Thursday, January 23, 2014

Obesity in Children

The Cause and Effect of Obesity in Children Deloris Leverette ENC1102-81 Everest University Online The arguments atomic come in 18 truly high over what is causing obesity in children. there is a bad illness in our children that antecedents legion(predicate) problems in their lives. The pctage of overweight children is increasing. Researchers had found that overweight children in the merge States form augmentd by almost 20 portion in the last ten years. There are many factors that nourish played a big(p) part in the obesity of children. Obesity in children can cause galore(postnominal) problems for them scarce there are effects of obesity. One of the biggest factors that have added to the increase in overweight children is un respectable takeing habits. As parents we have played a big part in our childrens unhealthy eating habits. With our busy schedule at turn and meetings, we tend to find the quick meal alternatively than the healthy meal for our children. And with many unwavering food restaurants that children are skirt has deeply increased the number of children eating unhealthy. Studies surface that children who eat fast food on a symmetric instauration consume 150-300 calories above their periodic calorie define (Pryor, 2012). The big McDonalds sign and the tasty foods attract children. The foods at these fast food restaurants have a lot of voluptuous and saltiness that are unhealthy for children. Another cause for obesity in children is not enough exercise in their effortless lives. Children analogous to spend a lot of their time notice television, vie video games or on the computer at home. This leads them to a lifestyle of just sitting and no exercise. Children authentically take aim to exercise to burn off the calories that they take in daily and get energy out.Statistic show that one in separately five children are obese (Wheeler, 2011). Children need to exercise to detention on control their weight. Obesity in children can cause many health p! roblems. They can have high railway line pressure, diabetes and problems with their musculoskeletal system. High...If you want to get a full essay, sight it on our website:

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