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The Need For Universal Health Care Essay -- Medicine Medical Essays Ar

The Need For world-wide health Cargon want many college students I suck in to pinch pennies to make it through school. either last penny counts when budgeting my monetary supply. As a result of this I have found that I do not have abounding to spare to pay for health damages. Unlike most college students I am over the age of 23 and thus not covered by my parents insurance. Since I am only employed part time I am also not able to obtain it from work. This puts me in the familiarity of the more than 42 million Americans who do not have health insurance. It is past time that the United States join the rest of the industrialized countries that have already decided to provide their citizens with health care. I believe a single payer health care system is necessary. A issue health care system would provide a number of benefits. To set off with, it would cut the overall costs of health care. Secondly it would actually light bureaucracy by removing the many layers of insurance pa per work patients and physicians are forced to go through in our current system. Finally it would make up life expectancy by allowing more money conscious Americans to peck adequate prevention instead of waiting until an illness becomes worse. All of these reasons head up towards a national health care program as beingness the solution we need. Some opponents of single payer sytems, mostly financed by insurance companies that stand to lose billions from such a plan, point to some of the new(prenominal) countries that have enacted such plans as an advisory against our following suit. However they leave out to take into account some of the methods unique to those countries and overstate some of the problems piece of music ignoring our own.Single payer health programs are set up so that all... ... that we, as a nation that considers ourselves civilized can make to checker the health and safety of our populace. Works CitedCanham-Clyne, John, Woolhandler, Steffie, and Himmelstei n, David. The Rational Option. For A National health Program. Stony Creek, Connecticut The Pamphleteers Press, 1995 Fisk, Milton. Toward a Healthy Society The Morality and political sympathies of American Health Care Reform. Lawrence Kansas University Press of Kansas, 2000 Kuttner, Robert. ?The Efficiency of Universal Health Care.? Boston Globe. 12 February 2000. http// universal_health_careP.shtml Sheils, John F. and Haught, Randall A. Analysis of the Costs and Impact of Universal Health Care Models for the State of Maryland The Single-Payer and Multi-Payer Models. 2 May 2000. http//

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