Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Progressive Insurance Essay

Teenagers and youngish adults in todays time usually sas welll minds of their own. I honestly believe family, friends, and the media all play major parts in their lives and have great g overn on them. Most people take that television, cellphones, and social networking are the causes of their corrupt minds, but in all pragmatism every little aspect has influence on them in whatsoever way. Television, cellphones, and social networks, better k in a flashn as the media plays a great influence on teenagers thats the new trend at this present time, thats all teenagers know.Even though family and friends are teenagers biggest support, they get hold the need to run to more. Teenagers and young adults honestly feel as if they give the gate be themselves on these sites sad, but very true. You will soon stimulate out that teenagers will throw up and express themselves to Facebook, twitter, and instagram before they open up and talk to their parents about life issues they go through. R ight now thats all teenagers really knows to do. Parents do not enforce rules wish well they use too. Parents do not make it mandatory that the family have dinner party together at the family table.Most parents dont sit quite a little and talk to their children to make sure theyre doing a good line of business in school. Days now have parents working two jobs because in that locations only one parent in the homes. You also have parents on these social websites with their children making them feel as if its hunky-dory to do some of those things. After observing the masses, the media has the most influence over our teenagers. Its sad, but its definitely true. Parents need to go spikelet and fix these things, and make better examples for their young ones. Its never too late.

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