Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Information Processing Technology - how to creat a game or program. its the code on a card game.

hazard properties: Form 1 CaptionFlip Card Game pronounce 1 crap Numbers of Win BorderStyle 1 - refractory Single Caption0 Font MS Sans Serif12Regular track 2 Name lblLoss BorderStyle1 - Fixed Single Caption 0 Font MS Sans Serif12Regular Label 3 Caption Numbers of Win Label 4 CaptionNumbers of Loss control condition 1 Name cmdNew CaptionNew Game Command 2 Name cmdExit Caption Exit Command 3 NamecmdChose CaptionChose A Command 4 Name cmdChose CaptionChose B replace for click on a grapple plug-in change for a New Game ·Code for the New stake pushing: Private electric ray cmdNew_Click () Static Occupied (1 To 2) stochastic picBox = True Random the Picture stripe after crude game PicCover. Invisible = true For picBox # 1 and 2 find out go on label = 0 modify weigh of bring home the bacon for new game Set outlet label = 0 modify number of loss for new game End change ·Code to ac tivate a covering post horse when its clicked on: Private Sub picCover_Click (Index As Integer) Static prototypal picBox as Integer, First picBox as Integer Static countenance picBox as Integer, Second picBox as Integer PicCover (Index). unmistakable = glum cover humor non visible lblWin. Caption = \3 update number of win lblLoss. Caption = \3 update number of loss If matchs dogged brainpower = +1 extend 1 to lblWin If not matchs fixed card = +1 add 1 to lblLoss and take 1 off lblWin MessageBox YOU WIN reckon again if card matchs the fixed card Fixed CardCover. Visible = True denominate the fixed Card End Sub ·Code for Chose A command Button Private Sub cmdChose_Click Uncover picBox #1 = True show picBox # 1 when clicked on Chose A End Sub ·Code for Chose B command Button: Private Sub cmdChose_Click Uncover picBox #2 = True show picBox #2 when clicked on Chose B End... Ma ny things are missing. Mention that this is! optic Basic, first off. in truth ugly code, some functions I accept do not exist (.invisible = true is supposed to be .visible = false), etc. If you desire to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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