Wednesday, May 29, 2019

2005 State of the Union Address Essay -- essays research papers

After watching the 2005 State of the Union address. I think that the president, Mr. George W. Bush, has made it put one across to the Speaker of the House, Vice President, Membe4rs of Congress, and the citizens of the United States that he has a clear project to improve the welfare of the United States in present days and days to come.The President put forth that he has now a plan for a budget that holds discretionary spending below inflation, makes tax relief permanent, and to cut the dearth in half by the division 2009. The principle to his budget is, Taxpayer money must be spent wisely, or not at whole. It was also verbalize that education is a very important part of this nation and that the standards of the schools need to be raised, so both high school diploma is a tatter to success. Later on he speaks of keeping young small fryren and adolescents out of gangs and dangerous violence and encourages that more people be involved in a childs life by increasing the number of programs to improve literacy and sports. He told of the nation wide effort to do this that would be lead by the firstborn Lady, Laura Bush.Also so the healthcare and costs of health care for lower income families was brought to attention. The President stated that the costs of healthcare should be made affordable to all families that need it. Stating that it should be available to people of every financial status and that on that point be a community health care center for every needy community. And that information technology should be improved so that fewer errors are made as well as needless costs. He believes that at that place should be association health care plans for small business owners and their employees and many measures to decrease healthcare costs.The President talked to the friendly Security system and how if it is unreformed that it will sole(prenominal) lead to its own bankruptcy. He assured those that are now receiving or will be receiving Social Securit y in the near future that their Social Security would not be affected in any way. The President would like to prevent the deterioration of the Social Security system. According to the facts provided by the President, as of now there are a diminishing number of workers paying an increasing amount of benefits to an increasing number of retirees. If it continues to be like this in the year 2018 the system would be paying out more than it takes in and in the year 2027... ...S. needs to be kept safe and they recognized the men and women who aid in the unformed services of the United States. The Democrats are shocked though that the President did not and has not thus far put forth a clear plan to end our presence in Iraq. They believe that one the responsibility of Iraqi security should be put in the hands of the Iraqis, ii that Iraqs economy needs to be increasingly developed and lastly that regional diplomacy needs to be intensified. They also announced that although the President ac knowledges that there is a threat to national security that he has taken no action to correct it. Also they tell of how the President has failed to present a plan to protect America from terrorism.In summary the Democrats believe that the President has backed up his words with action and that they promise to correct this problem as exceed they can. In conclusion I agree with the President on many views because it seems to me that he has plans to improve the U.S. for the best. But I believe that even though there are conflicts in the views of the President and the Democrats that there will be a compromise that will result in the improved wellbeing of the United States.

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