with many good things but its uppermost effect is to bring us together. It is hard for us to imagine a world without music, that would be boring and full of

Daryl Atkins

Daryl Atkins worthy for execution is about Daryl Atkins executing case. Unlike most murder cases though Daryl Atkins was mentally decelerate and the debate wasnt weather he was indictable or innocent, it was if he should receive the death punishment for his crime or not. The location of the crime played a big role in the jury selection because York County was a more than white area compared to Hampton County where Atkins abducted Nesbitt. The prosecuting officer is the public official who represents the race in legal actions against the criminal wrongdoer (pg 25).For serious cases like this case the prosecutor gets involved earlier and sprain with the police to create a case. Virginia appoints lawyers that meet certain qualifications to represent people who cant afford a lawyer. Hampton County appointed George Rogers for Atkins and 2 lawyers for William Jones (Timothy Clancy and Leslie Smith). below Virginia law the willful, deliberate and premeditated killing of any pers on during the representation of a serious crime, such as robbery, abduction, or rape, constitutes capital murder (pg. 0). Daryl Atkins bail was overly excessive at $650,00 considering he wasnt believed to be the killer, had know violent acts prior, and was to poor to actually post that bail amount. A grand jury is when a group of people are presented try from the prosecutor. The grand Jury looks over this examine and decides if the case should go transport and proceed to trial which would be a true bill bill of indictment or if the case should be thrown out.The book talks how a grand theft charge can be moved knock down to a petit larceny charge through supplication-bargaining. William Jones struck a plea bargain by saying he was guilty to all charges ask out non-capital murder. Punishment must fit the bill in the U. S. criminal arbiter system. A person who steals a TV isnt going to jailhouse for life but a person who kills a person may be going to jail for life. The more serious the crime the more time must be spent on gathering evidence to make sure there isnt a mistake which faculty cost an innocent person his life.The main argument against the death penalisation is that killing is wrong so know matter who the person is. The separate argument is that killers fatiguet think of the consequences when they act, so the death penalty doesnt make a person not kill. Another objective is that life in prison should be justice enough these inmates dont pose a threat to society anymore so why bother killing them. The Furman v. Georgia case was important because at that time any person who was convicted of killing a person was punishable by death.Furman accidently killed William Micke and was found guilty, but the Supreme hail upheld the ruling and in doing so outlawed most uses of the death penalty. By having Mary Jones aver it showed how the murder affected the family and that her families life will never be the same. articulate Smiley sentenced Da ryl Atkins to death and set his date for execution for August 20, 1998. The Supreme Court decided that it was illegal to have a mentally retarded person receive the death penalty.Prior to the ruling South Carolina still allowed for mentally retarded people to be executed but they hadnt executed any mentally retarded person after the Penry case. Since Daryl Atkins never had a IQ test prior to 18 they couldnt use his test to keep if he was mentally retarded or not. The case continued and because of a Brady case infraction Daryl Atkins was sentenced to Life rather than the death penalty. Work Cited Walker, doubting Thomas G. Eligible for Execution The Story of the Daryl Atkins Case. Washington, D. C. CQ, 2008. Print.

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Homosexulity & A sexual behavior Essay

A kindleual behavior involving attraction towards individuals having the analogous excite is c onlyed homoeroticism. People cast been wondering whether a homoerotic couple should get it on come in and tell all that they atomic number 18 tribadistic. (Sullivan, 05) This is a nifty cut into of present smart set over homophile spousal relationship, adoption by furtherch couples and the fight for homosexual partners to be treated the same as straightaway partners in societys eyes. Homosexuality is not a chance uponion until now though it is treated as such(prenominal).Homosexuality has been condemned in red-brick day society but was widely tolerated by the Greeks and Romans. When looking spinal column at the history of the Greeks, Spartans and Romans , it is revealed that they were great fighters one reason for this is because intimately-nigh soldiers were homosexual and their fellow soldiers were their lovers and they would do anything to save their lovers life. Homosexuality was actually further by the ancient Greece which was written about in the heroic relationship amid Achilles and Patroclus in the Iliad by Homer.It was thought that quirkiness would boost morale as well as bravery amongst the soldiers. The Greeks even practiced pederasty as a way of population control, education and crime reduction. It was also encouraged within the military to boost troop morale, bravery and overall fighting. pederasty is a sexual relationship between an adolescent boy and an vainglorious antheral person who is not a family member. This could be referred to today as pedophilia. nearly of the greatest hands in history were homosexual or had homosexual tendencies such as (President) Abraham Lincoln, (artist, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, architect, writer) Leonardo da Vinci, (Greek King) Alexander the Great, (Roman Leader) Julius Caesar to name a few. According to the church and modern day society, crotchet is wrong, Most of the religions suppose that God detests homosexuals, homosexuals provide never go to heaven and God undone Sodom because of homosexual behavior within the city.However, the church also says not hate the homosexuals but to unless hate their behavior. Homosexuality is much much overriding that one whitethorn want to admit the figures ar actually startling. Alfred Kinseys 1948 study of the sex lives of 5,000 white males shocked the nation 37 pct had at least one homosexual experience to orgasm in their adult lives an additional 13 part had homosexual fantasies to orgasm 4 percent were exclusively homosexual in their practices another 5 percent had virtually no heterosexual experience and nearly one-fifth had at least as numerous homosexual as heterosexual experiences. both(prenominal) out of five men one passes on the street give way had orgasmic sex with men. (Nicolosi, 105) According to that study close to 80% of the male population has had or is having homosexual experiences. The reason why it is so majestic is because of the number of peck that speak out against homosexuality far outweighs the 20% that supposedly is not or does not have homosexual experiences. indian lodge s misperception of a homosexual is an effeminate man that goes rough talk of the town in a feminine manner, dialog about c push-down storagehes or a butch woman who dresses like a man and talks like a man.However this perception is often wrong and in reality most homosexuals argon people who we say argon habitual, our neighbors, friends, hairdressers and police. This has truly opened my eyes and I am now questioning everyone around me atomic number 18 they outspoken about hardys because they are but they do not want to draw attention to themselves by keeping quiet so they shout the loudest? The numbers are quite astonishing which means they also whitethorn encompass any man a girl dates or even someones ex-husband. Is this study flawed?This means that 2 out of five men one may see travel agglomerate street have had some form of homosexual experience. thusly question arises, should intrepid marriages be acquit oned? To date there are only two tells that allow homosexuals to marry and they are the state of atomic number 20 and the state of Massachusetts. In 2004 Massachusetts became the first state to allow same sex couples the the right way to marry. California became the second state in 2008. Looking keister at interracial marriages in the United States, the first state to allow interracial couple to marry was in 1948 in the state of California and it took 19 years before the U.S. Supreme Court changed the definition of marriage in 1967 and made interracial marriage available to committed couples that were in love throughout the entire country. If it was to use this as an example as to how long it pull up stakes take same sex marriages to be judge in every state, it would probably not be until 2023. In the record book it says marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Why does society cares about what other people do if it will never affect us in any way? Is homosexuality a genetic thing?It is for sure that there is a great excuse for homosexuals to use in order to brush people arrive at and explain why they are gay. A scientific study that was conducted by a university in Ontario Canada suggested that male same sex orientation is conjugate to having older brothers even if they are not all rose together. They suggested that homosexuality results from an immune response to the mother to her male child in the womb. The seek claims that a woman that has given birth to multiple males will be more susceptible to this abnormality.After having a male child or children some time the mothers immune response to her succeeding male pregnancies is to affect the childs future sexual orientation which would be maternal anti-male antibodies on the sexual orientation of the judgement. The immune response by the mothers body would damage the sexual differentiation of the brain of the male child in the womb which will in construction produce an abnormality in the fetus. This would conclude that homosexuality is not wise(p) but a birth abnormality.There have not been profuse studies done on this and there are no scientists that would come out and say this is definitive. (Sullivan, 305) However, after saying that homosexuality in animal field is widespread and has been well documented this makes me rethink that there may be some well-groundedity to the genetic study above or perchance it s just something that is a learned behavior in both the human and animal world. After all, it is fill inn that animals do learn and research different things so it may be that they learned this behavior and all others learned by example.Homosexuals believe that to have children is more about reliability and dedication, not sexual topographic point of reference. They say that there is no valid reason behind passing the anti-homosexual adoption law by the government. Those who are against homosexual adoption believe that beingness adopted by parents who are living together as homosexuals, may bring out disturbed homophobia from the rest of society. Children can be very harsh with their words and actions against others who know not how to react and defend themselves because they do not know the normal lifestyle in which the other children lead.They would probably be teased and excruciate to no end and there is nothing anyone could to about it. If the male and female person household has not been the norm for millions of years, this may not propose such a problem. The children may not even be the main problem. It is most likely that parents of male/female relationships would not allow their children to associate with gay or lesbian adopted children, and would probably create a major(ip) dispute with the school system in which they are attending school.(Mark, 3) Those who differ with homosexual adoption also think that in response to being a child of such a lifestyle, it would encourage the children to be homosexual themselves. Whether this is true or not, I dont know, but I do think that because that is all that they know they would most likely modus operandi to a form of it sometime during their life ,which would in turn sum up the homosexual population. This could also pose a problem for the many people who disagree with homosexuality and it is scary to think of the extremes people may take to rid or exclude this population from their lives.Think of the times of the complaisant War days, when scandalouss were practically banned from the absolute majority of public places because they were not the majority or the normal color. Could this ever happen to gays and lesbians? This is a question we must ask ourselves. I know there are laws eradicateing such acts, but there are laws discouraging many things that still go on today, like murder, sexual abu se, etc. There is nothing really stop people from moving out of town ,taking their kids out of school, or utilizing the same public places that they share with homosexual people.There are cases where this has already happened. (Nicolosi, 104) Children have been moved to different schools because parents dont want their child to be influenced in any way by a homosexual, or even a child of one. There is nothing to stop them from taking such actions or even actions much worse. It is hard to tell the extremes that people may go to in order to carry out their beliefs. There are several different web-sites that contained a lot of expert information on homosexual adoption. First ,http//www. homes4kids. org/gay.htm is a web-site that explains some of the problems that gay and lesbian foster parents encounter. One of the problems that may be encountered is trying to call up an agency that will work with them. A growing number of agencies are accepting applications from gay and lesbian ad ults, however, when the child to be adopted is a child with specific needs. If the home study reveals that the applicant will be a good parent, his or her sexual orientation is immaterial. If state law does not prohibit gays and lesbians from adopting, most agencies will be willing to work with you.If you are made in finding an agency, there are great places where you can find adoption support groups for gay and lesbian adults. One of these places is the National betrothal Information Clearinghouse, NAIC. The address and a little of their information is posted on the web-site mentioned above. Web-sites such as this one are good in my sentiment because of the fact that Im sure that people get down when they are turned away adoption agencies because of their sexual orientation, even though they know they would make fantastic parents and provide greatly for a child.Therefore,support groups may be needed at times to help individuals to keep their heads up and to keep trying until th ey find someone who can see it from their point of view. They may even be able to point you in the right direction in helping you to find an agency who works well with gays and lesbians wanting to adopt. This is a good site to utilize because like mentioned before, sometimes we need some assistance when we are trying to make a lifetime decision. People who have experienced such times as we may be going through are often times a lot of help and usually have a lot of information to share.This site was created by the North American Council on adoptable Children. They are a valuable resource because they have experienced many different situations and know a lot about what the possibilities are of lavish an adoptive parent as a gay or lesbian. This crabby web-site has any downfalls except that the couldve put a few more tie in on it to point people to other options if these certain ones arent running(a) for them. There are homosexuals in todays society that stand up identifying the mselves as homosexuals.They have homosexual encounters but have girlfriends so they do not consider themselves to be homosexual and they are mostly black college students. However alarming this may seem one can consider in the black culture homosexuality is looked down on more than in the white culture. (Gerard, 4) Like in Jamaica homosexuality is not tolerated at all, if you are found to be having a homosexual relationship whether it is men or women they are almost always stoned or hacked to death. The killers are never brought to justice since the society considers homosexuality as an immoral thing.Homosexuality is usually seen as abnormal however one should not immobilize that there are a number of other things too in present world that can be said as aberrant. However, a lot of individuals also believe that consenting adults are free to lease who they want to be with sexually as long as it does not include minors and we as society should not have a say in what other people do . Modern day society is way too concerned with what others do and not concerned enough with what is going on in their own household.If it does not directly affect us no one really care. Works Cited Baird, R. M. Same-sex Marriage The clean And Legal Debate Contemporary Issues, Prometheus Books, 2004, pg 135-150. Gerard, J. M, Aardweg. V. The Battle for conveningity A exit for (Self)Therapy for Homosexuals. 2006, pg 1-5. http//www. religioustolerance. org/homosexu. htmhttp//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Homosexualityhttp//www. narth. com/menus/born. html . Mark. L. Homosexuality, Morality, and the Truth of Church Teaching, 2007, pg 1-4. Nicolosi. J.A Parents hightail it to Preventing Homosexuality IVP Books, 2002, 100-120. Rauch. J. The Marriage Amendment Constitutional issues , National Review, 2001, Retrieved from http//old. nationalreview. com/23jul01/letters072301. shtml. Sullivan. A. Virtually Normal An Argument about Homosexuality, Vintage, 1996, 10-20. Sullivan. A. Same-Sex Marr iage Pro and Con Vintage, 2004, 300-310. Sullivan. A. What are homosexuals for? 2010, Retrieved from http//mrglennjchs. files. wordpress. com/2010/01/sullivan. pdf