Friday, January 24, 2014

Reading Journal

Reading Journal- Where do we go from here; Martin Luther King younger textual matter: I chose text from more than ane part of the book. prexy Lyndon Johnsons high spirits were pronounced as he circulated among the many guests whom he had invited to witness an take he confidently felt to be historic, the signing of the 1965 vote Rights Act. (pg. 1) During the year, in several(prenominal) Northern and Western cities, most tragic aloney in Watts, unripened negroes had exploded in violence. In an irrational rend of fad they had sought to say somewhatthing, but the flames had blackened both themselves and their oppressors. (pg. 2) Had Negroes fumbled the opportunities depict by the President? Was the movement in hopelessness? wherefore was widespread sympathy with the Negro revolution on the spur of the moment semiaquatic in indifference in some living quarters or banished by outright hostility in others? why was there ideological disarray? (pg.3) Prejudice, discrimin ations, and bigotry had been intricately imbedded in all institutions of Southern life, political, social and economic. (pg. 14) The great deal the Negro has won in spiritual undergirding and the great deal he has not won in material progress place the strengths and weaknesses in the life of the Negro in 1967. They also widen that no matter how many obstacles persist the Negros fore march can no longer be stopped. (pg. 17) vituperative Analysis: These passages are primarily focused on the uncouth word endured by Africans Americans from Caucasians. Kings lucubrate remarks on Johnson showed how motivated Johnson was in helping African Americans observe enough treatment as citizens. This shows that all Caucasians were NOT against African Americans and some were willing to help any way they could. The effectuate of this treatment nonetheless, did affect the suffering crowd of blacks. Instead of calm protest, you at once had angry people who struck back. By using rhetorica l questions, King makes us wonder is this b! ang back, what prolonged the equality of all...If you want to get a ample essay, order it on our website:

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