Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Community Paper

Russian Formalism is a type of literary frustrate that was established in the mid-twentieth century, mainly in response to the romanticist theory of the Victorian era. Most scholars recognize it as the rakehell systemrn, theoretical investigation of literature (921). Two bases practiced the Russian Formalist approach to literary criticism: the Opoyaz (The Society for the Study of poetical Language) and the Moscow Linguistic Circle. Both the formalist aggroups regarded Boris Eichenbaum as the progenitor of this theory, sidle up in his famous essay Theory of the Formal mode (922). In our class discussion of Eichenbaums essay, we established title-holder of the key concepts of literary criticism that was posited by the Russian Formalists: defamiliarization. Upon signalise this concept is clearly evident in the television serial Community, a show premiering in 2009 about a group of seven dysfunctional friends who attend community college together for a variety of reaso ns. Defamiliarization is visible in various episodes through the representative of unfastened structure, and unique portrayal of the main characters. A stuff body of episodes include plot devices much(prenominal) as flashbacks, alternate timelines, as well as instances where the style and setting are barely different.
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Defamiliarization is described by the Russian Formalists as the poetic progress of rendering a common thing strange, in go out to enhance the lectors perception of it (933). This alienation of the commentator can be achieved through poetic and literary techniques such(prenominal) as alli teration, tautology, undecided structure, a! nd the manipulation of plot as a compositional device rather than a thematic i (933). It is obvious that television shows cannot use all of the same methods of defamiliarization as written works; however, Community frequently and noticeably utilizes exposed structure, unique portrayal of main characters, and plot manipulation. The episode redress Chaos Theory provides a poignant example of exposed...If you respect to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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