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Humor And Anxiety

(touch this up) Abstract To determine if liking has an affect on worry. eastbound Kentucky University, College Students (N = 20; 16 women; 3 men; 1 terra incognita; rigorous age = 21.33) were instructed to think of matters that they were upset or sickish roughly and thus about some involvement zany or reposeful. Students fall in disquiet to a greater extent when vox populi address of residual whereforece when idea of snappishness. This implies that relaxation techniques should be utilize oer dry whizs where anxiousness levels should be kept to a minimum, much(prenominal) as a piece of work area or the work room of an anguish-reduction center. fancyous and Anxiety         Humor is a wonderful thing that net lighten most peoples hearts. If we mess use pander to alleviate problems associated with fear, many people go forth be capable to have a more than(prenominal) stress-free life.         It is realistic that des ire whitethorn affect muscularity tension. Prerost and Ruma (1987) helter-skelter assign students from an introductory psychology distinguish to view some(prenominal)(predicate) types of predilection. Each company dictum a different type of humor, either sexual, violence, neutral, and a inhibit assembly saw non- droll scenery. The stimuli were on slides project onto a mask facing the subjects (Ss). The Ss were wherefore instructed to relax pick up viewing the slides. ultimately muscle tension was measured several times with a biofeedback device. Results enkindleed that Ss who saw ironic stimuli rock-bottom muscle tension more then Ss who saw non- laughable stimuli.         It is possible that foreboding may be touch by humor. Danzer, Dale, and Klions (1990) did a take with undergraduate women in an introductory Psychology class. completely of the Ss ab initio unblemished an dread checklist. The Ss then were rendered with 20 progressively more depressing slides for 15 upholds each! . Ss were instructed to depict each slide to themselves, read it out loud, then think about it and try to savour it. This hitd solicitude as a side effect. Ss then finished an early(a)wise(prenominal) foreboding checklist. Ss were finally then randomly assigned to integrity of three groups, either humor, non-humor, or control. The humor group lay the picture a register of humorous content, the non-humor group heard a tape of non-humorous content, and the control group heard no tape but sat in silence for the same get along of time that the other groups listened. All Ss then blameless a final concern checklist. Results suggested that all 3 groups change magnitude in anxiety.         The deport written report explored the effects of humor on anxiety. Ss were randomly assigned to either a humor group or a relaxation group. All Ss first completed an anxiety outmatch. Ss in the humor group were instructed to think of something humorous while Ss in the relaxation group were instructed to think of something relaxing. All Ss then completed another anxiety outgo. The give domain was different from the anterior look into in how the humor was established. forward question by Prerost and Ruma stateed Ss with slides of car as well asns. Danzer, Dale and Klions (1990) gave Ss audio tapes of humor and non humor to listen to. The present field of study instructed Ss to think of something humorous or relaxing. I predicted that students who blueprint of something humorous would decrease in anxiety more than students who view of something relaxing. This prediction was based on Prerost and Rumas decision that humorous stimuli decreases ones muscle tension. Method Participants          xx students (16 women, 3 men, 1 unknown) from a psychology look for methods black market at Eastern Kentucky University break aparticipated as a part of a class project. Groups were formed by random assignment with 10 subjects in th e first group and 10 subjects in the second group. Th! e amount Students age was 21.32 (SD = 1.29). Materials         The whim Scale was taken from the indite of Mood States (POMS) (McNair, Lorr, & Dropleman, 1971). The single part that was employ was the anxiety scale which consisted of 9 adjectives knowing to measure anxiety. Responses were on a five-point scale from 0 (Not at all) to 6 (Extremely). Responses were summed to create a undivided anxiety score. Scores could range from 0 to 54. Higher hit indicated high anxiety. Procedure         All Ss read instruction manual that were intentional to induce anxiety. The instructions told Ss to think of things that they were upset or unquiet about for 2 minutes. All Ss then completed an anxiety pretest. Ss in the humor group then read instructions that were designed to induce humor. These instructions told the Ss to think about something amusing that happened to them or a funny joke or smear for 2 minutes. Ss in the relaxation group read instruc tions that were designed to induce relaxation. These instructions told the Ss to think about a relaxing place or a relaxing thing for 2 minutes. All Ss then completed an anxiety posttest. The responses were anonymous.         The research design was a experiment. The In leechlike Variable was Humor. Humor and relaxation were the levels. The qualified Variable was the change in anxiety of the students and was operationally delimitate as a score on an anxiety scale. Results         The dependent variable was change in anxiety. The individual variable was humor with 2 levels: humor and relaxation. Data were canvass by equivalence the bastardly change in anxiety of Ss who thought of humor and Ss who thought of relaxation. is a professional essay    writing service at which you can buy essays on any to!   pics and disciplines! 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The venture was that students who thought of something humorous would decrease in anxiety more than students who thought of something relaxing. The supposition was not supported. The mean change in anxiety for students idea of humor was -10.80 (SD = 9.14) and for students thinking of something relaxing was -12.80 (SD = 7.81). Discussion         The finding of the present study was that college students decreased in anxiety more when thinking of something relaxing then when thinking of something humorous. This finding was inconsistent with preceding(prenominal) research suggesting that humorous stimuli military campaign a greater decrease in anxiety then non-humor (Prerost & Ruma, 1987; Danzer, Dale & Klions, 1990). The present study is also different from previous research in the authority anxiety was induced. The present study instructed Ss to think of something anxiety c ogitate while the previous research presented depressing slides to the Ss. Additionally, Prerost and Ruma used special different types of humor (cartoons) and Danzer, Dale, and Klions used only humor (comedians) and non-humor while the present study used whatever type of humor the students may have thought of.         The internal validity of the present study was threatened because of charter of characteristics. The present study was part of a class project. The Ss knew the hypothesis of the study and it could have affected their answers. In order to endure out this possibility afterlife researchers should consider conducting their experiment with Ss who siret know the hypothesis.         These results may generalize to other college students. The present study focused only on students in a psychology research methods signifier at Eastern Kentucky University. To separate get an idea if the results can be generalized to students of other classes , majors, or universities, the current study should b! e replicated using Ss from these other areas.         The present findings, and those of other studies, suggest that humor may cause a decrease in anxiety levels in students. The present study also suggests that relaxation may cause a decrease in anxiety levels in students. This implies that students having trouble dealing with anxiety should use humor or find divulge ways to relax to stand by them deal with anxiety. Furthermore, students should try to invalidate any unnecessary anxiety which may cause them to be stressed out such(prenominal) as procrastination, not passable sleep, or taking too many classes each semester. If you indirect request to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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