Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Mixture separation Lab I am one of the chemists assigned to design a cost effective mental process for handling the separation and recovery and hazardous waste disposal. The difficulties were trying to cast reveal Is how we raise effectively separate Carbons, sand, and naphthalene? The hypothesis we chose to solve this line was If we put the miscellany into water, alcohol, and mineral heart and soul, therefore in severally consequence one or more substance give non dissolve, testament be visible, and also able to separate.According to our selective information our hypothesis supported the test because and sand are lobule in water while naphthalene is not. The CARBONS, and sand will dissolve in the liquid solvent and the naphthalene will remain in the solid phase. In the other substances methanol and mineral spirit were not soluble in both Carbons and sand. Also in naphthalene mineral spirit was not soluble. To accomplish this experiment we did the following as to have a successful hypothesis.First use three separate ml test tube, and attention deficit hyperactivity disordered ml of each substance Including water, methanol, and mineral split. If the Carbons Is something that Is water soluble, then water can be added to the mixture and then It can be altered as the sand is insoluble and will be left behind. Also add 0. 20 grams of each mixture including Carbons, naphthalene, and sand to each test tube. assay to stir or shake the substance to dissolve.If that didnt work to dissolve the mixture we made a filter paper and placed it in a funnel then try to filter it by pouring the archetype in. After that this leads us on to the third option of separation which is evaporation. At last we placed our sample test in an Erlenmeyer flask and then placed it on a hot surface with melting leg 8. 2 0 c, waited to evaporate then recorded our data. After each test, try to observe If the sample was soluble In any of the substance.My data definitely supported my hypothesis because In that experience we found out In the lab that H2O was not soluble In naphthalene, and sand. methyl alcohol was not soluble in Carbons, and sand. Also mineral spirit was not soluble in all the substances. Some errors that might have change my experiment was the evaporation state I think we left it a little bit too long or took it our earlier for the solution. In the filtering stage we might have spilled some of the sample result so hats why we maybe got different result.

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