Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Exploring the Horror of Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essay

Exploring the Horror of emotional state of Darkness       The horror, the horror Kurtz exclaims prior to his last breath of life history on earth. In those final moments, Kurtz was able to say something so true most the whole mess of human life. A life dominated by the fittest, perceived diametricly through each human eye, and full of judging lacking understanding of all sides. The various ways the world is viewed causes numerous problems amongst its concourse. Whether they be about racism, wealth, or even common sense, conflicts are ease subject to arouse. Why? The answer to this is not yet clear because of its complexness and endless variables. Yet what is clear is that it ties into two other aspects- injustice and social Darwinism or survival of the fittest. Perception is the seed from which those two aspects grow.   Throughout Heart of Darkness, its readers are given a taste of the many different perceptions belonging to the characters. As th e Belgian doctor examines Marlow before his long journey to the Congo, he questions Marlow of his saneness and predicts the trip will have an effect on him mentally. Marlow eventually becomes screw-loose to some of the readers, while the others argue the opposite. Depending on how Marlows actions were perceived determined their overall view of him. Racism was also argued through Marlows actions. A shade of skin seemed to somehow be viewed as a factor that determined a person or that persons individual rank in a sense. It was as though Marlow always looked down at the dark colored Africans and preferent to communicate only(prenominal) with whites of his own kind. For instance at the beginning of the novella, Marlow finds a group of Native Africans chained together.... ...arkness has a deeper meaning about life and how humans react with it. Perception causes human beings to view things differently from whizz another, which leads to misunderstandings and unnecessary quarreling. Misunderstandings mixed in with fear of the unknown cause prejudice to arouse and people to disregard and treat others with disrespect and inequality. The inequality of people in society is marked by Social Darwinism, in which only the fittest and most accepted survive, leaving no possibility for those who are different to thrive. The darkness of the world is truly a deeper shade of black containing the fears, nightmares, and misunderstandings of its people. A never-ending pathway is thus created for inequality amongst people who should be working(a) side by side, forgetting their differences, and helping to make the world a better place.    

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