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Managing for the future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing for the future - Essay ExampleThis position can be analyzed by looking at the magazines who printed its advant senesce. FT Global 500 by Financial Times, The Worlds 2000 Biggest Public Companies by Forbes magazine and by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (Developing Telecoms mainland China active Sponsors Directory, 2012). According to its official website, throttle China Mobile express(2012), it has more than 34 subsidiaries like China Mobile Communication Company Limited (CMC) , ZONG, China Mobile Group Guangdong Company Limited (Guangdong Mobile), Jiangsu Mobile and Hong Kong Mobile etc. The maturate of directors of China Mobile Ltd consists of Executive Directors and unaffiliated Non-Executive Directors. The executive directors are seven in number whereas the Independent Non-Executive Directors are three in number (China Mobile Limited - About China Mobile dining table of Directors, 2012). 1.1 Milestones from 2006-2012 2006 marks some of the most important changes which came in the confederacy. China Mobile Limited was formerly named as China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited. The change in the go withs name came in the socio-economic class 2006. This course also marks the privatization of China Resources Peoples Telephone Company Ltd. The privatization benefitted the company allot and gave a boost to its annual attains. In 2006, News Corp. and STAR Group Ltd. formed wireless media tactical association with China Mobile Ltd (China Mobile Limited - About China Mobile Milestones, 2012). According to the companys official website the year 2009 marks a partake in subscription agreement with the company Far EasTone. This increased the annual company profit (China Mobile Limited - About China Mobile Milestones, 2012). Guangdong Mobile and SPD bank signed a share subscription agreement in the year 2010. This agreement increased the interest of both the subsidiaries of the company. It further strengthened the companys e-commerce and mobile finance businesses (China Mobile Limited - About China Mobile Milestones, 2012). 2012 marks a lot of success news for the company. The company got a lot of awards for its performance and expansion. Grand Award Winners -- Investor dealing and three iNova Awards 2012 serve as the most honorable achievements of the company. Moreover, the company is nominated for the Top favorite China Corporate Brand voted by China Consumer and it was included in the Financial Times magazine again. It is the company which keeps it head high by coming up for the Millward Brown and Financial Times BRANDZ Top 100 disceptation for the seventh year uninterruptedly (China Mobile Limited - Media Centre News Highlights, 2012). 1.2 What about the future? From the year 2006-2012, the company has been the most successful company in the wireless mobile services business. It has seen many success stories and good times. It is important for the company to maintain its reputation and image for the future as well . Be it orchard apple tree Inc. or Samsung, all the companies have been at the top because they keep on inventing new things for the future. They try to figure for the future and implement the strategies accordingly. China Mobile Limited has a lot of competition in the age of wireless technology. To remain the best it has to innovate and plan for its future. A companys success lies in the people who work for it. The companys biggest assets are people (Zolezzi, 2004. pp.41). 1.3 Management, merchandising and Understanding the Key Stakeholders Marketing is a tool to sell the product or service. It

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