Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fight Club Essay

The 1999 film, Fight Club, is controversial in the virtuoso that it can be interpreted at a superfluity of angles. However, the military strength of the final scene to reflect the narrators catharsis is incontestible as it is accompanied by the call Where is My Mind by The Pixies. The verse itself is vital to the residualing scene and ultimately the entire film. The lyrics are monumental to the narrators inner turmoil, not only throughout the film, however also at the net moment and the auditory elements parallel the events and emotions of the concluding scene.Fight Club centers slightly an unnamed narrator who projects his unconscious identity operator as a separate character, Tyler Durdin. Tyler frees the narrator from his variateer pretenses of life regarding edict through self destruction. The narrator burns his house, quits his job, and beings to live recklessly, seemingly by coincidence. He subconsciously rids himself of all worldly possessions. Together, Tyler a nd the narrator form Fight Club an underground group that thrives on destruction of themselves and organisation establishments.As the narrator gets weaker and less powerful, Tyler gets stronger and better looking, symbolizing his strengthening id. Towards the end of the film, the narrator comes to the realization that he is Tyler. The ending scene puts the narrator and Marla, a woman with whom he has an on again-off again relationship, at the highest story of a city building, holding hands and watching the city collapse around them. The music as it appears in the final scene is essential to the death of the film The lyrics, where is my mind, plays at the very closing moment.The words reflect the submit of the characters mind during the entire film and especially at the final scene. As he rids himself of all superficiality and confederations values, he is freed from his dangerous alter ego and his apparent schizophrenia and left field with an open mind. Where is my mind, speaks to the separation between his conscious and subconscious into two community as well as his newfound freedom from materiality.The narrator experiences a rebirth from his prior lifestyle into pure existentialism, a state of being where he is now able to award meaning to his life, rather than society assigning meaning. The auditory elements of the song run parallel to the occurrences of the concluding scene. The song features loud, aggressive, and disharmonic music which is comparable to the citys crashing buildings and demolition. There is a singing undertone of chorus voices singing which is reflective of the narrator and Marlas quietness and almost happiness, it seems, during the outside devastation.

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