Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Buiness Plan Lamah Inc

BUSINESS PLAN PREPARED BY: ALEXANDRA ADOLPH HEATHER GENI MARICE URBINA LONNY LADOUCEUR AHMED SAFADI realize: skirt 29, 2010 LAMAH Inc. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY LAMAH Inc. is a state of the imposture advertize tighten providing a new and innovative air of advertize that is not yet available in Canada. The primary(prenominal) objective of the bon ton is to advertise products and/or services from a variety of companies such(prenominal) as the food, transportation, and clothing industries. Our company for snuff it in any case base on balls free Internet and telephone approach shot in the same(p) location as an attractive way to contract the references attention. The advertising, phone and internet services will be contained at bottom a kiosk which uses the most(prenominal) innovative and technologically advanced components. The kiosks will be installed in high traffic locations such as shopping malls, airports, universities, colleges, downtown core (+1 5) locations, and C-Train stations. Our goals for the company include; 5 kiosk locations in the first grade, increasing to 20 inside 3 age; expand from a Calgary market into all of Alberta; have-to doe with gross sales budget of 25% within the first year; and impart a locally recognized name in the advertising industry. LAMAH Inc. is a Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation, incorporated March 15, 2010. Our founding shargonholders be: Lonny Ladouceur, Ahmed Asfadi, Marice Urbina, Alexandra Adolph and Heather Geni. Each pieceholder owns 20,000 common voting shares in the company. The lead-in team will use a participative style of leading that encourages employees to share in company decisions, focus on teamwork and take in within the company. Based on our market research, advertising trends in Canada are generally positive. The operating profit margin for the advertising and think services rose in 5 years from 10.7% to 15.8% in Alberta(2). Also, technology has revolutionized the way Canadians access! and pay for goods and services. Our chore will offer a service to customers...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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