Thursday, December 5, 2013

Middle East Social Movement

NameProfessor /InstructorSubjectDateThe Struggle against Honor KillingHonor killings atomic number 18 the performance of women due to their so-called deviance from the internal norms imposed by society . Victims of remark killings argon believed to imbibe brought [shame] upon their families by piquant in [sexual promiscuousity] . They atomic number 18 killed for flimsy reasons that include refusing an arranged marriage , divorcing an abusive hubby , getting large(predicate) out of wedlock , experiencing sexual handle or in time just becoming the object of clack over their sexual activity (Meeto Mirza , n pag . What makes wonder killings far-famed is that these atomic number 18 normally carried out not by the victims maintains further by their manly relatives with the consent and stick up of female family members (Reimers , n pagAccording to the linked Nations in 2007 , an estimated 5 ,000 women atomic number 18 subjected to adore killings distributively twelvemonth . In the same year , cases of honor killings energise been document in countries such as Bangladesh , Brazil Ecuador , Egypt , India , Israel , Italy , Jordan , Morocco , Pakistan , Sweden misfire , Uganda and the join Kingdom (Meeto Mirza , n . pag . Many researchers believe that honor killings argon specific to these regions because of either their finis or migration factors from cultures that support honor killings . Most of the aforementioned countries have an insular culture that emphasizes a collective sense of identity (Emery n . pagCommunities in these nations ar actually tightly-knit , each of which are composed of families that have lived in the same village or neighborhood for their blameless lives . E rattlingone knows the history of each family , rich and poor alike . wherefore , they considered the pr otection of set honor and reputation to be ! precise important . Furthermore , the collective sense of identity that is very prevalent in their culture manifests itself particularly through the family . The accomplishments and go against of each member is the pride and shame of the integral club , respectively (Emery , n . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
pagAs these societies are also patriarchal , the concepts of [family] [honor] and [reputation] are based on what men feel is important . In Islamic cultures , for instance , safeguarding a adult female s virginity is regarded as the answerability of her entire family . In addition , her entire life is to be dominated by men through her father , save and sons . Unlike boys , girls are pressured into arranged marriages . While men are allowed up to four wives and may divorce them by provided axiom I divorce thee three times in social movement of witnesses , it is very difficult - if not virtually unfeasible - for Muslim women to obtain a divorce without their husbands consent (Emery , n . pagA woman who is believed to be [unchaste] puts her entire family to shame , including her distant relatives . It doesn t weigh if she was rape or the rumors regarding her [immorality] are not true - the [shame] that she had caused leave tardily severely compromise her entire clan Her un matrimonial sisters go away end up having difficulties in getting themselves married and her male realtives will be the objects of scorn and ridicule throughout the entire community . In to...If you want to get a skillful essay, order it on our website:

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