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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark Essay -- Education Educa

The Prime of scarper Jean Brodie by Muriel SparkMiss Brodie fails to be a good informer because she teaches on her own accord, gives her students wrong impressions, and displays unskilled behavior towards her lag and pupils.As a schooltimeteacher in Edinburgh during the 1930s there were galore(postnominal) rules and regulations that teachers had to adhere to in order to successfully operate the minds of their young pupils. Schoolteachers had more of a responsibility during this period than today because school was the entirely source of information and education that people could receive. Due to this fact, the politics set strict policies and course of studys (and pipe down do) that teachers must follow so that students could elicit up to become well round individuals. Miss Brodie seemed to side step, offend or simply ignore some of the curriculum that was given, and teach her students on her own conditions. An example of this is when Miss Brodie is telling the girls tha t she and Miss MacKay have a radical difference in their principals of education. Miss Brodie has told Miss MacKay that the girls will be equipped with the necessary information needed to pass the end of border exams. After she says this to the headmistress, Miss Brodie says to the girlsI trust you girls to work hard and bear witness to scrape through (the exams), even if you learn the stuff and forget it the beside day. This statement is telling the girls that she does not believe in the required curriculum and she wouldnt care if they have forgot it after their exams. She further wants the girls to study of these exams so that she can have an excuse to boast to Miss MacKay, seeing the girls do well in them is not her primary concern.Another example of Miss Brodie teaching on her own accord was her lesson under the Elm manoeuver where she told her students about her holiday in Egypt. It is evident that Miss Brodie is pretending to teach her students but trying to make it quit believable for all who construe upon her shaded class when she says to her studentsHold up your books, prop them up in you hands, in case of any intruders, we are doing out history lessonour poetryside grammar. Although Miss Brodies lessons were somewhat educational and her students learnt new concepts and ideas, the schools during that time would not allow freestyle teaching because it made the students too reprehensive. By sett... ...f lust with Mr. Lloyd only creates a poor image for the students to have of her. Miss Brodies repugnance toward Miss MacKay also demonstrates her unfitness to maintain a professional manner. She is perpetually telling her students indirectly the she does not like Miss MacKay through assorted tactics. When Miss Brodie lashes out to Miss Mackay for trying to make her resign, she makes matters worse for herself because is only creates more tension and frustration between the two teachers. Miss Brodie inexpert manner and inability to maintain her lu st gives good reason for wherefore she is a poor teacher.As a person, Miss Brodie does have many positive qualities that she seems to have used in the classroom. Her students did take interest in her teaching, but only because they were so different from what they were used to. Miss Brodie was a very smart and well-traveled woman, which was another positive aspect that she brought to her classroom. However her inability to teach the given curriculum, giving her students wrong impressions, and her numerous affairs and arguments with the staff leads one to believe that even though Miss Brodie was in her prime, she was still a poor teacher.

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