Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Blogs and the Blog Revolution Essays -- Internet Online Communication

The Blog RevolutionOur history is littered with advancements in writing and conference technologies that have had profound and long lasting effects on our young society. One need only look back five centuries to the sentence shortly before the advent of the belief press to see a time when towns were so isolated that notwithstanding so news from their closest neighbors were obsolete and the sight of a book outside of a church was even less common. Yet 100 years later the total minute of books in existence, and the spread of information and ideas alongside, had increased explosively (Burke). The invention of the printing press was undoubtedly one of the or so signifi sewert advances in communications in modern history. Recently, a similar revolution has been taking place, alone this time it has spread across the globe at a practically faster speed. We all know this revolution as the Internet, and though it is subdued relatively young, no one will refute the claim that it ha s already had sweeping effects upon our society. However, the Internet is not a specific tool, sort of it is a means for which other tools can be employed. The earliest and most widespread of these is E-Mail, but no less popular are pulsation messaging programs, news and personal websites and even discussion forums. Each of these can be said to serve their own unique function and many can even be said to have influenced the way citizenry write. A newer tool has recently arisen as well, most commonly know as blogging software. This software takes the form of an online journal accessible to anyone who cares to view it. These blogs, however, count to try to accomplish the same function as several of the be and more widespread tools, and it is for this reason that I do not opine tha... ...action as many other tools already do, is in fact a quoin technology. For, as mentioned, some people do wish for a place to be the focus and let their thoughts be known to the counterpoise of the world. This is evident by the fact that blogs and personal websites exist all over, even though they may never be as popular in readership or participation as the other technologies. So, though I do not believe that blogging software will ever become as widespread as its older cousins, it does serve a small niche of people with exactly what theyre looking for.Works CitedMitchell, William J. Homer to Homepage Designing digital Books. Rethinking Media Change. Ed. David Thornburn, and Henry Jenkins. Cambridge MIT Press, 2003. 203-215.Burke, James. Communication in the Middle Ages. Communication in record Technology, Culture, Society. Ed. Crowley, and Heyer. 74-82.

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