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In comparing the three works , Robert Frost s The tussock of Flowers W .S . Merwin s Unknown Bird and John Steinbeck s The Chrysanthemums , I fork out decided to analyze them by theme . First is the interference my analysis of the three works , and then the comparison of the themes to gaze if there is some connection in each precedent s recreation of the human experienceThe tuft of Flowers by Robert Frost The tuft of Flowers by Robert Frost talks a flop the dual themes of apart / unneuroticness , or to put it simply , unity . First , in reading this rime unitary must understand the survey , and the time it was written . The meter was written in the 1900 s , and the breakdown speaks of mowing , that is mowing using a mow . That is why blade and scythe are menti integrityd . In those days , the grass had to be sozzled before it was cut . In the premier stanza , when the fabricator mentioned bout the grass , it meant that his job was to scatter the grass to dry themIn the runner stanzas the narrator hints on looking for someone , a fellow worker , a feller , a friend - he does non introduce , but we can only assume . When the narrator arrives to frolic the grass , he sees that his blighter has gone . He contemplates closely working unsocial , as his colleague was excessively alone when he mowed all the grass . But man contemplating he sees a butterfly passing , and suddenly nonices a tuft of flowers , which he finds out is called butterfly-weed . The butterfly-weed was spared by his colleague . He understands why it was spared , seeing the beauty of it . He says in the ordinal and eighteenth stanzasThat made me seek the wakening birds around / And hear his keen-sighted scythe whispering to the ground / And feel a savor kindred to my own / So that henceforth I wor ked no more aloneThis is the climax of the p! oem , when he silent and colligate the feelings of his colleague . This also brings him to realize that perhaps he is not alone as he once theory . And with this , he ends the poem with the contradicting truth , Men work in contrive , whether they work together or apartThe last words of the poem mean that sometimes there is a bond or unity between people which does not require beastly presence . It does not necessarily mean that he met his colleague after his realization . That is not mentioned in the poem . He is not alone , but perhaps he is physically alone in turning the grass or in doing his work . What it means is that he feels a certain intercourse or connection with his colleague , or kindred , eve if he does not see him . He discovers and realizes this affinity when he notices the butterfly and the butterfly-weed . There is an emotional , or perhaps a spiritual affinity and not a physical one , thus the paradoxical flexure , Men work together whether they work together or apart The last eminence also clarifies the theme...If you want to get a full essay, make it on our website:

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