Saturday, February 2, 2019

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INTRODUCTIONCorruption in modern India from a common homosexuals view is about paying bribes in order to model some work done from government officers. Corruption is a case of connection between politicians and bureaucrats. Before, bribes were paid to get the wrong things done besides now bribes are paid to get the things done at decently time.PLACES WHERE CORRUPTION EXISTSPOLITICSCorruption in politics takes place by and large at the time of election. A huge amount of money is placid by political parties and leaders from industrialist and businessman for election. In return these industrialists regurgitate their income by making profits out of licenses and tenders with the help of politicians during the election or after the election. Money is poured in election and votes are purchased with the help of stand capturing and compulsory voting which is practiced by corrupt politicians to remain in power. many an(prenominal) politicians including cabinet ministers and Chief Mini sters are involved in biggest cabbages ilk 2G spectrum scam (176000 crore), Adarsh housing society scam (70000 crore), Coal mining scam (186000 crore).LAND AND PROPERTYLarge number of buildings are illegally constructed in order to meet the demands of people moving to large cities in try of jobs. Buildings are created quickly with poor construction materials and without any proper preventive measures. It is often seen that builders pay huge amount of bribes to government officials so that they repel the illegal structures and do not take any action against the builders. Many buildings are collapsed every year because low quality of material is used. In 2013, Thane building collapsed that killed 72 people and 67 people were killed in 2010 when an flat tire building collapsed in Delhi.BL... ... term.HOW TO CONTROL CORRUPTIONSome specific measures to moderate corruption are,Right to Information Act was introduced in the year 2005. It gives teaching to citizens regarding what g overnment does with our tax payments. There is Public Information Officer is official in every government department. These officers collects the information from citizens and if the officer refuses to accept the application, wherefore he is fined up to Rupees 25,000-. Central Vigilance Commission is another office to control corruption. It was introduced by government to advice and guide central government departments in the area of vigilance. It has the responsibility to create an awareness among people with the consequences of taking and big bribes.Special courts must(prenominal) be introduced for speedy justice and there must be a bill introduced in parliament for corrupt people.

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