Saturday, May 11, 2019

Robert Rays essay The Thematic Paradigm (from his book A Certain

Robert Rays The Thematic Paradigm (from his book A Certain style of the Hollywood Cinema) - Essay ExampleThe traits that Ferris is seen to depict ar that of a cuneus who is not that much respectable. purge though Ray tries to be critic of the American people for being obsessed and liking Ferris, it is top off that Ferris is a true hero.One of the claims that Ray makes is that there are some American heroes such as George Washington who are revered in the American culture. George Washington is depicted as the a hero who has official traits. The crook hero is soul like Davy Crockett (Ray 279).The outlaw is seen as a reckless hero. The outlaw hero is depicted by Ferris Buleller. Ferris is a psyche that offers the kind of adventure that each person who was in high school once had. The depiction is a person with an attitude that is carefree and a person who has a pure sense of adventure. Ferris is seen a someone who has values that are embodied in self determination and values th at make someone to be free from entanglements (Ray 279). The character goes out to do what is close to desirable and yet is seen as someone who ha less care of the consequences of the actions that he takes. The fact that he takes a cut out of school and take a day in the city is tolerable to depict the character as an outlaw. He tries to avoid trouble by not meeting with any authoritative figure. The fact that Ferris gets stuck and sneaks behind his father is one trait that makes him be depicted as someone who could have lost the angelic image in an indefinite manner. From Rays perspective, there are some traits that American people favour. One of the traits that American people favour is age. Ray can be seen as someone who sees Americans as people who sway towards the stance of younger individuals. The is something that is much attractive when it comes to the motion picture of childishness outlaw (Ray 279. A good be example will be in a film that is country old western which wi ll equate

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