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5. What is the actively growing region of the hairs-breadth? 6. Label the following and then exposit/define them. tomentum cerebri regions: cuticle ÿ/.z,/-AorgÿUÿÿ ÿ ÿÿ, -- .-ÿ. _ O//, // V ,,/-lair t . ÿg/ . /1 I ..... / .,. lighten . .-i -- _--t/ .... /., .... . / Follicle wall ÿ¢1ÿÿ ,dÿÿ epithelial descend hit: Connective waver root sheath: Oÿ ÿ ÿ,,, hair is straight or and ,/tOg/lÿi/p__ÿ 12. What is alopecia? And what is thought to be the cause? (ÿ(ÿ_ÿq.g,ÿO] U 13. What are goose bunlps? ÿ ÿ(ÿ£ÿÿ,/jÿÿ ÿ TheSkiru. M ÿcrovÿpitcherful Set 5 7 Sh2ÿ 5: HAIR 1. fuzz is derived from what part of the contend? 2. What is the follicle?ÿ€ÿÿÿrÿ r - _.,_.ÿÿ,,dÿ _ L_......, ÿj .ÿ., - 3. What is the scientific_term for.(3.9 And why is it, gruelling to hairnroduction9 ÿ ÿ r,-ÿ. 4. What does the human automobile trunk of the fdllicle to thg rear determine? {AJÿÿ Z4 5. Notice that the hair follicle approaches the shinny surface at a slight angle. Which tendon pulls the hair into an sound position and when does it do this? ÿddA-,eÿÿ /.4-- o The skin is one of the most important storage places of.ÿ. Therefore certain(p) rays of the sun can be preoccupied to form vatÿ/T)/ÿ . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
/ÿ Derivatives of the Skin (Nails) 1. A see is a scalelike adaptation of which layer7 zÿÿ/Yÿ 2. List 1). 2). describe the 3 of a boom out. u ÿ ÿ.ÿ 3). 3. Explain why the nail appears body of the nail (2) free edge of nail (2) na il matrix squamous epithelium bone cu! ticle fat. lateral nail mess lunula nail bed nail root socio-economic class germinatirum Sÿe 6. FINGERNAIL 1. Fingernails are derived from what part of the skin? ÿÿ2ÿ.zÿ-ÿ 3. What do the nails growth and the hairs growth have in commonplace? *If time remains, test the strength of your hair! (Directions at station.) And/or look at you hair and/or nails down the steps a dissection scope. If you want to get a full essay, get along with in it on our website:

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