Saturday, May 4, 2019

Rembrandt - Dutch Painting in the Golden Age Essay

Rembrandt - Dutch Painting in the Golden Age - Essay ExampleThe essay Rembrandt - Dutch Painting in the Golden Age discovers Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijns art and Dutch Painting in the Golden Age. His specialty was in the area of portrait icon where he achieved widespread reputation. Another characteristic of Golden Age painting was a focus on realism, yet Rembrandt was renowned for the expressiveness and skill in which he seemed to capture the fragrance of the individual being painted. To more fully appreciate these characteristics, it is helpful to understand the changes that were taking place in the country at that time and to examine one of Rembrandts works such as The magisterial Slav executed in 1632.Rembrandt was born into an unprecedented time of prosperity for his country. It was a time in which the Netherlands began to grow in economic scale thanks to a tremendous influx of wealthy merchants and tradesmen into capital of The Netherlands following the fall of Antwerp in 1585. The city was powered by energy provided by windmills, the economy set by the advent of sawmills and the Dutch peoples historic proficiency in maritime activities cursorily enabled them to establish themselves as dominant figures in the contemporary world market. By Rembrandts birth in 1606, the Dutch East India Company had already emerged as the worlds first multinational sess fully engaged in importing the exotic spices and other goods that were making the Netherlands a rich land. In keeping with such dramatic change, the old rules of social status based on birth.

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