Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Management Motivation Theory

Tyler Benson 1 December 2011 Four- movement Theory of demand Companies ar incessantly essay to find good shipway to motivate their employees and management. As a human race Resources director, I must decide the dress hat ways to motivate my employees and managers to be efficient as possible. motif is describe as the forces within a person that flyer for the direction, durability, and continuity of effort. The direction of motivation is the choice of where you put in effort. The intensity is how hard a person hammers, and the persistence is how pine sensation maintains the effort. Todays employees do not deed scarce for money; they work because of many other factors. It is my assembly line to actualise what motivates people and find a system that whole shebang for my company. Ultimately, motivation resides within a person, not a Human Resources director, but he or she has the ability to enhance motivation. (Nelson,2010) Motivation is a 3-part process. The fi rst is tantalises and needfully. The second part consists of goals, expectations, and feedback. These lead to motivation, then bearing and results, which lead to the final part, extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. As a Human Resource director, my main focus is on the drives and needs part of motivation. I believe that the Four Drive theory of motivation would most likely prove effective to cause my employees because it focuses on what drives people to act the way they do in the work place. Motivation is the catalyst that spurns employees eagerness to work without compact (Oyedele, 2011). In order to maximize motivation I should return opportunity for managers and employees to satisfy the four drives. The four drives are the drive to drive, bond, learn, and defend. These drives are all connected, and managers can use varied strategies and tools to preserve them. The drive to acquire is explained as the drive to seek, take, or manipulate objects or personal experiences. W e all have drives to acquire objects, power,! status,...If you neediness to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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