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360 Degree Feedback Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

360 Degree Feedback - Case Study ExampleThis is so because unlike traditional review process, 360 degree feedback involves the ratings and comments of not only fast supervisors and bosses, but also peers, colleagues, subordinates and even some outsiders. Thus, the person getting rated might obtain uncomfortable or not ready to accept feedback from so many an(prenominal) people or employees falling below him in the hierarchy level. Thus, 360 degree feedback first needs to be ordered with that of the corporate strategy and specific physical object needs to be specified for its implementation. Whatever has been specified above is missing from Landons initiative of 360 degree feedback. Sam Glass, who is one of the supervisors and person responsible for facial expression after 360 degree feedback process is himself unsure of the fact that whether it is utilize as a performance appraisal tool or for chalking out future requital plan. Following it, it stinkpotnot be denied that even more unawareness will be spread amongst the employees of Landon regarding the purpose and benefits of 360 degree feedback process. As already mentioned by Alex in the beginning paragraphs, this tool was suggested by the Vice-President of Avant-Gardes Consumer Products Division. Thus, no evidence of this tool being aligned to corporate strategy or specific objectives charted out is visible. ... many modifications and lurchs are required in the way Landon is proceeding with its 360 degree feedback process. First and foremost, it needs to state in clear terms what actually it wants to achieve with this tool- vertical evaluating the performance of its employees or devising compensation, training and development plans based on feedbacks received. One thing important to note here is this tool cannot be used for a single problem employee. Also, it should not be used at times when the organization or one of its departments are going a change or revamping in any way. This might be one o f the reasons why Alex is uncomfortable with this system of feedback because he was made responsible to restructure the marketing of cardinal product lines. Definitely he might have used some measures or actions which brought out his tough, uncaring and ambitious personality traits which get accounted for in the feedback and can face repercussion for those temporary actions and behavior. Secondly, organization wide communication has to be undertaken by Landon to ensure that each and every member of the organization knows and understand easy the concept. Employees cannot connect with this form of rating unless and until they perceive security and benefits for them. Raters should be chosen keeping in mind the surrounding network of the person being rated. continuous query handling session should also be incorporated by Landon to make sure that employees are positive towards this concept and do not feel that organization is using this tool as a means to kick them off their jobs. Que stion 2 360 degree feedback is a tool to modify behaviors of employees and align them with that of the corporate mission and strategy. The 360 degree feedback tool comprises of data and comments from

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