Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Nike Company and the Targeted Consumers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nike Company and the Targeted Consumers - Essay ExampleAlso, in the year 2008, the company presented the Air Jordan XX3 which was determine to be a high-performance basketball shoe created with the environment in mind (Kapferer, 2012). Some of the Nike Companies newest shoes contain Lunarlite and Flywire foams to lessen weight. In addition, Nike Company is head recognized and popular in young adult and hip-hop philosophy for their delivering of city fashion clothing (Kumar, 2009). However, The Company being well recognized for its performance, the perplexity is What constitutes the capability of the Company to capture its targeted consumers? There is a bundle of attributes presented by the Nike Company for their targeted consumer consideration. Some of this attribute is discussed in the following paragraphs in detail. First, is the logotype lap up which is the companys signature or trademark. With or without the name Nike underneath the logo, the general consumers can perceive t he logo and visualize Nike. Regardless of a fleck of excellence, the flowing nature of the logo has played a vital role in the marketing of the brand. The role of visual rhetoric is to influence the companys targeted consumers visually.The logo visually ties into the early gods of sports, elaborating its achievement as a successful, recognizable, and uncomplicated trademark. Second, the attribute is the slogan Just Do It which is the tag-line allied with the Nike logo. Together, the tag-line and the logo feature the immenseness of Nikes brand objectives and ideals victory and athleticism. The design of both logo and the slogan has emerged as a motto and the way of life for Nikes consumers (Palmer, 2009). The Nike slogan and the logo serve to identify consumers as icons for action and excellence. When the consumers read the word Just Do It, the word is defining content however, they do not reflect it visually. The slogan provides distinction and identification. The word Just Do It is distinct in its content. It means do not talk about it, do not ask, do not regret it, do not think, but just do it (Hawkins, 2013).

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