Monday, February 3, 2014

Job Analysis

The position that I chose to focus on for this project is clinical make supervisor at Ohio nearlyness. I have a connection who is the she-goat director of the special(prenominal) unit and that I could hearing. This entertain Manager is a former Clinical defy Supervisor and now is responsible for provideing the open position. Methods used entangle interviews of the Nurse Manager and a communication channel observation. I went to the cardiovascular health/open heart unit at riverside infirmary on October 7th to do the research. I as well as researched the job description which is available on the go withs website. I was also able to use the Nurse Manager as a source as she was a earlier incumbent of the job and now is the current supervisor of the job. bear on the information was a combination of my written observation and interview notes combined with some information from the job description. The hospital has a generic job description for any position; this is the scratch line point before anything is posted. The HR department sends that description to the particular conductor who thunder scrape alter that job description. For example they can add a certain shift, project or KSAO. The manager then sends it covert to HR who will give the last(a) approval for posting of the position. TASKSKSAOs Specific TasksTask DimensionsImportance % of time worn out(p)NatureImportance of tasks 1-5 Provide supervision and instruction to staff nurses.Supervisor 50%Knowledge of current nurse procedures and terminology. force to instruct, direct, and evaluate employees. 5 Supervises admissions, conducts assessment of affected role roles needs, and initiates nursing awe plans.Supervisor10%Knowledge of admission practices, ability to interact with patient and or patient families. 4 Participates, consults and collaborates in the development of long health care for patients.Supervisor/ consultant10% superpower to interact with nurses , physicians, social workers and pat! ient families.2.5 Serve as burden nurse when...If you want to aspire a full essay, redact it on our website:

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