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The Complicated roots of modernity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Complicated roots of ripeity - Essay ExampleIt is likewise life-sustaining to note that with rapid in advance(p)ization, cultures became fluid and mass migration to urban areas created an atmosphere where people were ready to leave their old cultural values and practices to adapt to the new ways of living. Thus, modernism started to emerge out of the economic and social necessities of the individuals. The fastest growth of the urban areas as well as the rapid industrial progress gave economic power to the nations too. Thus, nationalism emerged as a result of the better economic power and a strong sense of association with the new cultural individuation developed as a result of the economic progress. Nationalism, therefore, is anformer(a) form of a concept which relates people with the origin. Similarly, liberalism as well as socialism also depicts a particular form of philosophical forms which are based upon modern thinking and a perception of the progressive development o f the human societies. This paper volition discuss and argue that nationalism, liberalism, and socialism have roots in modern thinking, their connection to the cut Revolution and how they expose the dark side of morality. Liberalism, Nationalism, and Socialism The French Revolution proved as a starting point for much of the later development of the modern thinking. ... idered as a step towards nationalism because it clear made an attempt to reduce the influence of Church on the modern society and gave rise to a new concept of the collective identity to be developed under the banner of nationalism. What is also critical to note that the French Revolution was also a result of the failure of the monarchs to develop a modern and liberal society with the freedom of thought and expression. Liberalism as a philosophy actually opposes any form of oppression, be it from the state or some other entities. It advocates human freedom and suggests that humans and human societies should be free from any oppression or external force which can restrict the freedom. Liberal thought, though is relatively older than the French Revolution, however, culminated into a practical reality with the French Revolution. It is also critical to note that the French revolution brought to an end a suppressive economic system which was run under the control of the government which decided different aspects of economic life of muckle. The emergence of nationalism, however, provided a uniform platform for the masses to develop their collective identity based upon different aspects of life. One of the key variables on the basis of which nationalism started to take its roots was the economic power. Nations, however, did not hope upon the economic power as the military power was considered as necessary too. Nations which became successful in amassing economic capital as well as the modern military forces, however, started to develop colonies and, hence, became an oppressive force. The wars bet ween England and France, the occupation of various colonies across the whole globe exposed the darker side of the morality of the nationalism and nationalist thoughts. As Cortes

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