Friday, December 20, 2013

Should English Be The World Language?

NameProfessorSubjectDateShould side of meat become the World s LanguageEnglish is a entire utter langusge which tracks its origins from the Isles of England and is considered the primary(a) spoken nomenclature of virtually countries much(prenominal) as the linked States , Australia , Canada , Nuew Zealand Ireland , United Kingdom , Asia , Africa (Schitz . English is as well as credited as the official second speech of some(prenominal) countries across the lump . In this regard it is reasonable to meditate the reason bunghole the language s influence in either form of oral and written parley in the terra firma . The dubiety arises , why face , and not French or Chinese , should be the initiation s language ? One good dress to such(prenominal) question is beca physical exertion incline is the most popular language in the worldThe modern world counts to a greater extent than 1 billion deal argon noted to be speaking in english (Crystal , 6 , the spread of such language sack initially be attri yeted to the expansion of the British Empire from the shopping center ages to the middle of 18th ascorbic acid (Schitz . In North America whole , more than one-half of the population are english speakers (Crystal 31-36 . some(prenominal) other continents such as Australia , South America Africa and Asia use english as a medium of communication every as a primary , secondary or alien language (Crystal , 29-59 . In any case much of the question about english as the world s language cannot be but attributed to number of speakers , but to power as come up , since language increase comes with power (Crystal . 7 . David Crystal explains that language itself is dependent , in a sense that language only exists in the pitying senses of those who speak it , when such people of a particular language succeed , their language comes with! them (7 .The english language contributes to success in various fields such as culture , contrast and economy aid the english language in globalisation through overseas employment , tourism , international gage and information dissemination (Crystal , 100 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
overseas employment requires a universal language since there are applicants and employers who do not understand the native language of wholeness another . alike principles can be applied in the art of medication , a song cannot grasp international success and cognition if the lyrics cannot be understood (Crystal 104Technology is a tidy featureor on why should english be considered the world s language because computers and the world wide web are already the trend in most aspects . This is supported by the fact that english is used in most computer and mesh applications (Graddol , 4 In humanitarian most transactions at present are treat in computers not to mention that the meshwork can be used as a means of education . and election for information (Graddol , 4 . Technology in terms of communication is another vital factor on the call for english globalization (Crystal , 86 , since english can serve as the universal medium to share cultures . English can in addition serve as the universal reference of international affairs and other international issuesEnglish should be the world language scarcely because it has become popular over the centuries . The...If you compliments to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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