Friday, May 3, 2019

Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Project - Essay ExampleAntibiotics wasting disease in United States meats is everyplaceabundant and this has raised serious health concerns (WGBH Educational Foundation para 1). There is a prevalent to the highest degree the way the countrys meat is raised today, particularly in regard to the frequent use of antibiotics to keep livestock disease-free in feedlots. Also, antibiotics use in United States meats is used to help livestock stir fleet. In order to understand this issue, this paper will investigate the issue and provide analysis of the situation. A federal study by the Federal and Drug Administration in February, 2013 found come out of the closet that over half of samples of pork barrel chops, ground beef, and ground turkey tested positive for anti-biotic-resistant bacteria strains and therefore adding to the fears that backbreaking use of antibiotics in livestock is leading to superbugs. The FDA tested 480 samples of these products all collected from United States su permarkets in 2011. These findings affirm the recent discoveries about antibiotic use in livestock (Valentine para 3). The meat industry in the United States consumes about 80 percent of antibiotics used in the country. This amount is over four generation of the amount of antibiotics used by sick Americans. ... The use of antibiotics in livestock is getting out of workforce as much and more antibiotics is used in poultry and meat production. It is estimated that about 30 zillion pounds of antibiotics were sold for poultry and meat production in 2011, compared to about 8 million pounds sold for gentlemans gentleman use. The National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS) reported in the Retail Meat one-year Report that antibiotic-resistance bacteria were found in some 39% of chicken, 55% of ground beef, and 69% of pork chops (Christensen para 2). It has also been found out that antibiotics are fed to sick animals and this is completely appropriate. However, antibio tics are be sick in their feed and water in order to help them compensate for unhygienic conditions and to grow faster (Christensen para 7). This situation is of great health concern because the non-judicious use for feed efficiency and growth onward motion poses great public health risks. Antibiotics use in livestock is critically important for treatment, control, and prevention of diseases in livestock and not for other purposes. As such, medically important microbial drugs should only be restricted to situations necessary for ensuring animal health and should only be used under supervision of veterinary professionals. It is prepare that available and credible data that antibiotic use in the meat industry is on the summation and has hugely overtaken the usage by humans for medical purposes. While it is important to keep livestock healthy, it is more important to ensure humans are healthy. However, it is of grave concern that the meat industry is churning out meat products tha t are

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