Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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Television ProgramsNature. PBS. 2004. Orangutans Just Hangin On.When I was nine years old, my family lived in Ayer, Massachusetts. I was sad to leave my friends in Colorado behind, but luckily lived on a street with a lot of other kids that I became fast friends with. in that location was a force base located in the town, so it was not unusual for newborn transplants to come in and out of the school throughout the school year. My instructor was fantastic and helped me catch up when it was clearly evident that this school was musical mode ahead of mine back home. Soon I became one of the pass by students in my class and had made a best friend in the girl across the street. I began to become accustomed to my quaint undersize town, with the candy store that still sold nickel candies. There was a bookstore that didnt mind if you read the magazines without paying for them, just as dour as your fingers were not sticky from your nickel candy.It was one of those wonderful freewheeli ng days as a kid that my whole world changed. I had received a scooter for my birthday and rode up and shoot down the streets with my friends on their bikes after school. The side by side(p) street over from mine had a bulky winding hill that the daredevil bike riders liked to coast down at what seemed at the time to be as fast as a car. After riding around my much more take aim street, my friends became bored and wanted to test it out. I was not the most equilibrize of creatures on my scooter, and I wimped out. We decided that they would go down the hill and consequently meet me back at the old school that was next to a large field across the street from my house.The school was from the nineteenth century. There had been a fire there that shut the school down, but astonishingly had not caused any structural damage to the outside. It was deemed an historic building so it remained preserved. It was kind of creepy to look in to its abandoned insides, but there was a large aspha lt lot behind it and the field next to it, so the former playgrounds received a lot of attention from the kids in the neighborhood. I rode my scooter down towards the back of the school to where a basketball hoop stood and leaned my scooter against the chain link fence.

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