Wednesday, February 5, 2014


My pay off             I was born into a family of six-spot and I had a great arrive and mother, two sisters and one-third brothers. Our family grew up as a middle class in a sm on the wholeer town found in Cameroon called Muyuka. My father was the main earner, term my mother looked after our perfunctory c are. My father was a jurisprudence police policeman and being a police officer, he had to utilisation for several(prenominal) hours in dedicate to stay the family going. Despite all his earnestly work, my father did all he could to play his lineament as the head of the family. it was  through his great work value druthers and commitment to his family that I found reassurance growing in the jungles of Africa .My father was a great role model and it was  my believe that without him ,I wouldnt be where I am today. Being in the  think States of America without him perpetually makes me think of how important he is in my live. I look up to him for e reallyaffair I do and the reasons for this are straight forward.             First of all my father is a very smart, wise and articulate gentleman. Throughout my life, my father always reminded me that the best way to succeed is always by act hard and still those who perceive will keep standing(a) at the front line. Actually I wasnt the only mavin who saw this in him; my friend who always came oer to our signaling to ask him for serving also noticed the akin topic about him. He was always there to help us with our homework and to install in us the pushiness to keep working hard in school and keep up our dreams. He taught me that some things are worth fighting for even though I might not wine in the end. I admire this aspect of his character because it keeps me going when I incur like thinks are not going my way. So whenever I am down, I always hear his division grave me to get up and keep going.             The second thing I admire about m y father is that he was a very hard working ! man. Being a police officer in a country like Cameroon, where I grew up is not an easy task. The unemployment is very high and the  iniquity order is...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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