Wednesday, December 26, 2018

'Dark Lord Essay\r'

'Lightning struck the tower pinnacle, and briefy the urban center’s main squ are was drenched in light. A violent do was brewing virtually the urban center of Magelan, of the domain of Ralon on the choas planes. All around the city the guard, dressed in mail of swarthy black, were attempting in vain to surpress the riots that where in place. plurality had taken the oncoming storm as a sign from the gods, to rise up and overthrow the evil Maraj who ruled their city. ” The inadvisable mortals consume taken our bait, their city is in choas my olive-drab passkey Iekkob” The bodyless phonation echoed around the dim moon-lit entrance bedroom of the dandy castle.\r\nSuddenly, with a blaze of attack and inpenitrible black smoke, a date appeared. easily becoming less hazy the witness straitsed towards the base of the stairs, leaving scorched blame prints in the shining marble floor. As the the figure reached the thresh-hold of the crystal staircase, 1 of the statues that line besieges lazily walked towards him. The statued man was no grand a granite grey but shrowded in black and dark crimson robes. ” My professional Iekkob ” The voice sounded again, but it was no overnight bodyless. The statued man spoke it, softly, stealthily, yet clearly. ” I am pleased, Liwl, you have fooled these pathetic mortals well.\r\nThe planes of choas are this instant aptly named thanks to your teachery. ” The whiz named Liwl smiled at his apparent apart(p) Lord, who had straightway come into full focus, his cloak suntan fiery red to match the embers ardent in his look. ” Thank you my Lord, I did as you instructed. Every temple, every priest, believed me their deity and followed my orders without suspicion ” ” Yes… that is what worries me. As weak minded as those who dwell upon the frolicsome Plane are, they would have sensed an intrusion in unmatched of their temples. Especi each(preno minal)y by you Liwl, they are curiously suspicious of the God of Assains and Thiefs.\r\n” For a flake he gazed upwards towards the top of the stairs, s chamberpottily about caustiosly. Then it passed, an air of confidence and federal agency grew about him, and he grew in coat as he, with a great snarl of his cloak, transcended the great staircase in one leap. He was closely followed by Liwl, who had climbed the stairs quietly, quickly, making sure to stay in the shadows. ” Hey you ! Peasant ! What are you doing inside the palace ! ” shouted a guard of the palace, outfit in shining gold mail. The Dark Lord looked at the man trial towards him, drawing his schimitar, and laughed.\r\nThe sound pierced the air, and as it did the guard halt. With a look of great pain he dangle to the floor, line of reasoning now pouring from his skin. He coiffe there squirming, spasming with pain. The Dark Lord fall apartped laughing, gazed upon his victim, and with a sligh t movement of his sight incinerated the body. ” My Lord, I have found the entry ! ” shouted Liwl, from the far left of the landing. ” uncivil it Lwil, quickly, we cannot stand for these delays. I fear the Ethereal Planes forget know of our plans shortly. ” Acting with lightning race Liwl drew two daggers from inside his cloak, and struck the lock.\r\nThe very palace shook and with a bolt of lightning he was thrown against the wall at the other side of the landing. ” As I suspected, Rezarf you value your God of season very much. You understand the power she wields…… Liwl demoralize UP ! ” Liwl obdentialy jumped to his feet and followed his master the Dark Lord to the door, now shimmering with arcanic runes. Iekkob drew forth a staff of sort, decorated with skulls of many contrastive races, and tapped the door softly. BOOM The door flew take its hinges, flying through the room it was guarding. ” I see you are here Iekkob.\ r\nI must say I was expecting you when I heard what was happening outside the palace. ” through with(p) the smoke and dust the slender figure of a young woman walked towards the Dark Lord. ” You are smarter than Rezarf gives you credit, Yholl. Are you sure you bequeath not join me, the God of date will aid my campaign well. ” ” You now where my alligance lies. Go back to the Nine Hells and dapple with your Daemon servants ! The Gift of age will simply aid Good. ” Shouted Yholl, her eyes glowing brightly. ” Now leave, you cannot pervert me here, you of all people know you can only harm an Ethereal Being on the Ethereal Planes. ”\r\n” True, but then I do not wish to harm you. You only inherited the power of Time because your predessor lost his powers during the Time of Troubles. And now you to shall walk with the mortals. ” Iekkob laughed, that shrill piercing laugh again, and before Yholl could react he had thrust his go through outwards. A beam of light appeared amidst his hand and Yholls chest, and slowly a scope of glittering gold moved along it towards him. Yholl let out a anticipate as the sphere entered the Dark Lord. ” It is done Liwl, the God of Time is banished to the mortal coil. And so is the only power Rezarf could use to stop me. ”\r\n” But sir, why did you not just take the power of time for yourself…. or one of your sure servants. ” said Liwl bowing, his long nose almost touching the floor. ” Beacuse my… incorruptible servant ” he laughed again, and the mortal Yholl fell wimpering to the floor ” I cannot use powers knowing for good, and I cannot allow anyone, ESPECIALLY, a loyal servant to posess a power that can stop even me. ” And with that he disapeared. Liwl looked around at the debrey around the floor, and the wimpering mortal who was at one time the powerful God of Tme, and with a lap of his shadowy cloak follo wed his master into nothingness.\r\n'

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