Sunday, June 9, 2019

Culteral and Ethical Factors for International Business in Brazil Essay

Culteral and Ethical Factors for International Business in brazil - Essay Example morality plays a big role in the international affairs of multinational companies. A practice that a business would not even contemplate in its home country could be an acceptable method of doing business in a foreign country. For example many third would countries have governmental institutions which consume money offerings to officials in order to be able to be able to realize business in the region. Certain countries have extremely low environmental standards. Companies are sometimes tempted to lower their standards, even though they have full knowledge that by doing so they will cause tremendous damage to the environment.Brazil has been highly influenced by its Europeans ancestors. The personal appearance of Brazilians which affects business activities in the clothing and apparels segments is geared towards a European style. Italian fashion is the preferred style of the urban Brazilian (CultureGra ms World Edition, 2007). Businesses have also been greatly influenced by the countrys conversion into democracy in the late 1980s.Portuguese is the official speech communication of Brazil. Spanish is spoken a bit in Brazil in the bordering Spanish speaking countries. Male Brazilians greet each other with handshakes. Male to pistillate and females among them greet each other with up to three kisses in the cheek or with a kiss in the head. Personal space is highly precious and when two people are speaking to each other it is considered very rude to walk near them. Gestures are utilized by the people to present their feelings. For example pulling down the lower eyelid with an index finger signifies disbelief or caution (CultureGrams World Edition, 2007).The educational system of Brazil is found on a primary and secondary winding school system. Children spend eight years in primary school followed by three years of secondary school. The national university system is very prestigious

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