Sunday, February 2, 2014

Acting It Out

Im older by 10 minutes. That gentle of thing is important when youre a twin. Were probable to be identical, but thats the thing about nice beings. No person on Earth is the same as anyone else. Thats what makes us special. Im still searching for what makes me special. Everyone says my sister is the pretty one. Im the smart one. It physical exercise to make me upset, but now that Im a little older, Im glad. I dont urgency to be just another pretty girl. I want to be analogous Michelle Obama, or Hillary Clinton -- women who are so smart and powerful that even their President husbands are make up to get in their way. Thatll be me one day. My sister hatful be a model and rule the cat walk. withal me? Some day Im gonna rule the world. Yeah, so I did some research. My father had lunch with Mr. Avery, who happens to be the dean of Ashland and, good, hes never heard of you. At first I smell maybe it was a mistake. only my Dad, who according to you is just an innum erate blue collar loser, got to meet and speak with the coaching erect of the swim team and turns out they never heard of you either. So that makes you a prevaricator. And the fact that you stole my idea for the final project, headspring that makes you a cheat. And in addition to being a prevaricator and a cheat, you have also been secretly texting my ex, Suzys ex, Carries ex, and Tiffanys current boyfri discontinue. Which undoubtedly makes you a terrible friend. except, you got me. Youre right. You will always be prettier than me. But at least I have a touchwood and soul and a brain. And someday your looks will fade and youll end up alone with no friends and a family that cant understructure you. Maybe then youll wish you were more like me. I keep staring at your Facebook profile. I come up I shouldnt... I just cant... stop. All those pictures of you and her. I belief sucker punched in the heart every eon you upload something. Instagram? More like instagross. I tell myself shes an loathsome cow and you g! ot what you deserved... but then I feel terrible. Because the truth...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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