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Year 12 Assessment Task Ancient autobiography Part A Source Analysis Topic maneuver: Sculpture, painted vases, bone and ivory caring Source 1 A) grave racetrack little girl B) close to around 520-500 BC, assemble at Prizren, Serbia C) A Bronze image of a cissy running, the figurine shows of the female running in one delegacy and facing the separate way. The female is wearing a absolutely tunic and the figure is 11.4cm in height. D) This point of reference provides induction some females participating in mutation contests. Although athletes in the Hellenic times were mostly male, the express of Sparta had a though impost which included the expectations that females would also come upon part in athletics contests, this germ also tells us that females in Sparta would be judge to keep fit and bouncing in order to get out birth to healthy cancelled spring which would become colossal warriors. E) The bronze figure of the running girl is qu ite trustworthy in providing evidence about the past; firstly the origin is a primary source so its fairly reliable and secondly an write named Pausanias who wrote the Periegesis Hellados, writes of females running the Heraia, game held at Olympia in prize of the goddess Hera. So the running girl provides archaeological evidence to musical accompaniment Pausanias. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
With the 2 sources cosmos quite similar shows that this is a reliable source. Source 2 A) Ivory governance showing Aristaios B) Roughly 600-650 BC, found in sanctuary of Artemis Orthia, Sparta. C) A ivory memorial tablet showing a minor G reek god named Aristaios, he was the discove! rer of chromatic oil and honey, also associated with hunting and fetching care of sheep. In the plaque he is depicted with a beard and winged. He also carries a deep bobby pin in his ripe(p) hand and an agricultural implement in his left hand. D) This source provides us with evidence about faith and beliefs of the people. The ivory plaque showing Aristaios shows us peoples faith in gods and also that there were gods for different things the likes of how...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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