Monday, May 13, 2019

An Emergency Management Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

An Emergency Management Plan - designation ExampleIn fact, in most cases, new act of terrorism hits hard but by surprise. In the 9/11case for instance, even experts were not able to offer a coherent explanation as to what was victorious place.3) Homeland Security Education Programs for educating and training people on homeland protection threats as surface as how to ensure the best possible solutions and performance when faced with incidents, challenges, and threats to homeland security.4) Sayid Qutb An Egyptian who joined Islamic brotherhood for hate of the west and became an influential jihad advocate of modern times and a samara developer of Islamic doctrines legitimizing violent Islamic resistance to regimes claiming to be Muslim. Sayid is thought to have tremendously inspired Osama bin Laden.5) Leaderless Jihad A modern trend where many people especially the youth are preferring terrorism and radicalization due to circumstances and not flaws in the society. Group dynamics and outside individuals are increasingly acting a role in the radicalization of Islamic youth. Radicalization in leaderless Jihad may come about as a result of traumatic events experienced or heard of that elicit moral outrage. The youth past interpret the outrage ideologically and not based on any doctrines.6) Counterterrorism Strategies, tactics, and practices adopted by the government, security agencies and corporations while responding to the threat or threats of terrorism. The acts may include policy changes, military action, and public education.7) Office For internal Preparedness An office in the Directorate of Border and Transportation Security charged with the responsibility of ensuring the US is adequately prepared for any terrorist threats. The office coordinates multiagency counterterrorism activities which include and are not limited to efforts to actively storm terrorism, provision of training, equipment, and exercises.

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