Monday, February 3, 2014


STRATEGIES FOR MULTIPLE CHOICE EXAMS BEFORE THE TEST: 1. Keep up to date with assignments. 2. Work at understanding the material, non right memorizing it (as in high school). The wording of the question may be disparate from the way you origin whollyy learned the material. 3. Strategies for remembering: a. mnemotechnic Devices: Acronyms, Pegword Mnemonics and Keyword Mnemonics b. ideal Mapping c. Outlines d. Analogies e. Selective Underlining f. Selective Note taking g. scoot Cards 4. To formula your test-taking, ask your professor for old tests and/or use questions in review books. Analyze the reasons for your mistakes. 5. Try to send for test questions. invite other students what they think will be tested. 6. Studying for the run is serious, but think of the test itself as a bet on for which you must use ingenuous strategies to go through maximum ga s mileage forbidden of your knowledge. DURING THE TEST: 1. Before reading the questions, jot depressed formulas and storage devices. 2. Survey the test completely and read directions carefully. 3. To earn your confidence, clams with the easiest questions. 4. Underline or circle key delivery in both the root and the choices. (Writing on the test flat unhurt will help your performance tremendously!) 5. Paraphrase the chaff by saying to yourself, I see, Im opinion for You may want to anticipate the answer then interpret for it. 6. Always read only the choices, even when the first or second choice looks correct. 7. Think of the multiple choice as a series of true/false statements. 8. If the answer is non readily apparent, use the process of elimination. Cross off all choices that are clearly false and then re-read the choices that remain accord. 9. If you must guess: When in doubt, pick c . 10. Re-read stems containing damaging word! s (not, except, etc.). To avoid careless errors with these confusing questions,...If you want to postulate a full essay, order it on our website:

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