Thursday, April 18, 2019

Silvio Napoli Case Summary Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Silvio Napoli Summary - Case Study ExampleBeing a general manger, he should consider the difference between being disciplined and over burdening and suffocating to the other team members and employees (Sullivan, 2013). Napoli needed to face Flexibility according to the culture and needs of the country in which he was trying to set up business.Schindler made the right choice in sending Napoli to India, as they wanted someone young and modern in approach to be there as compared to a veteran, as they wanted him to take overvaliant decisions. As Napoli himself recalls that it was an ideal opportunity, but not an ideal situation given to him to adapt and make a bright career for himself Mr. Napoli, if you fall on your face here you are finished But if you succeed, you entrust have a very nice career (Flagan, Yoshino & Bartlett, 2006).Napoli was young and energetic and knew the project from scratch. He had been conducting seek into the Indian market and was also important in terms of social capital as he understood the market and prospects better, for he had travelled to India three times for the project (Flagan, Yoshino & Bartlett, 2006).Napoli even demonstrated rigidity in the business plan when he did not leave room for any customization allowance lead-in to the major problem faced in terms of Indian market where there was constant request for customization (Flagan, Yoshino & Bartlett, 2006). He should have been flexible and insightful to change (Sullivan, 2013) and should have tried to find out wherefore methamphetamine wall elevators were being ordered?Napoli demonstrated good managerial skills when he hired a local management team who were fully aware of the local business cultures and market at the similar time displaying that he had no faith in the choices they made (Sullivan, 2013) and got angry when they accepted an order for glass wall elevator. He should

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