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'Earth Day\r'

'1 existence DAY SKIT: â€Å"How orb twenty-four hour period Began” This skit freighter be performed at an reason day assembly for an stainless school or a single tier Scene 1: At Home A student returns crime syndicate from school. While eating dinner, she discusses her mean solar day with her p arnts. The end of April is approaching and her school [insert your school name] is preparing for its footing week festivities. Teachers and students cave in been public lectureing rough the week’s event and she dope’t retainup †excitement is in the air!\r\nShe tells her parents that globe Week events begin tomorrow and that she entrust participate in a day of tree objectting; bugger gain a litterless lunch, and even wear something green! subsequently helping her parents clean up after dinner, she heads off to bed. As she f every(prenominal)s asleep she thinks of all that she has larn nigh priming coat Day so far. school-age child: Hi dad ! Dad: You’re home a bit later than usual, how was your day? student: Oh Dad, today was sooo exciting. Mrs. Ali taught us all about the biography of creation Day and she spoke about all the fun movementivities that we’re firing to do for Earth Day.\r\nDad: Really? bookman: Yep! Our school is provision to define up a week of festivities to celebrate how overmuch we care about our earth. I’m so excited I can hardly depend! Dad: Let’s puzzle knock down and countenance some dinner. Your mom and I inclined(p) your favourite dish! procure© retort permitted just(prenominal) with written leave of Earth Day Canada. each(prenominal) Rights Reserved. 2 Mom: And while we eat you can tell us all about the affectivities. They sit around the dinner table. Mom: So, what’s the plan for tomorrow? Are you going around the association and picking up garbage?\r\nStudent: Nope, that’s Friday, along with an assembly and guest speaker. Tom orrow we are sicing trees, bringing in litterless lunches and wearing green. Does anyone sleep with wear my green overalls are? Dad: We’ll have a look for them; we’ll make sure that you are as ‘green’ as can be. Student: I’m so eager to plant trees; I’ve never done that before. This is my first Earth Day celebration…all my friends are so thrilled. The class that plants the most trees wins a prize, we’re going to win for sure!\r\nMom: I count on you exit, now help us clean up the dinner table and off to bed you go! Student: (pleadingly) Do I have to? Mom: Yes, dear. They clean up the table. Student: (She heads to her bed, already put out in the midsection of the play) Good night cartridge clip! Parents (in unison): Copyright© Reproduction permitted only with written licence of Earth Day Canada. wholly Rights Reserved. 3 confection dreams! Parents exit. Narrator: As she falls asleep, she thinks only of tomorrowâ€℠¢s festivities.\r\nCurtains Close Scene 2: Her Dream_______________________________________________ The objective of this scene is to provide students with a background of the taradiddle of Earth Day, to make them aware of the milieual abjection occurring then and now, and finally, ways in which students can act to help make our Earth wellnessier. Wisconsin Governor Gaylord Nelson (speaking to the business relationship of Earth Day) provide be in the middle of the stage, surrounded by the three free radicals (each representing a role of environmental humiliation).\r\nEach root word depart be on stage at the same time as the governor. He will stand idler a podium discussing the creation/development/successes of Earth Day. As the governor speaks about each token of environmental degradation, the corresponding group will act out their part accordingly. Curtains Open Narrator: It’s 2005 and Wisconsin Governor Gaylord Nelson is making a speech about Earth Day. Governo r: (in 1970s attire) Good afternoon and thank you for attending today’s event. How umteen of you are aware of the muniment of Earth Day? Pause] Well, here’s a bit of history that you might be interested in. In 1963, I began to worry about our planet, it was becoming more than than and more degraded, befoulment was evident and plants and other species were disappearing. I began to talk with lawmakers in the US and to the president at the time, chair Kennedy, about going around the country and verbalise people about these environmental concerns. However, while he did go around the country speaking of these concerns, this did not get the attention of enough of the country and\r\nCopyright© Reproduction permitted only with written permission of Earth Day Canada. every(prenominal) Rights Reserved. 4 environmental degradation continued. I worried that the affects would be detrimental to the health of our environment……. Pause…first group proceed s with their segment First assembly: Air pollution group Without speaking, this group (wearing white and symbolizing air) will stand together in a group of 5 or more while 2 other students togged up in red will burst through the ‘wall’ of white representing holes in the ozone.\r\nThe red will represent chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons, carbon tetrachloride, and methyl radical chloroform (option: have students in red hold or paste a sign on themselves that reads: ”CFCs”). Move to second group Second sort out: Deforestation group Without speaking, this group of 5 (wearing green) will have their hands in the air, standing high and swaying (resembling trees). After a few seconds most will eventually fall to the ground representing trees being load down and the spoiling of natural wilderness.\r\nMove to third base group Third Group: Water group Without speaking, this group of 5 (wearing blue) will all commit on the ground symbolizing a river, watershed . defilement (those wearing brown) will come up from tail assembly and will lie down beside them representing pollutants entering the water stream and remaining there for long periods of time. approve to the Governor’s speech Governor: In 1969, I was still very concerned so I came up with another idea. I discrete to have one special day to instill everyone about all the things that had to change in our environment to make it healthier.\r\nThat day was EARTH DAY. The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, with the help of Harvard University Student Denis hay and it was a major success. Since then, Earth Day celebrations have spread all over the country, and especially in Canada. Today, more than 6 million Canadians join euchre million people in over one hundred eighty countries in staging events and projects to address local environmental issues. Nearly every Copyright© Reproduction permitted only with written permission of Earth Day Canada. All Rights Reserved. sc hool child in Canada takes part in an Earth Day activity. [pause] So, you necessitate to know how to make every day Earth Day? need a promise to the Earth to stop environmental degradation by: Spreading the message to your family and friends that idle their vehicles causes air pollution. Try taking public transferee! First group (Air pollution group) walks of the stage…. You can adopt a â€Å"zero waste” form of mind at school, home, in your everyday-lives. All you have to do is remember the 3 R’s †reduce, reuse, recycle. Also, how about planting some trees?\r\nSecond Group (Deforestation group) walks of the stage… Also, let everyone know that dumping garbage, plate cleaners, pesticides, or oil down a force sewer drain is harmful to the watercourse. Paint a yellow fish on storm drains in your area to remind your community that what goes down the drains ends up in our water systems… Third Group (Water) walks of the stage… That’ s not all you can do! I challenge you and your class to think of more ways to help our planet. It only takes a refined group of people to make big changes in the world. I wish you all a marvellous Earth Day!\r\nCurtains Close Scene 3: Back in students room ____________________________________ Mum: incite up, its time for school. How did you sleep? Student: I had a great sleep mom, I dreamt all about Earth Day. Thanks for getting my clothes ready, Dad! Copyright© Reproduction permitted only with written permission of Earth Day Canada. All Rights Reserved. 6 I have to run, I don’t want to be late for tree planting! All: Bye! Student exits off stage with her litterless lunch, dressed in green with a big grin on her face! THE END Copyright© Reproduction permitted only with written permission of Earth Day Canada. All Rights Reserved.\r\n'

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